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  1. Small comment, but another tip is to not put your switch in sleep mode. That seems to cause a multitude of bugs.
  2. Banned for not understanding that the ban thread can never die.
  3. Time for another beauty contest but this time I am running it a bit different. Now there is a point structure instead of judging to even the playthrough for everyone. With that little disclaimer on the way on to the rules.... There is a maximum of 10 points. Points are earned by completing the categories proficiently with your character. .5 Point = Each accessory item that matches your designated color scheme is worth 1 point. 1 Points = Your weapon matches your designated color scheme with 1 color 1.5 points = Your weapon matches your designated color scheme with two colors. 1 point = You
  4. Banned because I am still the king of bans.
  5. This has probably been mentioned but what about giving Jesters the ability to move EV beams? If it can move magical auras I don't see why it can't pick up and move a buff beam.
  6. I don't know you WAYN3R but I like your profile picture. Merry Christmas!
  7. Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.
  8. You are banned for disappearing for 4 years. Whats going on man? :D
  9. My favorite memory is honestly....I dont know. lol. This game has been nothing but wonderful memories to me between playing with a few good buddies here and there, endlessly chasing my fathers success around wishing I could reach his wealth and the times playing with him. Not to mention being able to look back and see how much myself and the game have both changed over the years some for better some for worse....but if I have to pin down my favorite memory to one thing... Probably way back on PS3, running around with Infinite and Demon Tank. Two guys I'd honestly love to catch up with...
  10. Yeah I know Plane, I was meaning it more as of...this would be a lot cooler to do. I understand fixing the range though.
  11. I want one! :) Can it fly lower than a cube and have somewhat better range? Who cares about range, Id rather see it somehow be able to do different attacks. Or possibly spawn in multiple elements? Red/Green/Blue/White with a very rare chance of spawning with all 3 elements and be Black...
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