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  1. Merry Christmas https://steamcommunity.com/id/Garzhod/
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Garzhod/ WW Summary I did not crash on WW Attemps: 2 Deaths 2. W33 WM Summary I did not crash on WM Attempts: 1 Deaths: 1, W34
  3. Nice giveaway! Look forward to entering
  4. ~ Staff obtained elsewhere before auction completed ~
  5. Hey all, Selling 4 ultimate++ leather pieces. Item checked on purchase, can be sent again. Order - Head>Chest>Gloves>Boots Each piece is for sale individually for the following price: -2 events from the EVENT_LIST below -75CV non-upgraded diamonds, or 30 small diamonds All pieces are for sale combined for the following price: -all 6 events from the EVENT_LIST below -full ultimate damage capping armor set, all 4 tower stats 3 digits -2x magicite/FPC/Last Patch Celebration/Npc/Celebration OR 3x Celebracers OR 100 small diam
  6. Now this is a contest I can waste my life on. Excellent.
  7. Garzhod


    Acquired Carapace of the Queen, Old One's Stache, and Dwarven Miner's Mask. "Price reduced"
  8. Garzhod


    One day when you're old enough, you'll be able to hear the stories. Just be patient.
  9. Garzhod


    Yes I remember the time I bid 599 cv under everyone's stuff. In fact, I have multiple stories for you young man of this occurring! Stop by my tavern and maybe when you're old enough can grab a pint and listen in.
  10. Garzhod


    I am so excited to see you and all the future others coming out of the woodwork to lowball! So hilarious! Haven't seen this before trying to sell this, nope, not at all! You are so original! Your mom would love if you printed this out and hung it on the fridge!
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