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  1. You remember wrong. I had over 2k tower damage when the EV was released and the buff beam never stacked with guardian - The highest my harpoons ever hit was 240k and that was with stats far above what you're talking about. Besides, everything was nerfed along with squires. The squire nerf didn't make it harder, it made it easier. People have been saying other people who came before them had it easier since the start of Nightmare. People were saying it when I first started and even more people were saying it when I started over, and I made it both times.
  2. If you don't use an active builder, don't upgrade resistances. Tower damage all the way, it's always better than attack rate. Only upgrade attack rate when you can't upgrade damage any more.
  3. I always start with getting generic resist to it's soft cap of 24(31 with the myth set bonus). Which means it needs to start on at least 10%. I want to get the most out of the armor that I use. When I can't find any kind of upgrade for long periods of time, it's just stupid. Oh, and in order to make reasonable progress without making risks or putting yourself in a dangerous position, you have to get high resists. You also need to get as high of stats as you can. Negative generic resists impedes that progress for DPS characters, and active Builders. So if an item can't be completely maxed on generic resist asap it's useless to you? I always start upgrading the resistance that I can get to 30% before the 10th upgrade first, then I upgrade the others so that I don't waste and of the extra res upgrades. I guess if you're playing on a low level you might not have enough upgrades to get generic to 40% unless you start with upgrading it, but if you get items with 150-250 upgrades it's not a problem. I can see how it could be a problem at lower gear qualities though, didn't really consider that.
  4. Like goblins? those take a ton of clever strategies and tactics Like archers? Like kobolds? Don't bash two monsters (djinn and sharken) for something most of the other monsters don't have. Wyverns and Ogres. The only two things I've ever had to reevaluate a build on, and even that didn't require me being clever. Furthermore, you talk about being forced to use gas traps, and how that isn't fun? Almost all tower defense games have something called, "air units," and in most of them there are "anti-air towers" The second you complained about being forced to use gas traps against certain enemies you lost all credibility, or at least proved you've never really played other tower defense games. Monk, Apprentice, Squire. Those are the heroes that have anti-air towers capable of dealing with wyverns. There are a crapload of different towers and strategies you can use to deal with them. There is one single tower that helps you deal with Djinn and Sharken - Both the two last enemies are countered by the same boring strategy. Notice how I didn't say anything about spiders? Spiders are awesome. They require you to tailor your whole build to deal with them, and once you've sufficiently spider-proofed your build they wont randomly ruin everything despite it. Kobolds do require thought, if you don't use something that kills them before they charge your walls they will do serious damage over time and a kobold rush in Mixed Mode could obliterate a wall if they all reached it. Still, there's more than one way to deal with them. Show me another tower defense game that uses different heroes and forces you to use one hero's one specific tower for all builds or gtfo. I honestly think Djinn are a great addition (and a clever concept) and have been balanced to be perfectly fine. They're an interesting curve-ball type of enemy and have a variety of spells to keep you on your toes. My only problem with them is how in some maps, they can go inside map geometry where towers can't hit them and they just do whatever they want until you go in to kill them yourself. I'm looking at you, mistymire. All Sharkboys need in my opinion is proper tower priority adjustments, then they would be fine also even if their design is much more boring and unoriginal than Djinn. Doesn't look like that's gonna happen at all though. I still stand by my position saying it's stupid how Djinn desummoning will take priority over several ogres doing nothing at the walls, but pre-charging Sharkboys get away scott free and cause game over for you in late survival in one fell swoop all because the game thinks a helpless ogre is much more threatening than sharkboys are. I also think senz54 has a point in regards to how the game is almost forcing us to use gas traps now. It's by no means a necessity for Djinn and never has been for me, but with Sharkboys being around it's kind of forced now. I agree with you, Djinn really aren't that bad. Like I said I dislike Sharken far more.
  5. I'm part of what DarkSoul calls the elite. Personally, I think both Sharken and Djinn are retarded additions that have no business in a Tower Defense game. Their only purpose seems to be to force us to use gas traps. I dislike Sharken far more than Djinn though. I don't think they're that hard to deal with, I just personally think they make the game less fun. Things that are challenging but can be overcome with clever strategy and tactics are fun, things that randomly screw you over aren't. No matter how well you play, you can't account for everything, some times gas traps stop stunning and the next mob that touches it is a charging sharken. I enjoyed the game far more before Sharken was released - I can clear Aquanos, it's not that I think it's too hard, I'm just sick and tired of randomly losing half the time to stupid mechanics I literally can't do anything about. I barely play at all any more, I'm probably not going to bother until the last shard is released. Then I'll probably quit once I beat it. Though, the DPS part would be easier to solve if armor wasn't dropping with negative generic resist. :( I don't understand why everyone keeps crying about this. As long as an armor piece has all resistances, who gives a crap if they're positive or negative. Just upgrade them into the positives. If it costs so many upgrades that the overall upgraded stats of the item is worse than what you already had, don't use it.
  6. I don't see why it'd be a problem to change it, I mean it's just a file isn't it? I changed some particle effects in Heroes of Newerth and it took me about 10 minutes of editing a few text files. Making a toggle might be a lot of work, but simply just tuning them down shouldn't be a problem I think. I may be entirely wrong though. Also, I would give my left nut for an inferno fix.
  7. Well, the shock beams may do high damage per hit but their DPS is still down the drain compared to other stuff.
  8. This is now a "cool things to do with Google" thread, keep em coming! I never knew about any of this, the zerg rush was particularly entertaining :p Is it possible to win that?
  9. Nobody makes that because it'd be outdated and useless within 2 weeks. If you tell us your stats we could suggest something.
  10. Even if the huntress is not good at putting out dps, it has helped in the past, at least, to be able to invis repair defenses and such. What's the invisibility hiding you from? I mean like literally the only thing invisibility helps against is spiders, DEWs see right through it and everything else doesn't matter. You're free to use it if you like, I don't mind, just saying the huntress is generally considered to be a rather useless hero nowadays.
  11. Did you know if you type "Do a Barrel Roll" in google, your screen does a barrel roll? True story. OMG I tried that thinking I was being trolled but it actually worked! What the hell :D
  12. Everything's reduced, always upgrade the weapon's physical damage stat, only exception is when you get the option to increase firing rate and number of projectiles. Also, huntresses suck now, you might want to pick something else.
  13. If you want the skin, all you need to do is complete it on Medium. I solo'd it, it's not that hard.
  14. accessories are meant to CHANGE your appearance.. the stats are worthless.... the ONLY time those 20 points are going to be of help is when you level 10. and those kinds of acessories dont drop then. no they drop on elite runs.. requiring 2000+ stats... which at that point.. even a 100 extra points dont make a difference. so stop whining that you cant turn off the looks of the accessories as thats EXACTLY what they are meant for.. changing your characters appearance.. making then unique.. and stand out from other characters. the stats are just MINOR bonuses.. and often.. minuses... that are so negligable that they shoudent be considered as a factor. When you're at 2-3000 stats, small increases of 20-100 stats are all you get. You don't find new gear replacements that double your previous one because your previous one was already almost as good as it gets. If accessories can go up to a total of 80 in one stat and you can wear 4 of them, that's an extra 360 to one stat. That's an extra stat capped Mythical weapon. Don't even try to tell me that's insignificant because even with 3600 in a stat that's a 10% increase. Also, it would really help if they didn't all look stupid. I still haven't seen a cool mask that I'd want to wear. What would help even more though would be the ability to hide them. Then don't equip a horrible looking one, find one that you like :) It's like weapons. You wouldn't equip one that you don't like. See, the difference is that most weapons actually look cool, especially good ones - most masks look like somebody took a crap on your face. Also, everyone uses the best weapon they get, not the best looking one - Give the choice between an ugly looking weapon with 400 stats and a cool looking weapon with 200 stats and 99% of players would pick the ugly one.
  15. Would make sense, really. I mean what's the point of a stun if it only works on mobs you don't need to stun?
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