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  1. Why not creating folders and subfolders? Stores are horrible sorted often. It's the fault of the store owner :) It's a suggestion thread, not an LOL L2P thread. Search features for personal and store inventories would be very useful, and time saving; that's why.
  2. One other thing I forgot to mention. The inventory system. Not being able to sort or organize by item stat is frustrating. Goes back to more wasted time. The item box and player stores should have some kind of search feature, whereby players may search for a particular item with what ever stats they are looking for at a minimum. Features like this make ease of sorting items in the box, or looking through player stores; including their own. I'd love to see at least a sort by option for the item box. Edit: I'd also love to be able to compare stats on my character without set bonuses whi
  3. Something that has been bugging me since I started playing this game. The mouse sensitivity is awkward. I'm used to hyper responsive mouse sensitivity, and it just feels too much like a console controller feel. I'd like the ability to increase the sensitivity to a much higher point, so it's more like an fps or mmorpg style camera swivel. RNG in loot should also be fixed. I understand stat randomization, and RNG... But hours of farming that yield hardly anything are frustrating. I've got 3 afk's and my keyboard/mouse going in labs runs, and after around 2 hours of farming and sorting hundred
  4. I still don't get it. Someone explain the joke to me.... What is love?
  5. http://ddplanner.com/?l=2295,easy-nmhc-omf I have a wall ev and beam ev and the beam ev is barely better in the end. A beam and a wall EV, I had not even considered that. Thank you for the inspiration!
  6. Agree with Chris (the ranger). While "join=kick" games suck, what do you expect? At least host is honest.\ Personally, I am more bothered when I try to join "'s Game" on wave 13-14 and get kicked. At least this guy said what he wanted. I cannot help but laugh maniacally about what is being said here. That does not take away from the truth of it though. Good times!
  7. Yeah, Come on man. As someone who has solo'd all the way through and pretty much never bought significantly better gear, it is possible to progress normally. I will say, Ive never been higher than 2600 in any stat. EDIT; Also CiC is good. I can give you a build on this (pre 15 DU jump, I guess that useless now) Do aquanos or aguanos MM using Kandars build. If you don't like that do OMF of SRMF. If you want Ill link builds for both. Links would be most appreciated! ^.^ Along with some advice for players with around 1.5-2k stats. Cheers mate!
  8. I completely understand. Not trying to be Hostile or Elitist. I was an "early" player, but had almost no multiplayer experience when Shards came out. I also lagged behind initially. People want to say early NM was easy (only spiders) but between Tower Buffs, player Buffs, and Mob Nerfs I find new NM easier. Yes, I know certain aspects (wave one ES ogres) are harder. Even now, I am a player in the 2k area, not the elite 3kish. I got stuck badly in the 600-1k range (early-mid) Myth of tower gear. Everyone does. Eventually, through forum guides and other things, the lightbulb came on
  9. Sorry, but this made me laugh. You and I are having constructive conversations in another thread. I appreciate your opinion. Honestly, I am not trying to be rude, not trying to be mean or vindictive. If you think this I have failed at both. I try to be (relatively) fair and balanced. I am NOT an elite player, I run lower players often, I try to be helpful. I also get kicked a lot. That all being said.... I also understand elite players desire to play with elite players. They have a right to enjoy the game the same as the rest of us. If Hosts want to kick, that is their right. Doe
  10. If you need spmething then work for it and spend the hours we did to get that level / if you are being honest here then post your SID and let us check ur hours/DD and compare it to those you mentioned they mastered NM and here is your answer . Of course! The SID for my farming account is Ysonoko. I have a separate account, of which I use for my afk shop and auxiliary storage; that account is Ysonokosan. Mind you, the afk shop is only active when my bank gets full, and my mana on hand is low. The second account is more of a guest account, I have family and friends that use it periodicall
  11. Your only real option, aside from acquiring hacked items or USD shops, is to make friends with an elite player. Trying to progress through the system as is, is subjected to seniority and market fluctuations. My advice to you: start collecting vast amounts of mana tokens. After each major patch, the elite players need to upgrade the new items they get. Save up all the mana tokens you can, then buy up the previous max tier in player shops as is available. Aside from that, you really have no options! ^.^
  12. Oh good, another "I get kicked" thread. To preface my response, I also get kicked form 75-95% of the games I join. Especially high level. People are looking for specific things and have reasons to kick people. Get used to it Oh so let me get this straight, it sucks when you join a lower players game and lose on 15, but you want higher players to let you join so THEY can lose on 24? Ill let you in on a little secret, they don't want to lose before they reach the point where they are accomplishing something (loot, pet, etc) any more than you do. That's prob why you were kicked. I
  13. I don't know when you started playing, but I started before Shards, and literally spend 100+ hours farming godly in the OLD (6,000+ per wave Solo) Survival. All this for gear where if ONE stat was above 40-50, it was insane. Then they introduced Myth, and in one wave of ES I could get gear that was 4x as good. Talk about a buzz kill. Godly may mean nothing now, but it has meant a lot to a lot of us. I am tired of new people complaining about progression. Put some effort in. Just because you get power leveled to 74 doesn't mean you are ready for Nightmare. Nightmare is made to be Nigh
  14. Soon, I will be making a thread devoted to revisions of gear progression. The thread will be a poll, a poll that will reflect what is voiced here. Please, voice your opinions and suggestions about gear progression here, so that a higher cause may be served. Also, try to keep the bickering to a minimum. This is not a thread geared at sparking debate or controversy. I merely wish to gather a consensus of what the player base desires, then present it to Trendy in the form of a poll. A poll I dearly hope they take seriously. As OP, I will lay my own suggestions on the table for analysis a
  15. it's not just this game - it's nearly every game today. people like rewards, not challenges. imagine a game like super mario today, where most players never saw the end. not imaginable anymore today. Your argument is a valid one. While most gamers do enjoy a challenge, the reward should be fitting. Grinding away for hundreds of hours with little progression is hardly rewarding. I have a WoW account, my main character there has over 3 years of play time; I also own many Diablo 2 accounts from every ladder season. Those ladder seasons were grindy, but with 700 hours of play i had accomplishe
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