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  1. First german sentence: An external compenent has caused a exception and BEI means at or in . That should be all german things. Cannot switch my DD to english cause Iam playing with my friends over another steam account.
  2. Either add the missing line it mentioned to the config file it mentioned or reinstall. Ok the error massage above is gone, but the one under it is still there. I dont want to download the file again as my Internet is pretty slow.
  3. start the game trough the shortcut in your Dungeon Defender game. over steam doesnt work.
  4. So i have encounterd this problem when I started DDDK yesterday. It was my first lauching. I tried fixing the problem with all i could understand from this text but i couldnt find a solution. I appreciate every help. Thanks. http://s7.directupload.net/file/d/2992/5hjx6jfo_jpg.htm
  5. not only you. Losing to this is baaad... and if your even more unlucky, the will get behind a pole and the harpoons will never hit him while hes destroying all your minions... http://steamcommunity.com/id/iphexsex/screenshot/576712851073980581/? http://steamcommunity.com/id/iphexsex/screenshot/576712851073983885/? http://steamcommunity.com/id/iphexsex/screenshot/576712851073987202/?
  6. Mistymire survival upto wave 30. should be very easy and even afkable upto wave 28~ with 1.5k stats. look up madyinlondons perfect guide.
  7. add me. Iam going to do a run soon so you get some higher end myths out of it.
  8. This happened to me and I talk to trendy and they said that they can't fix that glitch yet and unfortunately they can't retrieve your lost items back. They are currently focusing on the release of the 4th shard so it would be a long time before they can do anything about that glitch. what.? i think you messed up a little. All shards are released as is *almost* all content for this game.
  9. The system how the game sees an upgrade, is always only 1 factor. Your item can have 50% resis on all but fire resis which has -1% and the game is going to tell you that every piece with 1%+ is an upgrade.
  10. Thats not realy problem I think.
  11. I think that there must be something added in terms of impovement. Trendy, please take your time doing maps. Dont rush them or they will, like every map after the first release of the shards pack, contain bugs. Some bugs are so obvious that they could have been easily fixed, if there would have been more time invested into making and testing a map. If you manage to improve this aspect in your future, I will surely buy a game and its dlcs from you guys again :)
  12. Hmm, just exported to open for the first time and not sure how to load the new tavern. Not finding a guide in a mod section explaining it either >.<. Its a custom map. thats why you need to select it and play it over the challenges bar. It should be the map on the bottom of the list. Load it and its like your in your normal tavern.
  13. 3archers 1 mage on or wıthout buff at the choke poınts for chopters maybe also a slow aura.shoulb be enough to deal wıth.
  14. lol 15.20 runs for 1 piece? what is wrong wıth you. Everbody ın my friendlıst gets atleast 2,3 pieces a run. Same 4 ultis. I reccomend misty survival wıth madefromlondons awesome guide in the guide section! Good trans and myths. Easy as hell and if your lucky lıke me you might encounter a sup or ulti per run. Aqua gıves way more but misty ıs enough.
  15. with your stats you should see upgradeds at about wave 13+ the good stuff drops 20+/25+ and the real stuff at wave 28/29/30
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