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  1. The Jester is currently not apart of the complete pack. We're currently working to add it in. Sorry for the inconvenience :( If you bought them then? :-( Taptalking
  2. If I know what I know now. I would have spent half the time to get where I am at. I use only EV beams, Reflect Beams, Archers, Aura's (ensnare,Str drain, Ele, and sometimes heal) I also use Harpoon Turrets. That is all I use now, as I found the rest to be useless and waste of DU. (Sorry all you App Tower fans. Harpoons do much better than flame towers and don't blind you) Before you would see me with Stryker Towers, and lots of Bowling ball turrets with Slice N Dice everywhere. Also Ogre Minions to block stuff off. The Noob days. I think I had lots more fun when I knew less. Mike.
  3. She didn't get the Tavern either :p I had to buy them both Taptalking
  4. I searched the forum to to find a good explanation of hacked items. Non to find. How do I spot a hacked item? I'm not fully aware of when stats are to good, is there a special cap on each lvl (myth, trans, etc...) If I buy a hacked item, is it then useless?
  5. Thanks for waiting for Europe :-) Atm I'm breaking in to NM and doesn't have any dps char. I've only built tower so far, to get the most of nightmare. But now in NM I feel ages behind, because of the lack of dps. Help me to help others. S: Chairten
  6. I havent touched a PS since I went through the achievement as drops are hideous and its too time intensive. Anyone tried it on TD? I've afk it during sleep once. And my stats where arround 1k. Squire, summoner, ev and monk. Start on wave 28
  7. Yeah I'd say either Throne Room or perhaps Endless Spires. Here, have a build Not sure on your stats Is the auras suppose to be that small or did you forget to resize them?
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