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  1. I thought I mind as well put this up. It's a picture of my old dog. Sadly, I don't have her anymore. Look at her playing with her little toys. :O
  2. Well, it actually happened because he saw the boss's little girl come into work with a MLP shirt on so to make small talk asked her about the show and what her favorite character was or something along those lines. The boss didn't think that was "appropriate" and proceeded to fire him saying it made the other workers uncomfortable or something. http://www.reddit.com/r/mylittlepony/comments/1nbhqw/whelp_i_got_fired_yesterday_for_being_a_brony/ for the full read. Sounds like a man with the intellect of a prepubescent boy. ANYWAYS. I loved watching season 1, 2, and 3 of the show, but the cur
  3. Being fired from a job over watching mlp? What kind of stupid management was that suppose to be, lol. So much for being highly qualified. Your Masters degree means nothing if you watch MLP. Watch out!
  4. And... good-bye! http://lparchive.org/Earthbound-(by-Leavemywife)/Update%2034/77-12138.png https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlCQPSYhiVk Anywho... if someone could tell me wth was going on in that video, i would be grateful. I had a big wtf face on me while watching that. Oh, and this is probably one of my favorite songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDtw9i7y9uQ
  5. Oh really? Well i just got banned myself and I dont even know how to hack... nice job stating your false assumption. Laugh some more.
  6. The same problem that happens to a few of my friends is now happening to me... morons report your account just because your stats are 2k+(which isent even high) and you have items that have over 400 tower stats...gimme a break here. My friend has been banned over 8 times because he continuously gets reported by people that have no clue about the game and the same thing is probably going to keep happening to me... This is definitly fun/fair. Im sure ALOT of you guys on the forums report to. Stop assuming so much and be 100% sure before you do it.
  7. People are abusing that kick button WAY too much and for no reason. They are probably just full of themselves... They need to make the kick into a vote of somesort or whatever that fixes this cause its getting ridiculous. Even when my stats are 2k+, i get kicked out of 99% of the games i join(INSTANTLY). This leaves me with only one option and that is for me to host and when i do... I NEVER kick people. What the hell is wrong with the people playing this game...
  8. Now that the new patch is out where you can skip to any wave you previously beat in survlval mode, will the loot be worse on the last couple of waves if lets say you start from wave 20 opposed to starting from the first wave? Will it make a difference on the quality of the drops at all? Anyone tested this?
  9. Give me one reason why monk is not on that list... mine does far over 1.5mil per hit. The only one that would be either next to or above the monk is barbarian.
  10. does anyone know about this? Just need one person who knows for a confirmation.
  11. I have the assault missions but i have only bothered to go through it once on hard difficulty. I know that you get a unicorn if you beat all 3 parts continously. Are the unicorns better depending on the difficulty you beat the missions on or does it not make a difference because on the wiki it says that the quality of the pet wont be effected by the difficulty of the missions so doing it on easy will give you the same chances as doing it on NM. Is this true? I just want a confirmation. thanks.
  12. I agree. This game is definitly amazing and better then a lot of AAA titles especially for the price it was put at. Sometimes i just wish the company could do more with the patches and content to make the game even more successful then it is because it really deserves it D:
  13. kangdemon


    amazing how trendy will post on threads like these but not ones concerning progression issues... I lol'd.
  14. I would just like to say, its appreciated that 7.26c is trying to actually make NM mode possible but coming from one of your players, i honestly prefer the old version 100% over and im sure most of the community that do survival runs would as well.
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