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  1. yes its both possible. ive farmed myself a 384^ lemurian, and my friend got an ult from moraggo boss
  2. no, i really love what you're trying to do. i really am. but its so easy for hackers to create "legit" items then. so while the upside are great. the downside is destroying it.
  3. thanks. i love how trendy listens to the players as much as they do
  4. Lol, if you start like this you can kick everyone... Just moving towers is not that bad you know. I am wondering why there are no "grievers" in this game. Others could join your game and SELL towers. But a Jester not knowing what happens when using the buff could destroy your current game, by f.e. wanting to "buff" you in boss wave. Then its too late to kick. lol, no greifers you say? thats why i quit doing publics. i had 2 runs in less than an hour with people coming in and mid wave selling stuff
  5. i wouldnt say its too easy. i like the change of extremely harder stuff. but i dont think the drops are fair. due to the fact that harder stuff should have better loot. i tried this with a 1300 builder and i could still beat wave 22 on nm. which to me isnt that fair
  6. havent tried the pet scaling, but if the pet scaling is better or close to as good as a monk, then monk+jester is the most overpowered duo setup you can get. since jester has the hp scaling of squire, it can stay alive forever. and the runspeed is faster than summoner. which makes it great for saving stuff. rate seems really good too. so basicly its a fast summoner
  7. since the 7.40 patch i cant select my own resolution. i start the game, press configure. write 1600x900 and select fullscreen, go into the game, press options, video and then 1900x1050 is checked and cant be unchecked. also. post processing is also checked, but that can be unchecked. so i cant turn on the game in fullscreen and then deselect fullscreen. what problem this offers me is that 1900x1050 is bigger than my screen so i have about 300 pixels outside of my screen. also, when i go back into configure after this, the screen resolution is set to 1799x1079. i can launch the game in w
  8. i want my girlfriend to play with me, she's low on money the entire summer and i havent got a job so i cant cough the money up. would be nice if i could play with her the lonely nights
  9. 2 monks, one aura one dps 2 squires, one tower one afker (with 4k hhp) 1 huntress 2 ev, one buffer one waller 2 summoners, one flasher one summoner 2 apprentice, one dps one tower
  10. like 1 or 2 weeks ago there was a bug that allowed you to start on wave 17. the bug was ninja patched. so im pretty sure they want you to play through it all. however i agree. the monsterpart of it isnt hard. its the last wave that is hard
  11. Ha! I was just coming to find out about this, whomever did it is a mofo, I was so disheartened when I barely made it thru wave 30 and thought I wouldn't reach the end of the run. question is, if the end is wave 30, how the heck did this happen?? cheat engine the number of the wave you're on to 34. and look at palantir campaign score.
  12. 1b is the cap for tokens so it makes a 1b token then starts working on the next one. and this is a 1'000'000'005 token
  13. just ran shop, and dd autocreated this token. anyone jelly? edit: just got another at 1b exactly (not 999999999). if these arent even rare, im sorry. havent been running shops for a while
  14. thanks for the replies, i think there are only 2 pets types you can get in boss rush and palantair, guardians only reward from shipwreck but thanks anyway :) no, ive gotten bird, tiger, dragon from boss rush in ultimate. ive gotten all pets as supreme exept guards but it should be possible
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