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  1. As far as I know there isn’t a better way at this time, it was the same in DD1. This is the one downside of a deck where everyone levels up at once, it can feel a tad annoying doing these levels but once you get used to the menus and what you are doing it won’t be as bad.
  2. Healing doesn’t work You can’t quickly switch characters (maybe make it where the left stick is the direction and click R3 to confirm or something. It’s hard for me to distinguish which character I have highlighted in the menu so I’ve started just clicking the F buttons on my keyboard. You can’t start a map You can’t quit the game. (It’s actually quite hilarious to watch the menu simply repeatedly stack itself till you can’t see anything though.) Also, going into inventory to look at items, or to put in spec points is kind of fishy at best. I’ve started just using the mouse to do that as well. Other than that I would say using a controller is a pretty enjoyable experience. I love how they implemented the b button to bring up the defenses and cycling with the right bumper. It’s a much smoother experience imo than the wheel. Other than I feel that it should go back to a lower cost defense if you can’t afford to build the last one built. Not make me have to use the wheel which feels kind of clunky paired with ability 1.
  3. Elemental acts the same as DD1. The only time I’ve ever found E-Damage to be worth upgrading is the early game progression. Once you start having a decent amount of hero attack points the scaling simply beats elemental damage shot for shot. Boost or not it still doesn’t do anything. Though I have ran elemental weapons on my upgrade characters before so I could dump all of their points into casting rate and still have some decent damage when paired with std auras, that’s the only use case I’ve ever personally seen outside of early game to worry about elemental damage...aside from way back when where elemental upgrades made an item worth more to sell on PS3 lol.
  4. I haven’t had any problems and I play on controller so maybe it’s a hit or miss issue?
  5. I recall seeing somewhere that you guys mentioned being able to buy another giraffe in some sort of store?? Iirc I only get one with the 100 dollar set and my wife would love one as well, unless I’ve just missed this completely are there any details on how to do this? Thanks!
  6. Banned for not understanding that the ban thread can never die.
  7. Time for another beauty contest but this time I am running it a bit different. Now there is a point structure instead of judging to even the playthrough for everyone. With that little disclaimer on the way on to the rules.... There is a maximum of 10 points. Points are earned by completing the categories proficiently with your character. .5 Point = Each accessory item that matches your designated color scheme is worth 1 point. 1 Points = Your weapon matches your designated color scheme with 1 color 1.5 points = Your weapon matches your designated color scheme with two colors. 1 point = Your pet matches your designated color scheme (only one point earnable on Summoner) .5 points = Your photos background ties in well with your character (example being a yellow/red or brown character in Talay) Bonus Points 1 point = All of your accessories are from the same set. 2 bonus points = All of your accessories AND your weapon are from the same map. 3 bonus points = All of your accessories AND your weapon AND your pet are from the same map. 1 point = Your character's submission is holding a vanilla weapon. .5 bonus point = A photo is posted involving more than 1 character with at least 3 points. *Must state which character is the submission, or simply post two photos.* .5 bonus point = Your character has an overall theme (example a witch huntress wearing a witch hat with a crossbow) *This one requires you to explain it and its up to my discretion, such why it has such a low impact on your overall score.* Prizes The prizes for this one won't be near as huge probably and i haven't quite gotten this fleshed out yet in my mind. Give me a day or two and if this gains any traction I'll be posting the prizes. Rules The only rules this time around is NO EVENT ITEMS allowed. I don't want this to turn into a wealth show instead of a fashion show, this is to make it fair for everybody. This way anybody can find items throughout the game and have a fighting chance at winning the contest. When posting your character make sure to mention what your two colors are for your color scheme, unless it is painfully obvious, otherwise you might not get points you are entitled to. Submissions open today and will close in roughly two weeks depending on how much traction this gets. The main thing to remember is to have fun and the idea of this is to make you explore other maps you don't do often or to actually pay attention to that gear that is dropping when you are farming items. Good luck, and have fun!
  8. Banned because I am still the king of bans.
  9. This has probably been mentioned but what about giving Jesters the ability to move EV beams? If it can move magical auras I don't see why it can't pick up and move a buff beam.
  10. I don't know you WAYN3R but I like your profile picture. Merry Christmas!
  11. Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.
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