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  1. Moving to Off Topic section. Best of luck to you,eyeofdeception :) /Moved Thanks :)
  2. Everything is gone. Thanks everyone for a great experience.
  3. I am officially leaving and have a bunch of S**t. So I am giving it away for free. It will be first come first served (Will host a open game). I have moved to DD on PC so I hope to see you around. From, eyeofdeception
  4. I don't know it is for level 83 and I am only level 79 :(
  5. No and Wat do u want for it Not for trade and how many upgrades Is the glitching on these things ever gunna get fixed?? Cuz if not i dont even see the point in havin one.. Its the coolest looking projectiles n such but dang.. The lag is painful I hope they do fix it :)
  6. Just got a 218^ Shardstaff is there anything better?
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