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  1. I do think choice of build makes sense in the design of the map. Any chance of alternatives to armor farm over the cursed lab or moonbase would be nice to see however. Good.
  2. I do not take events for this.
  3. Auction Item https://i.imgur.com/Z0IEdQ9.png Accepted Currency Diamonds (5/10/15) Singles - DMG only Doubles - Health+DMG or Rate+DMG Small Diamonds (1/2/3/5/10) for 0,1,2,3,4 tower caps. Cubes Auction Details Ends 7/10/19 Offers in last 24 hours extend another 24 hours each successive bid Questions? Discord - Garzhod#0001 or on steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/Garzhod Current Offer 25CV - Lootlovinggamer
  4. Great map, great idea. Weapons are niche but useful even to this day in DD1. Support.
  5. This was concerning character run speed and cast rate. On the deprecated console versions. The original poster was using console versions which have very low stats, limited maps with timers, etc, as a reason to why timers shouldn't exist, as it was a legitimate concern you actually COULDN'T build fast enough because the rate at which you PLACED towers and RAN to them was limited by the game. This is not the case in the PC version that was supported. Why have it? Because it requires you to know what towers to place, where, what characters, the map, where mana is, etc. Literally as I explained above to add difficulty to the build phase in Nightmare when you are reaching the upper tiers of difficulty and game knowledge.
  6. 1. "originally build timers WERE present in survival and optional up to hard but forced in insane (still exists on console). they were removed from the Pc version (hmmm)" PC version is the definitive DD version supported by the developers until it was dropped for DD2. Console development was halted pretty fast due to limitations, timely patches, dlc, etc that were causing cross play issues with keeping all versions patched to the same standard. This means they understood the issue with having those timers early by removing it on PC, the version they were supporting at the time. It can cause players to panic, new players to feel pressure or out of place, etc. All very valid concerns, which is why it was removed and rightfully put to only the hardest difficulties. I certaintly am not a fan of them being present in the entire game. However, there are only so many ways to increase difficulty during build phase. Limited resources (mana) were a major player for build phases strategies, and the timer added a new element for only the most determined players to reach the highest they could. 2. "On controller trying to place minions when using a controller as your primary input device is a very tedious experience. If I click on the minimap to summon a minion at a distance NOTHING happens I have to walk to the area or scroll the screen to where I wish to summon. So I have to presume if this hero was added to console it would be the same aggrivation there." So I do not play with a controller, but know many in the DD1 actually DO in a very successful way. One of our highest tier players actually exclusively uses a controller and.. has had no issues. Rebinding controls, and even now with steam controller support, you can make any combo you desire. Every map with our current build timers with a controller is still possible, even with the newer things designed exclusively around the steam version with the ONLY target being high end players with full mouse/keyboard control. 3. "On pc strength drain auras remove elemental resistance on console they only reduce damage to defenses - this also used to exist on PC version and was removed." 4. "Consoles never got any of the DLCS other than shard maps and those are not fun with just 4 different heroes......" To my knowledge it does both on PC as is intended by the aura. Again, consoles stopped being supported rather quickly and should not be used as a reflection of DD1 - the PC copy is more on aim what the developers hoped to achieve. 5. "Many QOL did come in with DD2 to console gameplay like being able to press L2 plus Dpad to drop mana or touchpad to start a wave which I admit would make build timers a little easier to work with. But one must ask why if build timers are still popular are they not a feature in every map you can play not just one and a few in mastery (which are generally disliked).Even though you dont have to run around gathering chests and only have a small pool of mana to work with unlike DD1 you are given enough mana to cover the DU available yet it was still felt that build timers were generally un-necessary or unwanted. I struggle to see where build timers add "fun" to the game especially when using a controller is allot more clunky and laborious than keyboard and mouse." I don't directly agree or say the build timers are "fun". Rather, an important extra element to add more difficulty during the build phase. Increasing the difficulty is not just straight "add more mobs, add more hp, reduce DU", but increasing it in more subtle ways to help curve out the game. Build timers towards the higher or highest difficulty helps add another layer of subtle difficulty, which is important to a gear farming game like DD where you can spend 30 hours or 3000. If they are going cross platform, they WILL take into account users on controllers, the switch, etc to make sure its balanced. I don't think you'll have to worry about it being so close, that you barely have 1 second to spare with perfect movements. Like i had mentioned the difficulty curve above, it is generally very liberal with time early on and progressively lower as your skill grows to accompany it. 6. They never seemed to be anything other than a speed check unless you had enough movement speed and casting speed on your hero it was almost impossible regardless of how good you are to place defenses. How is having 100 (orignially 75) movement speed and over 150 casting speed actual strategy? Perhaps i am missing something. In the very early part of the game, there will not be build timers and it will not be relevant being under the speed cap of 100 or having low casting. Again, consoles are beyond outdated, I could compare this to mobile which I played if you wanted, but that is not a fair comparison. By the time you reach nightmare where the build timer exists, your gear will have sufficient stats that speed and cast rate is not a concern on ANY single character for build timer.
  7. 1. "well you can check the “Build Timer” box :). the rest of us will take all the time as much time as we want. " What build timer box? There isn't one. They will not do one as they intended in DD1 because difficulty needs to remain the same per person per difficulty to get the same things. Otherwise, sure, you can check your build timer, and I won't. But hey! Ill get 40% better loot for challenging myself. Is that a great idea or what????? It doesn't work. There will not be a toggle for balance reasons, its either going to be included or not. People fail to remember DD1's timers are only on the hardest campaign difficulties and not on survival maps. This makes sense for continuing the difficulty increase, and you should be familiar and capable enough if you go through the entire game on easy - insane to be able to build in a very friendly time limit. I support upping the ante for clearly experienced players who can.. play the game and continue increasing their skill and experience to reach the later maps. People are scaring themselves into believing its ruining the entire game experience when it only will effect a minority of players even making it to Nightmare and Endgame. 2. "Just think of the Build Timer box like the energy field from Avengers infinity war. They just died if they tried to get through, but then when they were ready(aka set up all their defenses), they disabled a portion of the barrier to allow the enemies through. isnt it crazy how you can relate this to that?:]" No because I'v never seen the movie. We are defending against an army. In one spot. Not going any where. They know where we are and will destroy your crystal. Are they gonna patiently wait for you to build your defenses? Isn't it crazy to compared this to a fantasy movie? :)
  8. The literal premise of the game is tower defense. We are defending crystals from the enemies. They are not going to respect your 23 minute build, this is not a casual "all the time in the world" invasion. They will destroy it. If you can't build in a timely manner, that is clearly part of the challenge to encourage learning the map, knowing your characters, and learning how to build. If you can successfully load into the map and look around and spend time in it like in DD2, there is 0 problem with a timer. I have had again, 0 problems with DD timers after practice and actually holds you to some sort of playable standard.
  9. Added the ember scept pic of the +, new item in the album! Totally didn't add it 5 days after sybreed asked, most certainly timely. Free bump of shame.
  10. Withdrawn bid, found a replacement piece.
  11. Hopefully... I know the game is trending towards fully dropping any support.. I'v heard too many good and bad rumors. Just happy to participate in another.
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