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  1. This brings out the background behind a lot of the horrible design choices and lack of proper balancing that led me to stop playing DD1 (and why I took no interest in DD2). Stieglitz running Trendy as his own little misogynist fiefdom is frankly disgusting, and explains the weirdly ~sexy~ approach that was taken for the female characters. I really hope you guys can get a better boss somehow. Jeremy, go away. The game development industry is tough enough without toxic slimeballs pulling the strings.
  2. The vision I'm seeing here is that it's not direct PVP, but instead you defend your crystals from the other team's monsters? I do like the idea but with the huge discrepancies in stat levels it would be very hard to balance unless there's some way to give everyone the same stats. I would prefer it to be standard DunDef system over PS as it would give the players more to do instead of sitting around summoning/upgrading the entire time. And I agree with whoever said pets should be disabled.
  3. Glitterhelm is one of the few maps I've been able to beat in NMHC survival, and I got some pretty decent goods from it, including transcendent weapons. If you're trying to break into the ~1k stat range, I find it to be a lot easier than Mistymire, especially since the Sharken showed up. In the later waves the center crystal needs to be guarded vigilantly though.
  4. This happened to me the first 2 times I played, so I thought it was a pretty good joke by Trendy. What a surprise it was when the Demon landed right on top of me next time I tried.
  5. Could have been desummoned by a Djinn, people have been reporting that they can zap your stuff through a wall near there.
  6. For Nightmare access you have to buy the complete Lost Eternia Shards pack.
  7. Here's what I do Helmet -> World of Warcraft Chest -> Fanfiction Gloves -> Sticky fingers Boots -> Poop socks
  8. More than a decent huntress, a decent trapper, besides the traps, there are three things covering that side, the bridge harp, the electric aura and the harp further above. At first I thought it wouldn't be enough but, most of the time, it's one of the most stable corridors. IMO Sharken are bugged as they are right now, there are times when nothing, and I mean nothing, works against them, nevertheless from this map I've learned the gas/inferno combo is the best working I've tried. If you want I can add you on steam and have a couple of runs with you, I kinda lost my EV guy, he seems to be
  9. How are you looting the gear? Do you pick up everything and then screen everything between waves? In my opinion this is the best way to do the looting and to find upgrades. The green arrow indicator system works ok to a certain point in looting progression, but it does not seem find all good gear. It seems that the item on the ground is compared to your equipped gear with the armor bonuses. This would make it possible to find upgrades only if they are atleast 30% better on half of the stats that your current equipment. Do you follow the minimap actively during the wave for purple and yellow it
  10. Mix mode adds roughly 20% to the overall stats of item drops, regardle of whether the stats are positive or negative (that is, +100 becomes +120 and -100 becomes -120.) Mix mode does not increase the value of survival pet rewards. Anyways, I've been doing some research into the code over the past week or so. There are two important factors at play here; the first is that the loot multiplier will always increase on higher waves, HC vs nonHC, MM vs nonMM, etc. The second is that the higher the maximum possible value of a stat roll, the higher the chance of stats being negative becomes. Specifi
  11. I paid $60 for Diablo 3 and I miss every penny. It's got a terrible story that they shovel in your face, all the characters are stupid, and there's like 6 hours of content padded out ad nauseum. Oh, and the graphics are pitiful.
  12. I can only confirm that webbed ogres do not move or attack any slower. However, I'm pretty sure they do less damage.
  13. The recoil animation speed really should scale with the staff charge speed. Once the number gets above 80 or so, it becomes a crapshoot trying to maintain mostly-charged shots.
  14. You get a 5% item quality bonus, not enough to make it worth the difficulty increase. It's just for an extra challenge.
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