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  1. Tons and tons of people. Tman quit as soon as you started getting inactive Blackreaper quit too along with Deathdealer Captainboxershorts Treefrog and many others Wow. That's alot of significant people who quit, I quit due to the changes going on with the game (mainly the levels and amount of xp needed) and with the duping problem. That's why I made sure to do background checks before trading to, in a sense, make sure my event items were real.
  2. That's awesome death! And how many people quit? Just curious because I hardly see any familiar faces on the forums :/
  3. I'm just back on the forums not sure if I'm gonna still play, and I was just curious cause I have most all the old event items legit (: tried to get them before duping got "too" out of hand
  4. Have most of the old collectors of the original event weapons quit? I still have mine and it seems duping is still around(how sad) and was just wondering if any old items are worth anything.
  5. And what would you say? And how much has DD changed since I left months ago?
  6. I remember you! And mine is legit(: guranteed!
  7. ^^^^^^^ I second that!!! Thirds anyone? :3
  8. Really sad i missed the event :( I saw the invite from classic when I got home hours later... Sorry i missed it ._. I know how you feel..
  9. I pick the shenron.. Its not the strongest but....... IT GOTS SO MUCH SSWWAAGGG!!! Lol Sent from my SGH-T959V using Tapatalk 2 Oh god no D: Not that word!! Lol
  10. Wasn't cancelled. My friend got his today.
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