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  1. One of the reason I retired from the market...A long time ago...
  2. Guess im another "Victim" victims; aren't we all?...
  3. It's been killed too many times and now its developing a new evasion technique, a sort of DD Doomsday.
  4. For most weaps Elemental Damage doesn't scale with Hero Damage stat, Base damage is the answer.
  5. I wish I was still at school, I'm a kid trapped in an adults body :P
  6. While I was guarding the Eternia Crystal, I saw some ogresses dancing around, then the ogres spawned and I witnessed what the Ogres party hat is for.
  7. I have around 500 hrs online, and over 1000hrs on local splitscreen with my GF and we still keep playing. So in my case, splitscreen will make the difference between getting DD2 and not.
  8. You are banned for not giving me cubes....when I still played PC @heer - you just reminded me that I need to update that... You're banned for not playing PC.
  9. I started doing this around 3-4 weeks ago, exactly the same, exept I'm only playing splitscreen with my GF, so no online at all. We have 5 chars (all classes exept barb and jester), all around LVL 80, no Trans armor so far. Once we beated the spider queen on InsaneHC, we started breaking on NMHC on deeper well, and got all the way up to Aquanos where the boss keeps kicking our a..es :) Doing this its been extremely fun, even more since we started NMHC. Last night we beated NM UMF for the 1st time, after several failed attempts, on last wave, 3 minutes ~500 mobs left and we ran out our little fortress and started selling the gas trapps to have them flow faster, we finally beated it with 10 secs left and all the defenses smoking badly. None of the rewards were really good, but those 3 minutes were EPIC! BTW our main DPS are App and Trapgirl, the weakest, :P which makes it even harder to stay alive. Keep it up!
  10. This is a great idea, I like it very much.
  11. It happened to me once after the patch, I was running CitC and it crashed to the desktop. Not sure if it was due to the patch though, since it only happened one time; but its the first time it happens to me since when the game first came out.
  12. download the xbox 360 controller emulator, its only a few kbs size.
  13. So the tittle says it all, Mail and Chain armor type are both called "Malla" on the game, so it gets really difcult to put a set together if you're not used to the differences between each other. TNX.
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