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  1. I agree to an extent with what you are saying. I really get annoyed with the way the game is divided between the people that have cheat/hacked/cheesed their way to the top and not that they have they have breezed through the content making Trendy adjust the difficult ramp to cater the very group that is damaging the game. Nightmare for the people that are legit has become harder and harder and not because we (i'll include myself here) want the content easier because we only have the best gear you could receive (not buy!) from UMF insane. The jump to nightmare has been pretty challenging and I
  2. I think we will just have to disagree screaminbubba, I don't think that its all about the mana. I think on games like this epeen typically trumps all. People posted videos of everything that they felt was amazing with regard to accomplishing something believed difficult. I mean the forums were swarmed with posts like that and now 0... All these people that loved showing off suddenly have gone suddenly silent because they can no longer show what they are doing =) Either way, the topic of exploited / hacking / cheesing is ultimately off topic here although maybe one can no longer talk about
  3. hehe no, I know what to do with mana and I explained what to do with the 20 mil to my sister. The point was that people are still getting the 20 mil without completing all the maps. My sister completed Deeper Well and Forges and Foundries and then boom she was super rich =P True in the very long run 20 mil is a drop in a very large bucket but she was more than excited last night to feel extremely wealthy. And the point of these posts about giving new players 20 mil mana is that she will forever be robed of the sense of accomplishment that the rest of us gained when we earned our first pets
  4. You only get the presents when you've completed all the Campaign maps (on any difficulty), so by then you're pretty much at that level where such resources are useful but not entirely overwhelming. -Jer Jeremy, My brothers and I gifted DD to my sister last night and after walking her thru the first two stages she went to her own tavern and looted the 20 mil under the tree. She was excited that she could now buy pet, but was curious what to do with the rest of the mana =P Andypanda
  5. Since the game has become such a massive grind it is no longer in people's interests to discuss their strategies. They need to keep them to themselves for as long as possible to get the most profit out of their farming while it lasts so they won't have to grind for weeks to get the several billion mana and fancy pets they will need for final waves or survival. This seemed like the response I was expecting to get and I really don't buy it. If people are afraid of the starts getting patched out and so forth then the likely reason for this is they are glitching/exploiting/cheesing their way th
  6. Go to either the forge or the tavern keeper and if you navigate to the item there (under hero if you are wearing it or items if you are not) you can upgrade the item there with the invest or invest all button. Andypanda
  7. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?36027-What-to-do-now Posted this about 10 mins before you posted this thread. It sounds like you could move onto Survival on Insane for gear and from there to UMF insane. Doing these are pretty good for Exp (suggest the new Misty woods for the survival rounds pretty nice exp and not too difficult). From there you got me... I also need advice where to go after that =P Andy
  8. I am at a loss at what to do in game now with its current state. I need some advice from people that are trying to do the same thing I am. I have leveled 4 of my characters to level 74 and have 6 more to go. I can clear UMF on insane all day but cannot make a transition nightmare. I can beat Nightmare Deeper Wells np so I tried Alchemy Labs. With this gear level killing the ogres takes forever. Which isn't that big of a problem although you have turned a tower defense/action RGP game into a game of try to make 4 ogres chase you while slowly beating them to death and keeping the defe
  9. Anyone able to do this on Insane yet? I did it pretty easy on Hard with three people but Insane the Defense Timers and less time managed to make this level much harder than expected.
  10. Only thing I can think of is to invite additional players because solo it is an absolute joke =P After playing the last 30 -40 mins on this level and setting up all your Defenses lets delete all of them give you 20 seconds to recreate em (with your current character not your tower characters) and defend Santa... against a full onslaught of mobs and a Snowman from Clayfighters (ok that part is actually really awesome) with 19 mil health. Its kinda like an April fools day joke, ha ha But no, can't think of any real defenses =/
  11. Grats Finally =P Would have thought he accomplished that long ago =)
  12. Yeah portal challenge crashes every single time I am hosting right now.
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