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  1. I've just recently collected some very nice pieces. 121^ Pristine Helm all 4 twr stats, 108^ chest all 4 twr stats, 128^ gloves 3 twr stats all above +12, and the only piece I am lacking in are 100^ boots but atleast they have all 4 twr stats.
  2. I have an 88 upgrade Hastats for level 74 if you're interested.
  3. ahahaha x) I would really like to run it with you guys :P If you want of course :P I can do over 3M dps, and the good point about a non afk player is the fact that I can move xD If i'm not doing something with campering or one of my other friends then just send me a friend request or message if you want me to run it with you.
  4. Yey c: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04854XqcfCY
  5. Why can't you people just be happy with what you get? Every game has a few minor problems, but like classic said, they're trying their best.
  6. get online!!!!!! Idk. I might be on later.
  7. Yes it's true. :3 I pulled a medium 203^ with 1089 base.
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