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  1. 4 Runs of Glitterhelm - I can power level 6 of your characters from lv1 to 70 and from the sounds of most of your gear it was uhmmm well lets say there is no 255 girraffes in the wild naturally. ( PERIOD ) So you could easily acquire some of your high level gear since it seems to be quite common place now a days to put things in perspective the highest i have earned krsknife 166 / 174 Shaitan 143 / 160 monk tower 170 given to by my kind friend GamerJunkee Staffs undying 180 the other one 189 aquanos staff 118 Soul Focuser 107 - 95 - 88 - 77 - 64 highest pet earned was 146 out of t
  2. CCR - up around the next bend ( will be more monsters to slay ) ZZ Top - I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide ( or in this case i am dungeon wide with a venegence ) U2 - With or Without you ( for all my friends don't worry I know you will respond ) GNR - Welcome to the Jungle ( oh wait we consolers didn't get that DLC ) GNR - Patience ( Waiting for DD2 I got a rockin AMD8350 8gb 1tb AMD7990 waiting to tear you apart ) Drowning Pool - Let the bodies hit the floor ( Monster beware - Pro Monster Hunter awaiting )
  3. Add another vender to the Tavern Let hime sell Signs, Flags, Bear Rugs, Dear Antlers, Staff collections that you could hang on a wall, swort collections that could again hang on a wall. What about possible NFL Flags? Or hey I would like some leather couchse in my Tavern. Here is another idea instead of just a tavern on one we could say have a limit of 20 randomly placed taverns in a small town with a few other little shops like weapons and armor shops, a place to learn character specific spells or abilitys, and how about a areana where players can maybe place a small wager and go on
  4. I'm an old geezer, so I'm not representative of the gamers that will play DD2, and I'll play it nonetheless. But to me, mixing real cash and in-game currency for the same purpose is not good. It's like paying 1$ for 1 billion mana in DD1, I.E. cheating. If you can play the game without paying, the hard way, then paying is the easy way. Even for items that don't affect the gameplay. And any in-game reference to real cash is breaking the immersion. I wish there's a way to pay once and for all (or for a set time) and not to have to think about it any more. (I'll stop here before I start to e
  5. In another game that was and continues to be one of Sony's greatest selling game franchises ever. The game would check look for "Previouse R&C game" game save and then when you went to the weapon/armor shor you would get something that otherwise was not purchasable (Because you was determined to be a valuable Cybertron Customer. So after the 1 st one I just keep buying every R & C ever released. As a side note not to start a flame but DD2 looks very R & C 'ish. But then again R & C crossed the tower defense line with the release of "all four one" I hope my memory serves me well
  6. 2^30 -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 is the range of data type signed INT (32bit) Java/ C / C++ / C# in decimal highest count is FFFF FFFF = the hexadecimel equivant of 2 ^ 30 FFFF FFFF = 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 The number 2,147,483,647 is also the maximum value for a 32-bit signed integer in computing. It is therefore the maximum value for variables declared as int in many programming languages running on popular computers, and the maximum possible score, money etc. for many video games. The appearance of the number often reflects an error, overflow condition, or
  7. I urge everyone to protect their reputations. Other people will respect you only if you respect both them and yourself. You might have been the smartest kid in geography class, but the world is a big place and people are neither stupid nor easily fooled. I say this to no one in particular, but to everyone. Admittedly I have not made as many good relationships on the PS3 side because I don't play on it, but I'm nevertheless happy to talk about issues with anyone who wants to. We on Xbox have been dealing with players who do undesirable things (both very blatant and extremely subtle) for y
  8. Nice one chu, I still haven't broken the 40^ mark on morrago+ You haven't broken the 40^ mark on morrago+ ? Seriously ? :( I feel for ya keep trying I have yet to break 189 ^ and I bought this game the day it was released on ps3
  9. 80 for DLC and ( 95ish for aquanos ) i believe is the modifier your looking for? example Morrago wand 200 UPs assume the first 15 are used getting the upgrade modifier to 80 185 * 80 + Base + 15ups = total I hope this makes sense if not you just need to upgrade more weapons.
  10. I am looking for leather gloves with all 4 Twr Stats and 110+ upgrades. I haves plenty to offer is you have what i Need
  11. Do you have a storage account? Damn it I was hoping you had some Leather Glovess W TWRS W 100+. till i seeen the (360 marking) oh well life is such.
  12. Say What?How does the moderator of this forum allow something so offensive in the signature of the person above? Surely, it is against this forums rules to have something so racially inflaming, in big, bold, colored font no less. I am not sure what your complaining about "Th3h1v3" which is clearly a referrance to the sci-fi horror flick involving demonic antz. Knight of One 87 - Clearly a refernance to he likes the squire ( nice choice by the way ) or Defender of Eternia - Clearly a devoted fan of dungeon defenders and working to keep peace & happyiness in eternia. Then we ha
  13. Do you mind me asking what is under the hood of PC? AMD / Intel and what is the model? Also how much ram u running.
  14. So I was using a Dell Laptop for a gaming rig granted it was studio 17 with every option that I could add a couple of years ago. But I decided it was time to update one of the desktops in the house to a newer "gamer" type setup since even the newest of the 3 desktops was struggling with some of the lastest games. Anyway, As a devoted DD fan I going to post some the hardware I just purchased and see if anyone on the forums is running similar gear? And how well do you think DD will perform using this setup? All the parts will be here in a couple of days and then it will take me a night
  15. Full runs or just the standard 1st round resets? Send me an invite if you want to do full runs. I build I have 83+ builders.
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