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  1. Just got my squire merged with my apprentice: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538310924 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538310882 I really like the 2nd pic, looks kind of like the squire has a fancy hat and pauldrens :). This bug is good :).
  2. I'm not sure WTF happened but somehow my Monk merged with my apprentice:  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=537097602 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=537097733 Looks kind of cool but have no idea how it happened and it fixed it's self when I got back to the tavern :(. Would love to see pics of other combinations if it has ever happened to anyone else :).
  3. I wish trendy would spare a thought for newer players, I'm still trying to grind my main from lvl 40 to 50, I've got no chance of doing the monthly. If this is what monthlies are like then they should never show up for anyone without lvl 50 characters. It's just a horrible tease. I can't get better gear till I reach lvl 50 and unlock endgame maps, and with the gear I've currently got it's too difficult to even beat the first wave of the easiest incursion, so having to win 25 incursions is just ridiculous, there's no chance of that happening :(. But the worst part is that every time I enter th
  4. Said "Harmless Griefing" can also ruin people's hardware by overheating it. FYI software can NOT cause overheating, unless it's directly messing with the hardware such as modifying the cooling system or overclocking, other than that only hardware related issues can cause overheating, usually inadequate stock cooling, overclocking without improving cooling, dust clogged cooling, poor thermal contact between heat sink and processor or a serious hardware defect. Processors (GPU or CPU) are designed to be able to run at 100% usage 100% of the time, if they were not designed to do so they would
  5. Also people pointing out "Hey just adjust your build" grats on having 2K+ stats on multiple builders. People who want to farm gear to get to that level can't do it on insane, but we still have to deal with those same Sharken. Too true, since getting to 1.5k stats after about 200 hours I have been unable find any decent upgrades in the following 300 hours of NMHC survival, mostly on mistymire, I used to be able to get to wave 30 on misty which started to occasionally drop gear that indicated that if I got real lucky an upgrade may drop, but then they added sharken and I rarely survive past w
  6. Translation: I can't AFK waves anymore. /end sarcastic-ish comment. I don't understand it. I swear so many people only played this game so they could just sit and do nothing. Now that the levels require intelligence it's like... not okay? It isn't just you making these complaints. So many seem to think a game isn't fun if it means they can't AFK a wave. If sharken aren't a problem for you then you can AFK if they are a problem then you lose. The fun middle-ground that you suggest we play no longer exists. I tried making builds to specifically deal with sharken and they worked qui
  7. I'll toss a Humo your way for a Big to help your way to Mega Chicken. I have a few large eggs spare or 1 gigantic I'd trade for a humongous if you are interested.
  8. Weird, I restarted DD and with no updating it's back to normal and I'm getting 2m-3m base value hats again. Not sure what happened, but I can finally farm tokens again :D, and with the ridiculous amount people will pay for accessories at the moment I might actually not have to grind so much :D.
  9. So in your idea...would upgrading the tower instantly move it back or would that be too OP? Assuming it's not 3-star already. I'm not sure if anyone's put any mention to it but I am curious. Or maybe moving it back at a small extra cost in the upgrade. Like to level 1 would be 150 and level 2 would be 300 and so on. Hmmm, upgrading is something I hadn't thought about, usually I upgrade everything to be 3 star in just 1 or 2 waves, but it should probably upgrade where ever it is, only have repairing move it back as it should be something that takes time so as to not make a defense being mov
  10. So wait.. You're still pushing this after they nerfed sharken into trash mobs? /close thread please.. >.o Sure it'd be nice if they would have done something like this instead. But Trendy has made it clear how they wanted to handle it. And now we have easycakes instead of sharken. There is no need for this change anymore unless they actually make sharken hard again. That's what I want, to make them hard again because as is they might as well not exist, the only thing they seem to do is prevent apprentice towers being useful (harpoon piercing guarantees hitting a sharken, fireballs hit t
  11. Been pretty consistently 85%, really hope trendy implement this, or something similar so the sharken matter, without being overpowered.
  12. Sharken are just trash mobs now. No big deal on that anymore. Which sucks almost as badly as when they were overpowered, I'd rather they were buffed to be able to push my defenses and have a way to move them back than how they are now, or how they were.
  13. I gave up on it a week after they were doing it. I still picked up eggs but I sold them to people who wanted them instead. I only had 2 humo eggs drop ever in every game I played in and I kept my map open 24/7 when playing with other players so I could get it bbefore them. I actually got kicked for taking one before the host could get it and he demanded I gave it to him. I said nope, I rather be kicked :) Yer, that's why since easter I've only been playing solo, the easter thing completely killed co-op for me, didn't want to risk someone else stealing my humongous eggs... not that there were
  14. 15 humongous eggs to go, I want to see how many I can get before I am forced to patch. Is anybody else doing this? I wish :(, it started updating as soon as steam started and I still need 9 more humongous eggs. If anyone needs small eggs I can trade them enough for the easter bunny costume in return for a humongous or 2.
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