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  1. ahh classic dont know what happened but good luck man
  2. ive taken a break, so i havent been on forums for like 2 months but classic are you still a mod? it doesnt show mod under your name like i thought it did?
  3. i could offer like a few 100+ weapons
  4. this^, i hate when people make other acc's for events that are supposed to be fun.
  5. sweet bro, you put any in projectile speed? my stats are 7300 base, 110 clip, 7 reload, 7000 projectile speed. i tried sending you a pm saying we should run a few maps together but you never replied.
  6. i tried trading my 206^ staff for a ud but the guy wanted a little more so no i do not think thats enough
  7. well me and viper have been farming usually 5 times a day so 10-15 soul focusers a day. and we did this for about a week. so 70-100. we play on insane+
  8. me and my friend played misty insane+ first wave and did that all day. we ended up with like 3 100+ pieces, 2 90+ pieces, and a few lower pieces for 78 and 83
  9. i just farmed a 120^ soul focuser for 74 is this the highest so far?
  10. yes i know i would very much like it :)
  11. i have been farming these just because i like them. and i got rid of almost all of my event items and dps items. but i have a 58^ for 74 and my friend got a 63^ for 74. not sure of how good these are? and what is a good amount of ^'s for 78 requirement?
  12. yea when i quit a few months ago i deleted everybody. but when i started back i just played with my close friends. even if i want to come back which i wont unless events i gave most of my stuff away anyways. if i see something i like then ill offer still but all i have is armor and a few weapons. but like today i got on for 5 min to get a soul focuser because its a fun weapon and instead of a shai
  13. oh i can post all i want. but im not playing. and foo i only quit once for 3 months. then i got my acc back. but i do remember you saying cya in a week when 3 months is a ways for a week there buddy.
  14. [QUOTE=UnarmedReaper07;697434]It doesn't help that they made the squire defenses weaker a long time ago. The stats should go back to normal for insane +.[/QUOTE i was thinking this also. would be a lot better and would help complete the maps.
  15. i had 2 in 2 weeks one time had to start all over but surprisingly i got my acc back by a miracle after not playing for 4 months.
  16. pretty good towers there. maybe more health on aura's but just a opinion. i have not tried to do insane+ but i know its very difficult and im pretty sure you have to have 4 players all around a crystal in order to do this.
  17. what 214 for 78 teach me the ways of lucky. highest i got was like a 160 for 83
  18. i do not think we need dps weapons. but maybe getting the old events and recreating them. and some good armor would be great. maybe even making some tower weapons for lower characters or higher characters. hope this happens then i might start playing again.
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