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  1. -I am fine with chicken, except the fact that you can get eggs on easy+ which I know they are now reducing. Seahorses should not be left best dps in game since the time to ult is so incredibly high. Minor nerf I would hope for, would still like it to be top end. -I agree with the void grab system. Odd to me it was implemented in only the requested maps, but not taken a look at the new maps. Omenak comes to mind as the big offender, but they all seem to have those points where items drop -I am still getting intermittent crashes on all campaigns boosting on my tower boost monk. No special accessory set or any oddities, I am using the same gear pre update. I have not crashed once in my entire DD lifespan until I updated, and experienced now 5 map crashes. Incredibly frustrating and not much to report on my side what occured. Instantly froze and close. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but for a 9900k and 2080.. nothing should happen. -Magus and Infested were great to see with new bosses. Rather unhappy to see on others we see the same bosses repeated, and especially with true boss rush. Not really something that was needed and by god we've killed these same bosses 1000x, no need for any more. Oh plus you can still trade any of the "untradeable" items. The update has been great alongside these points. Thoroughly enjoying it.
  2. No. Any legitimate player is welcome to my wares. Use the 5% discount code SPICY on your next purchase!
  3. Fully support this. I love squire dps and this helps out for QOL since everyone already learns their weapon's timing to perform it as a "bug". Like chewy said, can use any squire weapon instead of being particular with your choice. Great idea to help get a few more people on board with squire.
  4. 20CV currency only as posted, sorry
  5. Wow this thread is kicking into action. Good to see feedback flowing. Like to add in as well - -Have not done CR4. Immediately once I heard the math on the Kraken, I knew I would never farm that for the pet. Seems to be pretty tough with rewards not worth it, a trend I am noticing in map after map -Emerald city is pretty rough. I agree with others on the mini djinns and difficulty factor, that it is very hard even with end game gear. I am competent at building, either making my own or using others, and this map was frustrating. The staff changes are pretty yikes, in the sense it was a purposeful nerf ... for what? Becuase once again, it is somehow still worth your time in akatiti with the current rates. And neither is fun, keep in mind a good ++ for apprentice weapons is a nightmarish grind that most either drop out, or accept a poorly rolled over clava. Buffing the ult rate back up and still keeping the stats for double keep is a necessity. I don't see any of the other weapons being farmed STILL, except people hoping and wishing for the staff. -Coastal is a great map. Ult rates are good and I believe its a very good improvement over moonbase. As oppoised to bonny, I think the rewards are fine in their current state, but would support a buff to the enemies and health. It just felt easier than moonbase for me but that is very subjective. Iv only done around 10 survival runs and maybe 10 campaign runs as well. Love the addition of the new weapons rolling better, hope to see the sandstone sledge and the other Death from Above weapons too! -Quality color around items - love it. -DPS tool tips - great to see added as well (even if those towers are.. rarely used late game) -Buff beam decimals - love it. In general though, the end game maps being made are trending on the side of being too difficult vs the rewards. CR1-3 really stepped it up a notch for mid game players, and even in their current states are very very tough. Campaign bosses on 2 and 3 were already nerfed, and feel more ok. Survivals are a whole other story. CR2 and 3 are just ridiculous. I should not be required to wheel on any map or have that be such an essential component of the build, that people WILL NOT run without 2-4 jesters. Wheeling every 30 seconds 100% accuracy. Luckily, I was told base damage on insane for CR1 and CR3 W35 pets are actually using the NM damagen I believe still. This is allowing me a chance to farm good pets on insane, where ogres are still 20m hp+ and a nightmare for mid game players. I am only farming Insane as Nightmare is too much effort with forced roles to be enjoyable with my stats, which are more than sufficient. So, get your good pets before they nerf insane base damage and require you to do ridiculous 20, 150M+ hp ogre Nightmare! Aren't you having fun yet?
  6. Hey all, I was posting to see if any high level players had interest in duo farms. Running maps with players with comparable stats can be as close if not as fast as running solo on some, and I'd like some company during my many farms. The setup would be learning the same build, building together, and completing with 2 characters each, or more if applicable. Some examples of maps that I am looking for people on are - CR1 Survivals (W25 and 35) CR2 Survivals (W25 and 35) CR3 Survivals (W25 and 35) CR4 Campaign Temple of Polybius - Duo+ Temple of Water Survival (W25, 30, and 35) Embermount Survival (W25, 30, and 35) I would be happy to extend this to other maps I enjoy, such as my pet farms in Akatiti, Buccaneer Bay, and Arcane Library. I know these may be less efficient, but still open to duoing if anyone was interested. Feel free to add me if interested in any of these runs and have the appropriate build and dps stats. https://steamcommunity.com/id/garzhod
  7. End tomorrow, last bump.
  8. Let's start this at 80 cube value. Mix of diamonds and cubes... or I'll wait and give you yours back ;)
  9. This person is a fraud, likely the spicy guy who has been getting banned over and over. Messaged me directly on forums saying someone said I'm buying untraced events. I am not in the discord, provided posts saying that, or mentioned to people other than spicy, what I wanted to buy. This is 100% not a legitimate player and an alt account that has information provided only to a hacker for bait. Get the hell out of this game.
  10. 1. Https://steamcommunity.com/id/Garzhod 2. Events only 3.
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