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  1. Thanks for replying. My faith in the Great Pumpkin has been restored. Back to waiting in the pumpkin patch. Not that I ever really doubted...oh, no...insincerity. The Great Pumpkin only visits the most sincere pumpkin patches. What have I done?
  2. Last weeks DunDef Digest said this was free. But, steam show it costs 49 cents on sale. I'm confused. Will the price change and be free soon?
  3. Don't go in the secret room that says "Open" at top of stairs unless you want to die. When did the tavern keep become such a coward. So funny to see him cowering under the stairs.
  4. The NEW Tavern campaign map lets you enter the secret room, but it's not there. So you go behind the map and eventually fall off and die.
  5. Glad to see someone actually gets their prize when they answer the trivia question. I didn't.:skeleton:
  6. I remember others complaining of this long ago. Wasn't Trendy going to fix this? Shouldn't just one buff beam disappear when an aura touching multiple buff beams goes down. It happened to me today when doing Hall of Court Survival. All the mana I spent upgrading the beams is gone and I dont have enough to get them back up for the next wave. I MAD NOW. *breathes deeply, sighs in disbelief, shakes head* THis is what I get for trying to start on wave 13. I expect rl to be unfair, but not computer games. EDIT: Completed the next wave and got a nice Genie pet (153 ups and 183 Hero dmg, but -7
  7. Wolfvane, enjoy your precious few remaining years in the DD retirement village. We will sing song of your noble quests. May the recipients of your skillfully acquired gear carry forth with the same bravery and determination, defending all that is Etherian in your name. The flames of your memory will inspire and guide us on to future victory. Long live Etheria! :oldone: I hope Trendy announces a whole new quest soon, before more players abandon DD forever.
  8. I learn so much from these streams. Not only did I find out how to defeat the Kraken boss, I also learned how to not kite an ogre (seems towards the crystal is not as good as away from). :ogre:
  9. I just started doing these 2 days ago and have completed them all on solo NMHC. When i first tried one, I thought they where impossible to solo. But now that my tower stats are around 1000, I can do them - just barely. The uncertainty of winning makes them fun though. I like to start with tons of prox traps in front of spawns and where spiders are a problem. After laying traps, I try to quickly switch to my EV before the start of wave 1. Now start building walls on top of the prox traps in front of spawns. Spiders make this hard to do, but if you stand on top of prox trap while building, th
  10. I use less harpoons since Sharken and more traps (fortunately there seems to be less Djinns now). I consistently get to wave 20 on Castle Armory and Endless Squires (before I would only get to wave 14). All my poons are buffed now and need to be set just far enough from walls to avoid ogres, yet close enough to spot a Sharken shuffling his feet. My must have towers for NM (in order of importance): Squire - harpoons EV - buff beam, walls Huntress - darkness trap (ogres), gas trap (djinns & sharken), proximity mines (spiders & other riff raff) Monk - ensnare aura (need to try st
  11. There is a certain excitement that comes with having a wall fall and saving the day, but it's nearly impossible when ogres won't aggro on you and would rather pound your defenses. Plus, the crystal is too fragile to last long enough even against even the smallest pack of mobsters. Not to mention, the DEW and spider interruptions that prevent you from rebuilding. If Trendy wants to change the dynamics of the game to add excitement, they need to significantly increase the hp of the crystal AND make kiting the ogres easier to give us a fighting chance. Until then, the Halloween Monster map is
  12. If Trendy wants to change the play dynamics with stronger mobs (sharken, djinns), they should increase the hp of the crystal. That way when there is a break in the defenses, you at least have time to put up a good fight.
  13. One-shotted at full health (115,603 hp) just isn't fair. It breaks the golden rule of video games, "Never one-shot a player at full health".
  14. I have a dps question. Should you only upgrade base damage, not elemental, to get the highest dps? I tested upgrading a weapon two ways. THe dummy showed the one with all base damage upgrades has a higher dps. THis doesnt make sense to me. I would of thought the the disadvantage of having all elemental damage would give it the higher dps on non-resistant mobs (I'm assuming the dummy has no resistance).
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