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  1. This happens a lot to me... one time I had three ogres teleporting through EV wall on city cliffs at once in wave24. Not through some gap, right through the center of the wall, saw it live. And then theres this bug... when you stand close to the wall so Ogre start hitting you and you walk away he just teleports through the wall... Yea and Ogres can sometimes destroy your crystal from so far away when they are hitting something else an EV wall 5DU worth wouldnt be that long... This is basically the only reason Im losing Aquanos. Ogre teleporting through walls and hitting it from ultra cra
  2. There are lots of reasons you might be kicked, it might not just be because of your stats or because "they're mean". They might require something specific or opened to only let in 1 or 2 people etc. There are many people that have bought/traded for very high gear but make it evident they have no knowledge of the workings of the game very quickly (another reason why stats aren't everything). Low players and high players alike will just filter it to have high stats and not stats that are able to get it done with a decent player, in short i think adding it to the filter isn't going to solve wh
  3. This is how ive been doing all the monster fests for a while now :P. Much easier to set up and more fun to play.
  4. (Let the flame "haaaaaaaaax" begin... I know it will, you know nothing about game and cry because someone wasn't scared to test weapon types dps...) Who is this aimed at? lol
  5. I think you need to be aware of whats going on, checking the mini map as well as the actual map, generally being active. The arrived notifications can be turned on and off. But its similar to asking for a notification when a djinn is zapping a building. Personally I don't think its right to add these kind of things.
  6. I had 1 good tavern right after that patch dropped with a nice 400 mill trans sword. After that i haven't seen a single half decent tavern with 90% + of items being a highest of 30-40^ and total rubbish. This is from completing Monster fests and survival maps to the end on NM HC. I dont know if im on a bad streak but this is like 30 tavern rolls at least and i did wonder myself if it was lowered after or just my bad luck.
  7. Here's a build i used for insane aqua leveling. Roughly as i remember anyway as its been a week or 2. I just stick 4 harpoons at each spot with an ensnare in short. http://ddplanner.com/?l=5184
  8. As far as i can tell he has splash up close and the snipe banana long range is single target or possibly smaller aoe? one of the two i think.
  9. Lordofthebong is right. Ive had up to 21-22million myths totally useless and items under a million that were good and worth keeping. The way they were better was in usable stats. The low price ones might have negs here or there that destroys the value system (don't know exactly which factors increase the price and subtract) but has the right stats in good numbers. The cost of it is no guarantee its a good or useful item.
  10. I think it was a good move to keep the pressure on as they became more often than not less of a threat than djinn and sharken. I don't know how this will relate to lower geared progression tho.
  11. I've never seen mythical gear drop in pure strat even up to wave 30 misty. Are you getting confused with something else cos thats how its always been.
  12. I think it should be left how it is. Buff beams are so powerful they need this downside. An aura will be buffed like any tower or trap placed on it. Edit: to the post above i have lost buff beams before and even walls and still managed to hold on high wave survival maps on misty and morrago etc. If you react and adapt fast enough or have the right character to handle it, it's not necessarily an auto game lose situation.
  13. Interruptions + range are what it's useful for. Stops mages casting, archers shooting, zippies lighting. Also chains nicely to stuff caught in a gas trap, which is probably lined up so that harps aren't really taking advantage of piercing, assuming they're hitting at all. Yes, it's not doing much per hit, but when stuff is stuck coughing for a minute or more, that's plenty of time for a lightning to execute it all. Ye well i will be testing it out but i know Du is already very tight on most maps will have to see what i can figure out. The newer maps are far more spread out between crystals
  14. Depends what you mean by "best". Raw damage output? Or utility? Raw damage output isn't always best. For example, djinn spits mana, letting you keep abilities active longer, which may or may not boost the damage output of the pet itself. Monkeys also heal (don't forget cupids either). Robots pierce. Cubes and Steam Robots keep stuff away while you repair/heal and are also great for melee characters, since you'll be up close and personal anyway, and are remarkable at ninja control. So, best is relative. This. It depends what character you are using, the map you are on and your role in th
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