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  1. I paid 130 for mine and it is slightly worse than that, no issues. Edit- Trade you mine plus 70 =)
  2. Not a bad idea, however any class with a damage boost ability will do better; 1 pet boosted>2 pets in terms of DPS.
  3. Hey bl1nk, Sorry that you feel this way. You shouldn't because we look into every account before banning someone and we only ban those who deserve it. Hmm.. Alright, I think I see what you're getting at. Thanks for the response, I was hoping to hear from some management.
  4. This is the most idiotic post I've seen in months. I'm really sorry, but it is. Firstly you start out with "you joined the forum for a month ago, you must know nothing about gear". I could also say, "you only have 60-70 posts, you must know absolutely nothing about this game. That have NOTHING to do with my point, and it's not a valid argument, given the fact that you can join the forum a long time after starting to play the game. Secondly, I don't have to disprove, WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, you are the one that should prove what you are saying. When you make a claim about the "truth", then you better live up to it. I can say that there is an unicorn outside my door, and you would never be able to disprove it! What I stated in my first post is that in order to decide whatever or not an item is hacked you will have to know what the maximum stats in an item is. You can't just say "Oh, it has a negative stat, it must be legit", or "Oh, it got no negatives and good stats, it must be hacked!". You are the one saying this isn't a debate, it's the truth. Who is it that is pulling the stunts here? If you consider what I just said to be trolling, then try and actually debate and think, instead of trying to insult your opponent. EDIT: I should mention, that "zingfharn" have already made a post explaining the stats in more depth. It's not in favor of your "truth". While a bit harsh, Lyper makes a strong argument and a valid point about the philosophy behind it. Once again, simply labeling an item as hacked if it has stats X or is above stats Y is naive at best. This solution will only lead to countless false-accusations and will misinform the DD population by stating false limits of random drops. We need SOMETHING from Trendy at this point. At the very least they could answer the item checks we submit rather than simply ignoring them; while impractical, this would be a start. The end-gamers are getting tired of it and are dwindling. Urza is an example of this, along with several other prominent and well-known players that I have had personal conversations with. You can add me to that list of frustration as well.
  5. This again? It's not that difficult. If you're using an item that's hacked, but it looks 100% completely legit. Nothing bad is going to happen. Know why? Cause you're not going to be reported. That's all it boils down to. I'm sure at least a few of the people I've seen with insane stats have been hackers, but unless their equipment is outlandish enough to be impossible (I'm talking, 500's in all stats on all armor) then I don't report them. Other people won't report them, and if you're not reported you're not going to get banned. There's no reason to be paranoid. You just have to be smart. If you're given an item that sounds too good to be true, ask the forums. It's unfortunate, but true. If a hacker is SMART enough to make a completely legit looking set, they could get away with it. Possibly forever. They don't worry though, because it looks legit, and because it looks legit, they won't get reported. The only things people should worry about are the dumb hackers who give themselves full supreme outfits with 400 levels and 600 to all stats. To rely on others not to report you is not a solution at all, basically that would just rely on luck on whether if you get reported or not- that's not fair to anyone. I've personally been called out for hacking on an item that I personally picked up off the ground. I was apparently reported in this instance, that'll all fine and dandy for that item that I know is legit. But what about all of the items I have bought on the forums or in game that supposedly get checked when you are reported. Relying on luck that another player does not report you is not a solution.
  6. This game is completely riddled with paranoia, it's honestly out of hand. The constant fear of being banned for an item you buy is utterly ridiculous and severely hurts the fun of an other wise great game. The complete randomness of the drops makes it near impossible to judge what is hacked and what is not beyond the blatant hacks. This included the "end-gamer"s' opinions, I have specifically talked to several of the most well-known players on the forums and in the game; they simply do not know when it comes to amazing items or what could just be a clever hack. And what about the honest player that buys something that is admittedly very good but pays a justifiable high amount for it? What if this player gets banned for playing the game as it was designed and how everybody else plays it; that money they spent on the game, DLC's (as most of us buy it all) is an utter waste. Not to mention amount the extreme amount of hours some of us put into the game to have everything yanked from you when you never intentionally did anything wrong, unless you consider playing the game as doing something wrong. Some will say, "oh just farm everything yourself". Which would consist of 100's of hours to look for the gear you need, it is simply not practical. This game is a 100% gear-based or stats-based game and with that comes the trading. To simply say "never trade and you will be okay" is a ridiculous solution that is not viable to 99% of us. DD has centered itself around trading, this is not the players fault. It was developed around trading and anyone can see that, to just ignore trading is an absurd "solution." What's worse? As previously stated there is NO way to identify if an item is hacked or not. The one potential solution, which would be time consuming but would at the very least give the players an "out" is to send item checks to Trendy as I've seen some suggest here. As most will tell you, that is a waste of time. They simply ignore your item check leaving you wondering and paranoid. I have experienced this myself on 3 separate occasions when I have submitted an item check. This story is further supported by several others I have talked to, all of which were ignored by Trendy when an item check was submitted. End the paranoia Trendy, I'm tired of being reluctant to use any good item I see in fear of being banned for playing the game the way it was intended on being played. Keep the thread civil, think before you post, and use your intelligence when posting. I do not want to see this thread being closed, awareness is the key to solution.
  7. Previous posts are correct, here is some more (detailed) information: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?57878-Tower-Buff-Beam-Milestones
  8. gigazelle has it right. Another tip, you can buff the walls which helps a lot also.
  9. Absolutely hacked, stats are random and are hard to tell. However, those 2 swords have incredibly high damage for their level. No doubt in my mind.
  10. No. Hidden games cannot be joined by anyone at any time. Even sending invites to your friends will make them get the "you have been banned" message. And what if I want 4 players with one friend? Two randoms and a friend. This This This. Stop crying about things you don't fully understand.
  11. Edit- Disregard, added to new patch notes- thanks trendy! More time is needed for the new shipwreck monster fest. Solo/duo often loses because of the inadequate amount of time, especially on the first few waves. I'm not asking for a lot, even an extra minute would help greatly. The map/routes are just too large and inefficient for the time allotted.
  12. My opinion; they shoot faster/more and therefore miss more, but also hit more. I believe the ratio of hit to miss stays the same, but you're still getting the buff as it's hitting more. I don't think it bugs the mechanics in any specific way that already wasn't previous before the buff. This is just my observation from normal play, I havent tested it.
  13. I beat it recently also, extremely satisfying feeling.
  14. If you're asking for NM then it is different then Insane on down. For NM, I think highest DPS is still elemental pets Gryphon, Dragon, Serpant Monkey is probably next in terms of DPS, and it also heals, and it isn't very far behind the other three. It also has the big benefit of being non elemental if you upgrade the main attack. It also does much higher dmg per attack as it only does 1 shot and shoots slower than the other pets. It also has the longest range as far as I can tell. I haven't used a donkey yet or cupid Laser Robots are really good in Insane on down, but actually get nerfed for NM compared to tavern dmg. Same with Rainbow ponies. I also haven't really messed too much with melee pets or the bird pet, but they didn't seem to be higher than the above. Overall, if you can get a good Monkey they are probably the best overall. If elemental dmg doesn't matter, the top three pets will do the most DPS. Ohh didn't know that, learn something new everyday.
  15. Pure DPS, laser bot. Though, I use a Cupid now and before that used a fairy.
  16. You will often be called a hacker, but if you got it yourself don't worry about it. P.S. I'd buy that for a lot =).
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