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  1. I still hope you give us a bit more leeway with range sometime in the future as it's the next largest limiting factor for newer players but it's nice to see your trying to quickly iterate on feedback. Though from the sounds of things the same feedback was already giving by the defense council before the patches even went live so hopefully we won't see similar snafu's in the future.
  2. It's also quite deflating losing right near the end of the last wave as you know you essentially got nothing despite all the effort you put in that round. Too much reward is tied to the final chest and wave ending.
  3. It used to be Geyser Traps but it's Slime Pit's now, such adorable little explosive goo.
  4. As much as I'd love for it to auto-collect at the start of each wave I'd settle for it to disable light beams on items from previous rounds.
  5. Trading doesn't add anything of value to the game but instead negatively effects how the developers can implement drop rates. We saw this in Diablo 3 vanilla with the Auction House, the drop rates were abysmally low because they didn't want people to skip content by just buying the abundance of extra's on the AH. Trading is even less of a benefit in this game because everyone is looking for the same thing, we all run nearly the same set of heroes, geared in the same direction and looking for the same passives. At least in a ARPG people are typically running only one class that can be built multiple ways so Tier 1 gear for them might be useless to you. Honestly I agree with Gunghoe that they need to reduce the amount of 'junk' drops and should lean towards making the highest tier of loot be restricted in their potential affixes. It allows the build defining moments you see in other loot games and allows different styles of characters based on what your using. Apprentice already have the freeze set but they could also introduce an armor reducing fire set or an earth set that has aftershocks that slow, damage or mini-stun enemies. Without giving players a clear attainable goal to work towards they are stuck in limbo until they find the right items with the right affixes rolling with the most desirable passives.
  6. So I'm a little confused about how I should be progressing now that I'm coming back after the wipe. I completed the Campaign but that only took me to about 25, I managed to grind dailies to get one character to 50 but not sure where I should go from here. Free play gives way more exp than End Game but the loot is terrible, I'm not quite sure when I should try Incursion or Onslaught and I don't know where level 50 gear starts dropping. I know UI is way down on the list of priorities but it'd be nice to have a little more guidance than trial and error so any advice people have would be greatly appreciated.
  7. The easiest way is to encourage people to use the steam group chat. It doesn't require you to add people on your friends list and you can join and leave just while your playing. If more people used it then you'd notice people you regularly ran into and party with them more and have a general hub for people to chat in outside of the social tavern.
  8. Couldn't agree more, every time I go to the Tavern I make a sweep of selling all the useless defenses people left sitting out.
  9. This high of a drop rate isn't reasonable for the default but they could certainly find some happy medium between this event and the norm. If they kept it at this rate all the time people would be close to hitting a plateau within a fortnight and have less reason for continuing to play.
  10. Can we get a visual range indicator on defenses when selecting them with E? It would make it much cleaner to see individual tower range than the mash-up of all at once that's currently available. Are there any plans on allowing us to merge pets and being able to select a stat to pass on similar to Shin Megami Tensei style games or give one an exp boost? Currently my inventory is full of a lot of useless pets with low/mismatched/unwanted stats and I have nothing to do with them other than sell them.
  11. Honestly I think a full wipe is the only way as otherwise those who can solo the highest content right now will just bank all their inventory with legendaries and won't be affected while those left behind will fall further behind. Plus with a full wipe people will be forced into playing through earlier content again, testing out how the changes affect progressing through levels and if any levels will need slight wave tweaks to compensate.
  12. Most of the time when I log in there is less than 4 other players in the social tavern making finding an Incursion game with others rather difficult so ultimately I mainly play solo. With this change I feel it'll be even more difficult to even complete content let alone enjoy it. It seems like my Huntress who I created first and have played the most will be rendered useless, her towers will all suck in comparison to the other heroes and hero damage alone isn't enough to make up for the speed loss. Likely I'm going to need a wall/tank Squire, tower damage/boost monk and a tower damage Apprentice and any map that spawns two ogres at once like Betsy will be ultimately impossible. If they removed/increased the number of slots in the hero deck for solo it might help alleviate some problems but that would ultimately mean creating and gearing more heroes overall. I'll wait and test the changes and remain hopefully optimistic but without it accompanying re-balancing towers/enemies alongside the change I see this being harmful overall to solo play.
  13. Now they say they fixed Healing Aura from healing the Kraken back in 7.30c but I've tried multiple times with multiple setups and last game I killed off all bar 1 tentacle then died, he moved into a healing aura and had all of his tentacles back again. I thought the mechanic was supposed to be that he can't regrow/heal tentacles until you've killed them all and he recovers from his vulnerable form? To be honest I couldn't even do 1 damage to him in spite of my defenses holding everything else in check without even a scratch on my crystals. Even with 100k hp and 88 resistances he'd still one shot me with his homing bubble and take 1/2 my HP with his other attacks and he'd never lose even a single tentacle if I tried to fight him in a healing aura. They just keep making it harder and harder to play the game solo.
  14. Similar thing happened to me, I went through the purple portal and on the way down and around he got stuck on the rocks high up in the air in the North Western corner.
  15. I agree with others that each successive mob type introduced shouldn't be implemented into all previous zones. Leave Insane as it is, have Nightmare Area 1 have Spiders, Area 2 have Spiders and Djinn, Area 3 have all 3 mobs and have the item drops balance in a curve along it. The alternative is to implement a selection for them similar to Survival/Mix Mode and let people decide if they want the Shards mobs in that map, 1 type gives lower end Mythicals, 2 types mid-tier and all Shards mobs gives the best drops. At least that way people who might not be strong enough to handle all of them can still play survivals and hope to progress their characters further with better equipment. I also feel bad for newer players trying to kill the bosses, the Queen was bad enough with having to work around Spiders when they were first introduced but now players have to contend with Spiders, Djinn and Sharken. Lastly, a DU increase (even by small amounts) would really help balance out the added mob types if they intend to include all Shards mob types in all maps.
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