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  1. Fair comments guys 👌🏻 I would still say doesn’t need nerfing as people cannot reach the highest level possible yet ;) The bigger problem to the game in my eyes is not that frostfire combo in anyway shape or form. That actually makes the game fun. It’s the fact the meta is to spawn build :) I remember when the passives were on the equipment and frostbite towers and traps ruled the day :) wasn’t spawn camping back then and just NM4 was tough. When it changed I quit for 2 years just didn’t wanna start over. Back now though :) I like your videos though ;)
  2. Think the point is that for example floor 947 is completed but with the current mechanics and use of frostfire combination. Then a suggestion of nerfing something would have a negative affect on the rest of the community that would not have the same opportunity to reach floor 947 thus promoting elitism. We can only strive to be as knowledgable exglint... 😂 heard he taught juicebags everything.
  3. Why even ask ? It’s like asking if you can take drugs ? Course the answer is no but you still gonna do it ;)
  4. Why the Nerf Smurf ? I would insist anyone who suggests a nerf must immediately have all their mods reverted to 1/10, hyper shards reset and all ascension levels removed, onslaught floors reverted to 0. Thus removing any unfair advantage they may if attained. Its ok for people to complain when they have tip top gear and used mechanics in game to progress. But have you reached floor 999 yet ??!? Until you do don’t ask for nerfs😊🙁. all you are doing is ruining the game for others and preventing parity haha 😂
  5. How about the DD2 Gilded Costumes and Gunwitch etc stuff. Wouldn’t wanna receive those too late to appreciate them.
  6. You keep your existing relics but they revert to campaign level... low stats etc. However using gold you can just level them up to chaos 7 straight away if you have enough gold. Although I would only upgrade what you need to get to the next AP. Just run onslaught from the get go... it will drop higher chaos stuff sooner and will eventually get you to chaos 7 stuff. I was was reluctant but seems worth it because when you find better quality mods. Just transferr them on reset (campaign level) and is much cheaper etc.
  7. I am currently starting my ninth reset can knock one out a day. Have 2mill gold upgrade your weapon Man fully chaos 7 and defender medals to upgrade speed and crit damage etc. Uograde defense rate rate on earth shatter tower and just run onslaught map. Making sure you hope for a medallion to drop. Equip this to the earth shatter and replace every time you get a better one. Do the same for harpoon or air defence equipping whatever you find on the floor. With the ascension points you should be able to clear whatever map you start on. Once you find a medallion it’s onwards and upward. I find it gets awkward floor 31+ though when the frosts get involved. Plain sailing up to that point using just those defences.
  8. I’m looking for one myself but I’m mid ancient power push :) so money is low as required to upgrade WM each reset. Think we ran a few unholy catacombs together with me the snakes and you the WM and LSA. Before the Nerf lol
  9. Can give it a whirl with you : switchbladeuk
  10. Also make sure you have the shard burning strikes equipped :) to light the braziers
  11. Have a 253 uograde crysknife all tower stats don't really need any items though. Maybe trade for something.
  12. Haha yeah just about. I gave up but I get bored play one game and back for a while ;-)
  13. Lol there is so much US stuff in the EU now. I wonder how they all got over ;-)
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