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  1. hiya, decided to reinstall DD2 today again just to encounter a problem that prevents me from playing it at all. My game complettly freezes after starting the game. i can still see the Trendy logo at the start of the game, but as soon as its gone, the game stops working at all. I cant even move the mouse anymore. Only option is to close the game through the task manager. Already tried to reinstall it and letting steam check the game for broken/missing datas. There was 1 file missing, but even afterwards it didnt work. I also do not run the game on Win10. There isnt any error messages eith
  2. i dont really care about any artbook or digital delux edition. This game is still in a closed state. You pretty much only buy early acces and the possibility to have influence on the development of the game. Thats why you can pay for it right now... or leave it and wait until it gets released for free for everyone
  3. it is a F2P game... AFTER Alpha(maybe even beta). You currently would only pay to be able to join in on alpha. So yeah would have to wait until it hits release status (maybe even open beta)
  4. imo i think this is the only passive thats its actually worth to get on monk. The serenity aura passive is at some point useless. Would rather see some passive affecting boost aura (which is imo useless now aswell) or the skyguard/lightning aura
  5. hey guys, anyone knows how ignite damage is calculated? If i use for example a combination like "Oil Harpoon + Blazing Baloon" or "Oil Flask + Piercing Shot" to ignite enemies... how is the DoT damage calculated then? Its prolly based on the damage what even ignites it. But its almost impossible to test as the dummies in tavern cant be oiled
  6. Hi, i noticed today that alot of times the bigger exp boost after succesfully clearing a map (exp granted upon opening the chest) isnt granted at all. Cleared several maps today without getting that exp on my low lvl chars. especially the daily +100% exp bonus went missing that way. Played a Hard Throne with my lvl 19 mage through all 7 waves, and he didnt even get halve a lvl. At the end i merely got a normal wave clearance reward after opening the chest (roughly 2k exp). He should have jumped atleast to lvl 21 with the clearance reward. On the other hand... on a previous map, forgotten
  7. Sofar i always have gotten 100 gold whenever the sphere proc'd o.o
  8. hi, was wondering if the above mentioned sphere is kinda bugged...? Its supposed to grant a 15% chance that a enemy drops 100 gold if its killed by a hero. That part actually works. But what about the hero skills? have killed hundreds of enemies with my hero skills and the sphere havnt been procing a single time. Is it just my insane bad luck or does this sphere really just work with primary and secondary hero attacks?
  9. No, boost aura special stats only occur on relics now. You won't find them anywhere else. this sucks quite alot then >_>; Been farming those for days/weeks on my monk. could have spend that time alot better then farming something, that doesnt even exist anymore
  10. Does "Boost Aura Defense Damage" even still exist for helmets? I havnt found any helmet with this stat in ages. most of them merely got this aura radius boost. Also... can this stat roll on armor/boots aswell? o.o
  11. i already repoted the more major bug of the huntress and the lightning Aura bug (Ranged spec bug from Huntress) through the tavern. But i havnt gotten a reply since over 2 weeks nor was it fixed. The only thing they did was to "fix" the Lightning Aura damage I also mentioned the missing RMB attack of the monk there. :/
  12. already reported this in a monk bug sektion... noone cared about it lol and its random, its not always the 6. attack that is missing. sometimes its also the 4. or the 5.
  13. maybe this might help https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/115465/huntress-primary-attack-bug
  14. True, just noticed that i had a single point in Long Range spec. After removing it its working again. This should still be fixed now thats clear that its mainly because of the long range spec :) havnt noticed about seondary attack because my huntress is a hero dps one. So i have alot of points on the spec, that instant fires charged secondary attacks with primary attacks
  15. well... there is no shop or whatever where you could spend them on right now anyways. You will get them as soon as the game enters either Beta or Release
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