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  1. I know someone who was innocent that just purchased stuff and was banned. #i was in the lobby
  2. What a shame that Nerf seems a bit strong. Just pretty much ruined the chance for people to get as high on onslaught. I hope they reset the tables otherwise with these nerfs be hard to compete.
  3. But was it the 4x gold that destroyed the economy though 🧐
  4. Might be worth editing any names out that post.
  5. Banned for exploit offences basically Demo. A bunch of school kids are reporting everyone they 'think are involved' and they are suspending on the basis of screenshots I believe. I was sure chromatic were ultimately in the business to make money banning accounts of people that buy a lot of gems seems counter productive... If they could restrict the trading system for those people or a timed ban.. It would seem more relevant. Apparantly there is a zero tolerance on people using exploits... Except the Xmas tree one and hyper shard one which apparantly is OK, so much for Zero toleranc
  6. Yeah sounds like you missed out that re-roll for your attack speed. Lol only potentially another 286 attempts.
  7. Yeah will do, I’m working awkward shifts but will see what I can sort out.
  8. I’m on PS4 also. : SwitchbladeUK sure why not 👍
  9. It might be best if you could show us one of your ‘unique builds’ that you use to conquer floor 300 and above 👍. Although the game is fun onslaught’s aim is to get as high as possible in the easiest manner. The Meta changes all the time :) I am from pre-alpha days and remember when Traps, Frost Towers and Boost auras we’re the Meta :)
  10. Just keep a rough count, say you have 100 tokens use them up being careful. End of the day once you feel you are a couple hundred in you know will be soon. although generally I had my first within 10 rolls so you never know.
  11. As you re-roll look for the green colouring maybe say each colour out loud before pressing the button :) red,red,red,green etc must of been really frustrating for you all the same. I would be gutted also
  12. Well..... Better luck next time, take it on the chin, learn from your mistake and don’t be so trigger happy. Make good use of non technical skills and slow down as you progress through the re-rolls in anticipation.
  13. Question . Have you AP reset at any point during prime. If so have you gone back and re-completed the maps again.
  14. Time and extreme grinding that the casual player cannot compete with 😂 makes you good. Although though creating the build and combination is in my opinion the skilful part 👍
  15. Great video and yes you managed it :). i must admit that map was fairly easy considering it was prime 6. The spectral assault I find the most difficult, in fact that whole prime area. ( I can build and complete them all) Do you you think you could build that particular map with those same settings ;) just for fun and a challenge 👍
  16. I wouldn’t agree with that a relatively new player who has just hit chaos 7 wouldn’t be able to build and beat spectral assault and be able to mow down 500 mill mobs necessarily. Proof is the amount of gridlocks horde being run ... haha fairly experienced have a shot for sure but isn’t quite as easy as you make out. from what I’ve seen is a lot of lower end players hoping to be carried through the maps so needs to be catered for a wide spectrum. for you one of the top players it is easy 😂 always makes me laugh someone posts a video ‘easy build for anyo
  17. It is definitely hard. I wouldn’t consider myself right at the top but fairly good gear mostly 1st level chaos 8. 4 player though that is mad need 3 good dps aswell. Completed it 2 player. 👍
  18. Funny that :) as a player with weed in the title. (I know the name). Has been badgering me for bearkira, little Betsy, G4T0, blue/green drag olive etc by offering me two automeow and a bunch money. Although I wasn’t even remotely interested.
  19. It’s not so much the build :) it’s more the assassins etc constantly slashing you up. Usually very timely when you’ve just picked up a book or attempting to destroy the pillars. guess the potion for immunity should be used more often haha. I agree should be a guaranteed drop even if you don’t get the stats or combination you want. (Even though I contradict myself in the next paragraph - this is basis of a 100 percent drop rate) One thing I find annoying is that the bows drop 4s burst 4 every time but the monk weapon doesn’t. (This being the current low drop rate)
  20. Annoying but managed it :) lots of deaths
  21. So very generous with your pricing :) 😝 Jump in or create unholy catacombs and rinse and repeat 2 per run.
  22. I could see an option for private games only where that could be implemented and you could invite like minded friends prob get all 2 of em join ;) Although a rebuild map function after victory would be pretty awesome for farming purposes .
  23. Use shards off the floor and equip other builders 👌👍
  24. Umm the scavenger collects the items for you. Then after the maps you have ran you can sort out the inventory and collect items you require from said scavenger. Still no valid reason to sort out during gameplay, if your a leecher and don’t build at all there is time while said builder is building. The problem is people would abuse it and end up being kicked for not readying up in a timely fashion.
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