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  1. 350CV. 140CV rockshatter 75CV celebracers 135CV diamonds Really looking forward to my jester upgrader addition!
  2. My favorite (non-event) item are Shroomites. Love the pet and theme with Misty, and really enjoyed farming quite a few ults off CR1. Play the game and use what you enjoy, not whats meta :) https://steamcommunity.com/id/Garzhod/
  3. My favorite memory is coming home from school to play on a computer barely running the game. I used to steam chat with groups (no mic), and run CD. Really great to remember the early feel of the game and enjoy the content on a deeper level as time has gone on. Thanks for you Thales and all the other hosts, ICers, community members to make it good. Been a nice journey and I hope to see it continue.. just a little longer. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Garzhod/
  4. I used this script and my account got banned. After that I went to McDonalds to calm down and bought a burger and fries. As I sat there reflecting on my naughty deeds, I slowly took a bite of my fry and loaded up the dd forums. Who would right my injustice?? After all, being banned for using a simple ahk script was against how I wanted to play the game. The bbq sauce dripping from my lips slowly pattering on my keyboard as I message ice how I can get unbanned since I obviously did nothing wrong. After all, scripts are ok?? Acen has posted steam guides with them, how could I get banned so fast? I type so much my burger gets cold, I take a bite anyways. My timer for making my post is running low, I just submit. Never to be unbanned..
  5. -I am fine with chicken, except the fact that you can get eggs on easy+ which I know they are now reducing. Seahorses should not be left best dps in game since the time to ult is so incredibly high. Minor nerf I would hope for, would still like it to be top end. -I agree with the void grab system. Odd to me it was implemented in only the requested maps, but not taken a look at the new maps. Omenak comes to mind as the big offender, but they all seem to have those points where items drop -I am still getting intermittent crashes on all campaigns boosting on my tower boost monk. No special accessory set or any oddities, I am using the same gear pre update. I have not crashed once in my entire DD lifespan until I updated, and experienced now 5 map crashes. Incredibly frustrating and not much to report on my side what occured. Instantly froze and close. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but for a 9900k and 2080.. nothing should happen. -Magus and Infested were great to see with new bosses. Rather unhappy to see on others we see the same bosses repeated, and especially with true boss rush. Not really something that was needed and by god we've killed these same bosses 1000x, no need for any more. Oh plus you can still trade any of the "untradeable" items. The update has been great alongside these points. Thoroughly enjoying it.
  6. No. Any legitimate player is welcome to my wares. Use the 5% discount code SPICY on your next purchase!
  7. Fully support this. I love squire dps and this helps out for QOL since everyone already learns their weapon's timing to perform it as a "bug". Like chewy said, can use any squire weapon instead of being particular with your choice. Great idea to help get a few more people on board with squire.
  8. 20CV currency only as posted, sorry
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