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  1. Do not under ANY Circumstamces bring back the forge. The Deck swap system is working fine. Sod running back to the forge, why would you want to even suggest that, what’s the benefit.
  2. Umm to be fair sounds like you are trying to run before you walk. I can play 4 player Insane survival just fine with the correct gear. it’s about progression if you can’t hold 4 people maybe you should try hard and then get the gear to be able to do it ;) surely that’s the way to play not just jump in hardest difficulty.
  3. Oh I see already been reported lol
  4. Check out the size of my loot chest 🤣👍
  5. Yeah sounds like you missed out that re-roll for your attack speed. Lol only potentially another 286 attempts.
  6. Would it be too much to ask to allow the requirement for one character to be used for all defences for that defender. An annoying part of both DD2 and DD1 is the creation of 1 specific use characters. So you would have a flame aura monk, an electric aura monk, a boost aura monk. (I know you cold get 10000 ascension DD2 and almost be able to do that). a cross between DD2, where you have the 4 relics slots but you are also allowed to put an equal amount of points into all types of relevant defences. currently is kinda pointless creating another character to instantly level it up.
  7. Yeah will do, I’m working awkward shifts but will see what I can sort out.
  8. I’m on PS4 also. : SwitchbladeUK sure why not 👍
  9. It might be best if you could show us one of your ‘unique builds’ that you use to conquer floor 300 and above 👍. Although the game is fun onslaught’s aim is to get as high as possible in the easiest manner. The Meta changes all the time :) I am from pre-alpha days and remember when Traps, Frost Towers and Boost auras we’re the Meta :)
  10. Just keep a rough count, say you have 100 tokens use them up being careful. End of the day once you feel you are a couple hundred in you know will be soon. although generally I had my first within 10 rolls so you never know.
  11. As you re-roll look for the green colouring maybe say each colour out loud before pressing the button :) red,red,red,green etc must of been really frustrating for you all the same. I would be gutted also
  12. Well..... Better luck next time, take it on the chin, learn from your mistake and don’t be so trigger happy. Make good use of non technical skills and slow down as you progress through the re-rolls in anticipation.
  13. Question . Have you AP reset at any point during prime. If so have you gone back and re-completed the maps again.
  14. Time and extreme grinding that the casual player cannot compete with 😂 makes you good. Although though creating the build and combination is in my opinion the skilful part 👍
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