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  1. that was actually addressed really well in the previous update (loot update). I had about 3-4 characters I enjoyed fighting on but didn't want to re-grind their weapon up to my current level. After loot update I got weapons for my alt fighters that were all equal to my full time fighter.
  2. I can't speak to the lowest trials specifically but I was at the stat limit of C4 before the update, continued with C4 today. Heres my results as far as relics are concerned. Pre update totem : 8037 health, 3376 power, 3376 speed post update totem : 6968 health, 2623 power, 2659 speed, 2659 crit Both of these are 60/60 upgrade legendary. So my net result? I have *slightly* higher sum stat but I've lost a lot of ground on the specific stats. was 2600 crit worth losing 1000 health on my walls? not really. I know they talked about some of these things being 'side-grades' but frankly for a lot
  3. We already get a bonus exp reward for defending sub objectives.
  4. I honestly never noticed a variable damage reduction on the mystic, but that just goes to show the issues with the (nonexistant) buff explanations. Even someone who has put in as much time as I have couldn't tell it was a thing. Do you know if the cooldown reduction is a % reduction or an on hit reduction? Also a reminder that all these buffs are % appeasement based, if you invest 20 points into upgrading your appeasement (200 capacity) it becomes 1 / 50 / 100 / 200. Going back to my earlier post, this is why the appeasement ascension trait is so bad for you.
  5. As far as different experiences I can share, I will generally only use one or two sandstorm traps and my serpent coil for healing. Admittedly most of her kit, even with shards, can't truly stand up in chaos. Her towers just have a general lack of output that makes her largely inferior as a builder to most others. That said she is by far the most entertaining character I have when it comes to fighting during a wave. She's more than capable of damage dumping so long as she has appeasement high enough, but during late waves, especially when you are doing roller cleanup, she crashes and burns
  6. As a self proclaimed mystic main I'll attempt to correct a few of the issues you are having. i have 3 buffs on my character. sometimes 4. i have no idea what they do one of those buffs is simply a visual indicator of your appeasement. It switches between basically a yes/no depending on if you are at 0 appeasement or anything else. If you are at zero you'll have only one 'buff' which is the snake god basically eating you. At zero you take damage under normal circumstances but there is a shard that negates the damage. The second buff you'll see is a life steal effect. Every hit will heal
  7. I mean, they did nerf Lunar Portal at the same time as Ghostly Halberds. Saying that those were just slipping under the radar because how much better Ghostly Halberds was. But, they did like 15k dmg single target, and couldn't stack, with close to perfect NM4 gear, lol. I'm glad someone else was as confused by the lunar portal nerf as I was. I desperately tried to make those portals work but they were just *** every time I tried. Nerfing them because ghostly halberds was (rightly) over powered? lol what
  8. I messed around with using them to handle bosses somewhat but since split viper already took away the damage growing aspect of the tower I had no interest in the shard. Their targeting is a bit too inconsistent to use for trash cleaning (which is what that shard is generally intended for) but I suppose if you had a bunch they could make due.
  9. sometimes? ; D it´s all the time for me in coop. solo no problemo, but i want to play with my team, and this bug is extremly annoying. all players have to disconnect and reconnect (or alt+f4), meet again in the private tavern and the win streak bonus is -ofc- lost. Yeah that is what I've noticed a lot when playing with my friends. I've never had the issue but one of them *always* has it occur and we'll be on wave 3-4 of the next map before she can get in. It is a bit of a mess.
  10. I feel you in a lot of regards. I currently consider my progress to be mid chaos 4 (as in I can solo C4 and I can struggle through C5) and I make it a point to do public runs of C1 and C2 to attempt to help new players get into the chaos levels. A huge problem I see run rampant is part of what you mention with the hidden growth value for gear drops. New players have absolutely no idea how to get better gear, and the thing is, I can't blame them. Its such an arbitrary, asinine system for gear advancement that even I'm not entirely certain I couldn't still be getting upgrades in C3 (which i
  11. magical damage and physical damage are no longer important in terms of damage output. Earlier in the games development some enemies were magic resistant, some were physical resistant. It lead to some very stale building so trendy functionally threw it out so that enemies just have a flat resistance. Weapons that have element only really serve to trigger elemental combos as this point (oil + fire = burning enemy)
  12. its a 10% chance to quadruple the gold you pick up off the ground. mathematically that works to a 30% increase in gold you pick up off the ground. Considering almost all your gold income is from selling garbage and the wave completion bonus, the shard functionally doesn't do anything. Which poses the question; why is it a Chaos 3 shard? It could be a 100% chance to quadruple your gold pick up and it would still barely amount to a 5% increase in gold income (because again, the main source of money is from selling garbage and completing waves). Long story short; the shard does technically
  13. I personally find it laughable that A) Jackpot is even in the game still and B) its now chaos 3? Trendy, you should know that nearly 95% of player gold income is from clearing waves, not from gold picked up off the ground. Jackpot functionally is a 30% gold gain (10% chance for 4x gold means that when you pick up 10 coins, you should statistically get 13) You could make jackpot a 100% chance to get 4x gold and it would still barely be worth equipping except as a filler slot for new characters. I think this game should have an option to speed up gold income for the sake of newer players, b
  14. I honestly would have preferred it to be a system akin to how griblok's hoard worked. have it be that on each wave you have that one lane that is the threat lane while the others are the standard mix. That way people could build a baseline skeleton build, and then each build wave have some fluid DU they move around as the threat moves around the map. As a player who was pre-update max geared, I can handle these chaos mobs but it isn't enjoyable. I've entered a few public matches in chaos 1 to find new players who are entirely overwhelmed because they don't happen to have 8 fully equipped c
  15. I can't honestly tell if I"m enjoying the update or not because I've struggled to complete a stage longer than 3 waves without 'disconnecting from the host' which I guess isn't actually me. It's hard to enjoy something that you can't play.
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