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  1. ahh classic dont know what happened but good luck man
  2. ive taken a break, so i havent been on forums for like 2 months but classic are you still a mod? it doesnt show mod under your name like i thought it did?
  3. i could offer like a few 100+ weapons
  4. this^, i hate when people make other acc's for events that are supposed to be fun.
  5. sweet bro, you put any in projectile speed? my stats are 7300 base, 110 clip, 7 reload, 7000 projectile speed. i tried sending you a pm saying we should run a few maps together but you never replied.
  6. i tried trading my 206^ staff for a ud but the guy wanted a little more so no i do not think thats enough
  7. well me and viper have been farming usually 5 times a day so 10-15 soul focusers a day. and we did this for about a week. so 70-100. we play on insane+
  8. me and my friend played misty insane+ first wave and did that all day. we ended up with like 3 100+ pieces, 2 90+ pieces, and a few lower pieces for 78 and 83
  9. i just farmed a 120^ soul focuser for 74 is this the highest so far?
  10. yes i know i would very much like it :)
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