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  1. figured it wouldnt happen tonight, but i know its not ur guys' fault. just flame steam until they release it and all will be well lol jk hopefully it wont be too late though. i can stay up for quite a while, but i dont want to try getting the demoness all night No point is staying up. Steam will release it tomorrow at like 8pm lmao
  2. It looks like the Talay Mining Complex might not go live tonight. We're sorry about the inconvenience. Do we get it free now? :P
  3. Yet it still doesn't show up on steam lol
  4. We prob won't get the dlc till like 11pm lolllll
  5. It would be nice if we had a better way to price stuff, right now it takes about 30mins to price stuff in a AFK shop. Maybe make it so we can select more then one item at a time. This would speed things up greatly.
  6. It will prob be worth "1" after you upgrade it lmao... no they are suppose to fix that tomorroww....
  7. We should be able to make it so only trans or supreme drop or myths with stats higher then 300 etc
  8. I hope this patch hits soon. It'll be nice having trans not be worth like 200mil anymore when fully upgraded.
  9. How many waves does this have? 30 like misty or does it have more like moraggo? I can't seem to get past 29, i must be setting up stuff wrong.
  10. Did they nerf the drops or something? I just went to wave 29 with not one trans item or supreme. It just felt really really easy. Till a sharken some how killed the north-east crystal and took it down. Even though there was no downed walls etc
  11. When are you gonna fix the thing for high end pets so they stop being worth "1" only?
  12. It's kind of weird to have that show up on weapons only on the tavern floor haha
  13. Ah, yes. I think it's how many items are on the ground in my tavern. Never mind, i never noticed that before.
  14. I do usally get **** pets when i build. Then when someone else builds they get the **** pet and i got a trans seahorse when i build i get a seahorse with one upgrade ahha
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