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  1. Some confirmation. It's confirmed that it drops on the same map you get them from to begin with? Hardly worth it unless they drop on every map. Not just the map you have to play anyways to get it.
  2. Anyone who's been farming NM HC Aquanos has probably noticed that the three new squire weapons are dropping really high base stats on weapons, Im talking 300-450 on Myth's. While all the other new Aquanos weapons for App, Monk, and Huntress, rarely have a base stat that exceeds 200. Is this an accident or was this on purpose? Noticed this also. It's almost as if they want you to only build with the squire/countess.
  3. Every game economy needs a currency sink. Trendy is trying to get people to have to spend millions on something else than mana tokens. Shift the economy around a little bit so that the new players who don't even know what tokens are might be able to buy something for once (since there will be less tokens, people will be sinking that into accessories instead). This game needs a currency sink. It's called a bank. Not tokens. Not "accessories".
  4. The casual player is probably smart enough not to upgrade their accessories until they've upgraded every other item they own. Seriously, this is bonus points on top of everything else you're wearing. It doesn't matter how expensive it is, since you can complete everything in the game without accessories, so all they do is make things you can already do (that get you mana) easier, and should never be the difference between if you win or lose a map (unlike traditional gear slots). I mean look at how small the numbers on them are, they aren't meant to be a primary source of stat points. I get
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if that is intentional. I mean, it is a whole new item slot, and additional stats on top of all of your armor. If you have a 200 up piece of armor, think of this as the 201st up. :) Except no. Even on my armor with 300+^ it isn't near that expensive. Not even worth it to put money into.
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/DoctorMD/screenshot/576702881393727461?tab=public
  7. Just tried an alchemy labs wave 13. Mobs was reduced from ~4-5k down to 2k. Problem is they only spawn from 2 out of 5 spawns at a time. There are big timegaps between the spawning. It actually feels a lot slower than before... 1. Mobs at bottom spawn. 2. 5 sec break. 3. few spiders drops 4. 5 sec break 5. mobs at top spawn And so it goes on. it takes forever:P http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?58001-Thanks-for-reducing-the-number-of-enemies-on-survival-but... Similar post has already been made.
  8. I'm playing magus nm survival on solo. It takes about 5 minutes in the end of each wave for last ~20 wyverns to spawn. 4 at the time and then ~1 minute wait... It doesn't make sense. I would kill 500 enemies, then wait 30 secs for enemies to spawn. Stays like this until the end of the wave.
  9. it doesn't make sense that it still takes just as long because the enemies trickle out after 1000 enemies or so. I don't know if this is intentional, giving you time to rebuild (?) if the sharken move your defenses out of the way. Kind of pointless if it is because moving one wall means failure. Make the enemies spawn just like they use to on survival. If I can get past the first 1000 enemies it means that I've killed all the sharken that spawned at the beginning making it tedious and useless for the enemies to trickle out like they are now. Thanks for the DLC, seems great so far, but please f
  10. I have, at the time of this post, picked up over 30 trans shotguns. Nobody uses a shotgun, its basically useless for anything we do...but more trans ones drop than any other item period. I have seen /some/ trans crossbows, no trans bone bows, no trans disc guns... Why is it that so many items that drop are useless? Hell, look weapons in general: There are many kinds of weapons, but most of them are things nobody will use. Not enough projectiles, not enough damage to balance out the fact they dont have extra projectiles... the devs know why we use various weapons and why we do not use ot
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GHX8dvuFUQ Suddenly that Jetpack doesn't seem so far away. I'm wet.
  12. Basically, my huntress guardian has 3 defense boost stats. Before today's patch it had over 100 defense boost, so I'm thinking whatever boost change they added in the last update messed it up somehow. I have enough invested in it to level, and i can level the other 2 defense boosts too. Glad you made a post because I noticed the same thing on my huntress and apprentice guardians.
  13. i suggest building somewhere else. He shouldn't have to build somewhere else. The harpoons couldn't clearly fly over the tent and hit the Djinns. This is a huge problem on OMF when we can't hit enemies over the tent, but spiders can web right through it. Super huge bug and needs to be addressed soon.
  14. I've spent several hours a day lately in player shops over the last few weeks looking for upgrades for myself and my brother/friends who just started recently, as well as for pricing my own stuff, and I have yet to see a pet for sale in-store (non-trade) with half those stats. As to finding pets with +1600 to tower stats "constantly" in player stores for <400m? If so, we're playing different games. Don't give in to his trolling. That's his goal in this thread and on this forum. He doesn't know what he's talking about because if he did he would show proof.
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