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  1. Auction Items https://imgur.com/a/ynMKXx5 Accepted currency Diamonds (5/10/15) Cubes Events taken at my rates posted within this link. Events I already have one of+ are taken at 10% less than listed price, contact or post in thread to confirm event bids. Coal 10:1, max of 10cv Auction Details Ends 5/28/19 Item Checked Offers in last 48 hours extend another 48 hours each successive bid Bids or offers may not be accepted from some individuals Questions? Contact me on Discord - Garzhod#0001 or on steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/Garzhod Current Offers Pristine boots : Mail chest : 25CV Senjinator Chain chest : 120CV Senjinator Chain helmet : 30CV BillyH Pristine helmet :
  2. Some user submitted prices collated here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JUYByAPPq1geKY-AwqyVnItkhFAV9erodQHOX1ukwuc/edit#gid=0
  3. I will buy the ult+ mail gloves and the leather helm for 8 total
  4. Steal their* resistance
  5. I would be happy to show you some builds that should be very stable for lower end stats. The map has been doable since release even on my transcendent gear back then and dps monk. Really hope this continues to garner support. The set bonus is another great option for cosmetics and would provide some relevancy for the map. One of my all time favorites. Really allows for build options and can pull off standard builds all the way to wild one stack builds
  6. It should not be possible with those factors. If you want to add me on steam, garzhod, I can potentially help you find the issue not related to DD.
  7. Older post, not sure if it has been fixed as I had not posted due to being a minor issue. I had the same issue with both big and small coal. I know it was intended to prevent the glitch involved, but would be nice to gather for awhile and do them at once. In either 2 larges, 2 smalls, or even 1 large and 2 smalls at once, or 2 larges and 1 small etc. Currently both big and small work together, just at 1 per. Obviously I am very much in the minority for smalls, but could this extend to a way to differentiate the spawn for the forge? As in spawn JUST a small if you have coal for both. I have accidentally made one earlier than I intended due to having spare coal for an older giveaway in my box and lost chunk that was not intended.
  8. I can just view my attachments from this page. No options to edit, select, view or do any changes to them. EDIT: The WORKING method right now is editing the original post. Where you go to attach images, there should me a "my attachments" on the SAME post. If it is a comment in a thread THAT comment has the attachment. If it is the main post like this case, you should be able to edit it, delete the attachment and it DOES save now. That portion appears fixed.
  9. Garzhod


    2CV on the 373^ plate gloves as well please
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