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  1. troll. continue playing normal mode or nightmare1 .because of you not-knowing-about-endgame-players trendyteam think other things are more important than increasing deck sizee +balancing towers. most of the players here are casual players who want to spend one hour each day maximum in that game. they dont play nightmare 4, they join already opened games where often good builders are in already, they dont have a clue how hard it is to build proper, to collect that correct gear and so on. those leechers start crying about new outfits and new gamemodes... all too easy, right. because of those we got an even more difficult spooky event. now its not managable anymore. they could have kept it ingame for even half a year- as long as they dont balance towers finally and DECREASE hp of special mobs instead of increasing we dont need anything new. im tired of grinding the first 3 waves of nightmare 4 maps like greystone plaza to hope for one single good mythical item. i want to finish nightmare4 maps and hope for good chests in the end. no one needs loot changes, balance towers that you dont need to play with traps, let the frost tower also buff towers in its range not in enemies range, and so on and so on. we are not stuck before nightmare 3 we are stuck IN nightmare 4 +incursion. show me how you finish that game modes with unequipped poison dart towers as walls.. i got a perfect gear for that and it was only the half of hearty blockades health. so shut up before you dont know what you are talking about. troll.
  2. hi, what the heck, im really tired waiting for real dungeon defenders game. i already replied to patchnotes after they were released. nothing changed. im aware that we are the testers and its our own risk to play a pre-alpha (now alpha). you creaters wanted to make a successor of dungeon defenders 1, but its nothing compared to the old part. the game is marked as "tower defense" game, but you dont build towers to avoid the monsters reaching your crystal. players cry about the game is to easy ( in game modes like normal or insane or such things) no one is caring about nightmare 4 or incursion nightmare 4 or onslaught endgame. did anyone of the players here try to kill betsy in nightmare 4 ???? did anyone check spheres and what they are doing ? a cool down reduction sphere does literally nothing for huntress. the concussive to mine throw ability with ubersphere stays at 8seconds no matter if you use cooldown spheres or not. how does a common game run at the moment? 1.)you build blockades with squire (walls with healthy blockade stats) 2.) you build frosty fire frost towers with apprentice 3.) you build elemental chaos and explosive traps 4.) with monk you add some sky guards or you play without anti air (hunters take care of them) optionally some of the regen pots from monk for tank locations. now you have to switch to wether tank or active damage dealer (only huntress is competitve at the moment) now tell me how to make this happen if you play alone?????? we only have 4 slots available, i need 4 at least for building a working defense pool, + 1 dd + one tank now next problem: if u play alone u are the only one who is able to repair. if u play with 4 players you have 4 people to repair. no one is playing with cannon ball towers, no one is playing with flame burst towers, new highlighted and presented passive stats something with poison dart towers and hp added.. i got a full equip and only got 122k hp on it. i mean wtf??? whats the point? should it replace a squire wall which has 220k at tier 1 ??? dmg is below 1k dps if u play for hp with poison dart towers. no one is playing with ballistas, no one is playing with flame thrower or heavy cannon ball spheres.. why? because its not competitive compared to traps. traps: advantages: no aggro, so no active repair required cheap price you can handle both resistances because of physic dmg dealing explosive traps + magic traps best dmg compared to price + footstep disadvantages: no air attack if less hp then empty fast so repairs to refill required ubersphere required for magic attack. (AT LEAST A USED UBERSPHERE) you guys suggest things like leaderboards, meeting places and such unneccessary things. does anyone know that u can instantly kill betsy at the moment? just throw some ubered grenades on attack1 on the trunk of wyvern den, as soon as betsy is going to land, she will die instantly.. now tell me why is the advised itempower 1000!!!!!!! for 3 or 4 maps of the map pool in nightmare4 difficulty if u can maximum get ipwr 700 items in that difficulty? imagine you can upgrade those in average to 40 more levels you are still below ipwr 800!!!! guys cant you calculate? why should i play maps with required level 1000 to get ipwr of 700.... why did u decrease the droprate of items in nightmare 4 in wave1??? do you think it makes fun to spend like 20minutes to build proper on for example grey stone plaza to get overrun in that wave over and over again to get 2 white items and maybe one green and if your lucky one blue?? of course i would like to finish a nightmare 4 map with most difficulty cluster but how? try to play it in a public game and you will end up with semi afk guys who cant even repair their blockades... i got 100s of more reasons to stop playing this game until you buffed normal towers to the power they have in dungeon defenders1. that you implement new outfits for crystals, do that its your game, you need the money, but at least allow players to buy endless space.. i already bought all available pockets already and i still need more space. i finished life root forest in nightmare4 already a few times with a good playing buddy. but as soon as we are trying more difficult maps like little horn valley or wyvern den we gonna loose in first wave because its just IMPOSSIBLE to finish those maps with less than 4 players. maybe its managable with 4 players who play active squires, i couldnt test yet, because i can only have 4 charakters with me and i got 5 already (2 hunters, 1 monk, 1 apprentice, 1 squire on lvl 50) all with around 680 itempower but not fully orange and i would really like to test betsies weapon on nightmare4. so tell me how that should work if i play alone or with one buddy only. thanks
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