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  1. Personally, I would NOT scrap MANY of the existing defenses, but I would certainly agree that a few of them need revamping. I think the original 4 heroes and their defenses provide a really nice balance together, as they act as the basic building blocks for a tower defense game. That being said, I feel like there are some redundant towers (bouncer blockade, slice n dice, inferno trap, enrage aura, healing aura), and some that are too effective (strength drain aura, poison trap, darkness trap). I also wouldn't be totally opposed to a complete reformat of towers, but only if there are a completely new set of monsters to defend against. Unique monsters like the ogres provide a reason to use bigger walls, or stronger single-target towers. As more new, unique monsters are introduced, a wider range of builds will emerge, especially if certain unique monsters are map-specific. Here's an idea that may be worth exploring: blank-slate heroes that can specialize into certain tower types/damage types/abilities. Think Path of Exile or Diablo 2 talent tree, but with branches specific to certain tower/hero types. Each tower/hero type could cater to a specific affinity, such as magic, fire, poison, lightning, physical, etc. or to unique skills/abilities/tower variations. I keep thinking back to the "Problem With Dungeon Defenders As A Multiplayer Game" topic, and having ONE hero with deep leveling goals and very specialized/customized skill sets, who takes a fair amount of time to level and optimize, would lend itself to better multiplayer experiences. Players would be able to coordinate with their friends (instead of relying on one friend with the best stats to build everything, as is happening now), or fill a unique/niche role for groups. They could spend their leveling points into tower abilities and traits, or hero abilities and traits, etc. They would also be more enticed to grouping with others who have specialized into different branches. The possibilities are endless. I realize this system is very similar to DD2's passives, but I prefer the passives being linked to levels and progression instead of items (because this allows for much more depth). Also, the talent tree I'm talking about could include specific towers to unlock, so that a hero could be customized to reduce tower redundancy. All that being said, the talent tree idea may feel a little outdated, but I would encourage this community to consider its purpose: to increase customization and tower variation, and to reduce tower redundancy; and think of ways to fulfill these needs in the game. Just food for thought...
  2. One of the most exciting and enticing features of DD1's loot isn't related to the armor or stats; it was unique gear that served a specific purpose. Before getting to that though, keep in mind that a wider range of stats does create higher valued items, making loot more exciting. If it is much harder to find an item with all positive stats, and even harder to find an item with all positive stats AND "above average" stat value, top tier items hold much more value, and are much more sought after. Currently, in DDA, I know that if an item drops at 900 ipower, it's most likely going to have the stats that I need for the majority of characters I want to play (thp, tdps, hero hp, hero dps, etc). Compare this system to DD1, where stats have much more variability, and you begin to see why armor farming was much more important and rewarding in DD1, where the majority of items would drop and be useful to only one or two types of characters. UNLESS they high-rolled and you got really lucky to find armor with mostly positive stats that could fit any hero type. I guess what I'm saying is that the armor im finding in DDA isn't specific enough to a certain type of hero. Sure, one or two stats might be missing, but the large majority of armor at high ipower will be useful for ALL types of characters. Now let's talk about how much more unique gear was in DD1, and I don't mean in terms of armor - other than stat variability and resistances, armor from DD1 and DDA are the same. The biggest difference in gear between the two games can be seen with weapons and pets. Many weapons and pets served a specific purpose, and they were unique, map-specific drops. Some weapon examples include elemental damage vs physical damage, single or multiple projectiles, aoe damage or single target, character speed modifications; and some pet examples include all of the weapon examples as well as abilities such as healing-only, capability to heal and damage, ability to modify tower stats or generate mana. What DDA is really lacking is the utility of different weapons and pets. The current pet system in DDA is especially broken - pets (other than cat and rock) serve no real purpose, and they don't contribute anything of value. The same can be said for weapons, which are simply used as stat sticks, or in the case of hero dps, the highest damage possible. DDA needs to give us a reason to use specific weapons and pets, either because they provide different utility, or because the monsters/maps demand it. They also need to create scarcity and map-specificity for weapons to make farming more meaningful (pets are already map-specific, which is a great start). What Nightmare in DDA needs to do is move away from generic hero and tower builds and create situations where players need a wider variety of gear to have success. Perhaps this looks like creating more than 2 damage types, which are currently elemental (fire, lightning, poison, etc.) and physical (I'm thinking back to Warcraft 3 days, where units would have normal, piercing, siege, chaos, magic, and hero damage). If the physical damage stat affected certain weapons or towers differently (e.g. harpoons use piercing damage, cannon balls use siege; or crossbows use piercing and hammers use siege), and monsters had all kinds of resistances to each type (not just elemental ones that can be removed with darkness traps/strength drain auras), there would be much more depth to the game. If Nightmare is simply monsters with more hp, and is just a stat-check, the game will be as dull and shallow as it is now.
  3. I think this idea is moving the discussion in the right direction. When you think about other multiplayer games, and why they are successful, it is usually because one player can't do everything by themselves. In its current state, DDA allows one player to fulfill 100% of the roles required to complete a map, thus eliminating the need for a multiplayer experience. Think about your typical 5-man WoW group, or a DOTA/LoL team: there are specialized roles for each player. Each player adds value by bringing something new to the table. In order to achieve something similar in DDA, there are a few solutions that stand out, and "Team Play" would have to include the following: GREATLY reduce the effectiveness of "non-active" builders. I.e. if your hero has built something and you swap them out, their stats are significantly compromised This has the unwanted side effect of limiting hero selection and gameplay variance (if I love the gameplay of a dps monk, but am needed on a squire to build walls, etc.) It does, however, increase the skill/gear ceiling for the high-achievers who want to solo these kinds of maps It also creates new "type" of character - that of an active-builder, or hybrid type, who has to consider tower stats as well as dps stats GREATLY improve the rewards offered - since the reduction of non-active builders' stats would artificially make the game a lot harder This can be in the form of higher ipower, or unique rewards specific to this mode The host of the game could also have access to some kind of "difficulty-slider" feature, where they can choose the amount by which non-active heroes' stats are reduced E.g. slider can be set from 10% power reduced all the way to 100% power reduced in increments of 10 (in the latter case, non-active builders would be completely useless) The more a non-active builder stats are reduced, the greater the potential rewards This allows players who prefer to solo the ability to adjust the difficulty to their liking, while still participating in the most difficult & rewarding content in the game Slider would be set during map selection (like the "Start on wave X" feature, which I desperately hope is coming) Lobbies would have to be organized by the host selecting what types of heroes they want and setting a required minimum ipower Host would be able to say "I want a THP squire (min 5,000 ipower), HDPS monk (min 7,000 ipower), TDPS hunt (min 6,000 ipower), and I will take on the role of TDPS app (with their ipower displayed)" Here's how I see it working... From the host's perspective: Host creates lobby During map selection, host chooses which difficulty and map they wish to play (e.g. Survival - Insane Summit) Before starting the map, they check the "Team Play" box, which opens up 4 role-picker boxes (character cards) Selection for heroes occurs, with ipower requirements set for each individual box (if desired) Hero types included: "DPS" and "Tower" -- **ideally ipower would be sophisticated enough to differentiate and categorize between the two** Personal notes could be included so players can be specific about exactly what they want for each role Host sets the difficulty slider to specify the effectiveness of non-active builders in their map (e.g. host sets it to 60% reduced power) Host starts the map From the non-host's perspective: Player browses available games Player's hero deck is displayed with their current heroes' ipower - may need to include the ability to change heroes in the deck within the browse screen so that players can adjust to games' requirements Player selects a "Team Play" map, which can either be in the "Preparation Phase", "Building Phase", or "Combat Phase" Any hero in the player's deck that matches with one of the host's requirements has its border light up to indicate that they match one of the host's criteria. Heroes in their deck that do not match a criteria are grey'd out. Player selects the hero for which role they wish to play in the host's game, and then enters the game with that hero. Couple of side-points: I'm not a huge fan of limiting the amount of DU each player can use, especially if we are limited to one type of hero. On certain maps, you may need more DU for your traps, or app towers, or squire walls. Allowing the players the freedom to be creative with a single, total amount of DU together is part of the multiplayer (COOPERATIVE) experience. The ability to vote on maps within a lobby feels irritating. I would much rather the host dictate which maps they want to play. Players will chat and discuss about which maps they want to do together - a voting feature seems unnecessary. I'm also aware that this "Team Play" idea is a big feature, but something like this would go a long way towards solving "the multiplayer experience".
  4. First of all, let me say that for the most part, I'm enjoying the game and am REALLY looking forward to future content and updates because I think there is a ton of room for growth and potential. Great job so far Chromatic!! Keep up the hard work! Yall are amazing! I also understand that there are still major UI improvements and bug fixes to come, so I won't spend too much time on how the game looks, but rather what I'm hoping to see in the future. Here are my thoughts: NECESSARY Quality of Life Changes Tabbing to open up map, but also accidentally opening another window at the same time (e.g. inventory window), and getting stuck with the tab screen open without being able to close either the inventory or the tab screen. I’ve gotten stuck like this and had to alt+f4 The ability to inspect other players in your game (or at least see their level / ipower...something) Chat auto-scrolling to the bottom...it often leaves a word or long sentence scrolled up causing the user to always have to “page down”. Having the ability to compare items on the ground with items on your current character Starting survival waves at a CHOSEN point (not from wave 1 every run) This was a revolutionary idea from DD1 that completely changed gameplay and enjoyment. I love the idea of "active builder", i.e. non-afk builds that force players to stay engaged; BUT I don't want the engagement to be repairing auras and traps while mindlessly progressing through waves and waves of mobs that are completely meaningless (dropping useless gear and pose 0 challenge). Repair bug in multiplayer that causes towers to remain "in a state of being repaired" even though they are max hp (causing gears animation and sound without the ability to cancel) “Would Greatly Improve My” Quality of Life Changes No delay after hitting enter to chat. I’ve started too many sentences missing the first letter; it feels sluggish and bad Inventory Clunky set up that makes sifting through pages of items feel like a chore I was a huge fan of the folder system in DD1 -- at least I could organize my inventory the way I wanted to. With the current system, I may want to save a piece of armor for a dps build in the future, but the only way to find it would be to search through all locked items, and remember the type/class of the armor. PLEASE bring back folders (or a similar system)! Hotkeys to lock/sell/drop items from inventory Sorting should not change back to default settings every time I open inventory (this one annoys me a lot) Character Screen Too much text and not enough useful information. Having to scroll down to see my total builder stats is not only a pain, but it defeats the whole purpose of a character sheet. Give me the information I NEED upfront and center! Consider DD1’s character screen -- all of my hero and builder info with nice icons, very clearly displayed I like the idea of the ‘secondary’ information, but add it to an ‘advanced’ or ‘more’ option Allow players to check character information DURING combat (no inventory because we dont want gear-swapping during combat, but a way to view overall stats and use "down time" during combat to visually manage, optimize, and plan for changes on each character) Items Utilize all armor QUALITIES! Each map difficulty should have its own “quality set” of items Easy/Medium/Hard/Insane/NM should have relatively similar chances of dropping ALL quality of gear, but the gear should be scaled down to that level of difficulty. E.g. A legendary drop on easy will be worse than an uncommon drop on insane, but it will still have better stats than the average rare item found on easy mode. Improve UI to show items found on each difficulty (border types or some kind of identifier to classify the difference between a legendary found on Medium and a legendary found on Insane) The loot filter may also have to reflect from where the gear was dropped (if players want the ability to specify "NM Legendary" or "Insane Legendary") This isn't the biggest issue because people can sort by ipower, but it's something to consider This would really allow for exciting moments throughout the leveling process, giving players on lower difficulties a big “wow” factor when a legendary drops Also lowers the amount of legendaries that should be dropping on Insane -- right now they don’t feel special at all I want to recreate the feeling of finding Ultimate or Ultimate ++ gear from DD1, where you would get 3-4 ults on average per run and 1 ult++ every 20-30 runs if lucky. I feel like this is a hugely underrated way to make proper use of all item types and qualities in games. Rarely do you find "uncommon" pieces on a new difficulty that feel GOOD to use (typically we just jump from legendaries to better legendaries when swapping difficulties) Map difficulty will need to be adjusted to account for a higher range of stat variability (i.e. if "Easy difficulty" items can drop between common and legendary, and if the legendary stats are significantly better, the difficulty of all maps will need to scale up accordingly) Scaling and Difficulty First play through of the game should not be possible on insane (difficulty-wise) Give people the option out of the gate, but they should quickly realize that they'll need much better gear to clear insane Utilize each difficulty -- easy (“smooth sailing”) and medium (“difficult/challenging” / for experienced players) difficulties at the start of the game should be the norm Extend game content by taking advantage of all difficulties Hard should be, well...HARD, and only possible after acquiring some medium-level armors Pets need more damage and it would be great if they scaled with hero damage. DPS Monk with a DPS pet from DD1 is still one of the most enjoyable playstyles from any game I've played (so long as its balanced correctly). Anyway, just my 2 cents. Thanks for listening.
  5. This was awesome! Glad to revisit this map, which I had only previously defeated on insane. Boss could have gone smoother, but otherwise it was a good run. https://steamcommunity.com/id/jammergg/
  6. Question: If we also do Winter Mire, do we enter a separate "General" draw for that map as well? If so: Jammer: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jammergg/ and Mr. Wilson: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198162029699/ Thanks!
  7. Entry for... Jammer: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jammergg/ and Mr. Wilson: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198162029699/
  8. I have two favorites... My first fav is the Diamond because of its beauty, value, and difficulty to obtain. My second fav is the Eternian Staff that I got after defeating The Old One for the first time on my Apprentice. I've always been a huge App fan (especially as DPS), so this particular staff is near and dear to me. https://steamcommunity.com/id/jammergg/
  9. Discovering as many easter eggs as I could, and combing each new map, filled with anticipation about what might be discovered! I'm still finding new things to this day! Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you all put into this wonderful game. https://steamcommunity.com/id/jammergg
  10. Hi everyone, I'm just looking for a way to re-bind the 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, etc. skill keys on the summoner. Does this option currently exist is some form or another? It would be a lot easier to summon things without going through the middle-mouse button wheel every time. Thanks in advance for any help on this matter!
  11. ^ This is why I love Trendy. You guys are pretty damn responsive. Thanks Tsuda, and we all love the work you're doing!
  12. @Kandar: I don't believe this started as a hate thread, however there are certainly mixed feelings about the situation. Mix mode? There's a pun in there somewhere, but I'm too lazy to be clever right now. IMO the most valuable possession that a mod/dev can obtain is respect from their fan-base. While Tsuda may be gaining respect with some, and losing it with others, it is the latter that concerns me. Just saying... @TheMaster: It is refreshing to have a mod speak as a person, and not a robot. And at the end of the day we are all humans behind the text. It seems to me that Tsuda didn't really take said "persons-behind-the-text" into consideration when he made his blunt remarks. They are people too, and while they may not be the best at conveying their issues with the game, they are still people nevertheless and should be treated accordingly (and not as another trash post, or whatever). These are just my thoughts on the matter.
  13. I think the point is being missed. There was a "fix", and there is not a fix. If you get my meaning.
  14. True. That pet is kinda worthless now...I'll buy it off ya for double it's total worth. 2 mana. ^^
  15. Awesome. Looking forward to it!
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