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  1. Funny that :) as a player with weed in the title. (I know the name). Has been badgering me for bearkira, little Betsy, G4T0, blue/green drag olive etc by offering me two automeow and a bunch money. Although I wasn’t even remotely interested.
  2. It’s not so much the build :) it’s more the assassins etc constantly slashing you up. Usually very timely when you’ve just picked up a book or attempting to destroy the pillars. guess the potion for immunity should be used more often haha. I agree should be a guaranteed drop even if you don’t get the stats or combination you want. (Even though I contradict myself in the next paragraph - this is basis of a 100 percent drop rate) One thing I find annoying is that the bows drop 4s burst 4 every time but the monk weapon doesn’t. (This being the current low drop rate) I mean is pointless who would want a 2s 3 projectile weapon. Should be in line with bows 4s 5.
  3. Annoying but managed it :) lots of deaths
  4. So very generous with your pricing :) 😝 Jump in or create unholy catacombs and rinse and repeat 2 per run.
  5. I could see an option for private games only where that could be implemented and you could invite like minded friends prob get all 2 of em join ;) Although a rebuild map function after victory would be pretty awesome for farming purposes .
  6. Use shards off the floor and equip other builders 👌👍
  7. Umm the scavenger collects the items for you. Then after the maps you have ran you can sort out the inventory and collect items you require from said scavenger. Still no valid reason to sort out during gameplay, if your a leecher and don’t build at all there is time while said builder is building. The problem is people would abuse it and end up being kicked for not readying up in a timely fashion.
  8. Not at wayfarer although a higher drop rate would be appreciated. I would prefer the weapons added to onslaught replacing the current 🎁 man presents or whatever. Fed up harbinger and jolly Rogers 🏴‍☠️ 😃
  9. Not me. But I believe the game has in built ‘ Ai ‘ that recognises and calculates your chance of winning. If it thinks you have no chance it puts your back to the main menu 😉😂🤪
  10. Noooo had about 5 gobu rifle drops about 3 wave blades (but rubbish stats 😔). Still looking for a decent waveblade.
  11. So are you saying no fancy smancy legacy relic with water :) or max 999 ascensions points accredited :) 🤣
  12. With the title was expecting a post from Mr Miyagi
  13. Eh what’s the hint ?!? although maps are simple enough with RB and Protons 👍
  14. Well, loads of chaos 8 amps to upgrade your gear gotten 15 so far and only handful of maps per day and the opportunity to get two of every hyper shard. I would say that this definitely gives you the scope to gain higher levels in onslaught. Plus the weapons are chaos 8 5/5 feels like they are actively preparing you for harder to content ahead.
  15. I’ve played as monk and had two drop albeit not the shot type wanted 🧐
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