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  1. Thanks xD. I'll try it out in just a sec!
  2. I can easily solo Throne Room NMHCMM 1-25, but it isn't giving me any better drops. I need a new map and a new build. Here are my stats: Tower Squire: 1235|3051|1482|1098 Tower Summoner: 801|2667|790|1009 Tower Monk: 910|2617|427|575 Tower EV: 2572|1084|856|160 Tower Ranger: 832|1861|1023|621 Tower App: 195|2640|473|1331 Someone please comment suggestions and a build for the map you're suggesting. I recently looked up some builds for Misty, but most builds were out of date and did not include defenses for goblin copters. P.S. All the dlc, well pretty much :squire:
  3. Yesterday, I played my first NMHC Spooktacular 2, and got some nice stuff. Myth Plate helm, Sup Leather helm,2 myth imps, 1 trans imp, a 53 huntress guardian, a frankenstien mask, and finally a 93 Ult monk boxing glove. It's not that good and has terrible ranged stats (-5k or something projectile speed). Although, it has a base of 11k melee ( -45 knockback :( which would kind of be the whole purpose). In short, I'm wondering what to do with this weapon. Should I go all melee (I think it would end up around 45k, 178 dmg per up), or should I up the projectile speed and upgrade ranged. btw it has 248 upgrades, so I don't really know how it got the 93 title. EDIT: Here's the link, lawl I forgot the most important part. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105867737
  4. Is this map good for farming? Also, what round does one have to complete to get the pet?
  5. Earlier today, I was doing some Insane non-HC Aquanos, and it was going just fine but i had to go. Later, I got back on to restart the run. Whenever I press go, my DD crashes. I have tried 3 times so far, and it has crashed every single time. I just tried a different map (The Deeper Well) and it still crashed. Oh and when I was playing Aqua the first time today, I went to go do something, and when I came back, it said my DD has crashed. I don't know why this is happening, and I wanna seahorse. :demon:
  6. What's your favorite pet in DD and why?
  7. You'll have to wait and see. That's a yes. Hopefully. xD
  8. Earlier today me and some randies did Karathiki Jungle NMHCMM Surv., highest ups we got on a monkey was 51. It was mine but its has neg. 203 hero damage. Useless. :snowman:
  9. Jimbo!

    Ult Pets

    Today I was playing some nightmare Karathiki Jungle survival and the host of the game had lots o Utl guardians. How do you get these? Is it NMHC Palantir or from the tavern keeper?
  10. Anyone else notice the delicious Firehouse sub in the picture? :squire:
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=96918766 WHY TRENDY, WHYYYYYYY? Well whatever, I guess I'l just try it again. :squire:
  12. Title says most of it, all though I have been away from the game for a month now and I was al so wondering about the crystalline dimension thing.
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