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  2. We are not sure if it works, I don't have it, my friend does, so I can't test. It may only buff towers built by the player. We didn't notice it workin at all in the map from that SS, but I did verify it works on my towers in the tavern. Seems I need to be quite close to the towers
  3. A couple of hours has passed since your post, and as frustrated as you sounded, I'm sure you investigated this by now and have determined why there is a cost associated with Dungeon Defenders 2 currently. In case you didn't though, you're paying for early access to DD2 as well as a host of other benefits at official launch. I too spent a ton of time playing DD, 1768 hours according to Steam =D, and was equally excited as you were when you noticed DD 2 was on Steam. That's where our stories change though. Whereas you've taken the complaining about a cost being associated with your entertainment route, I jumped at the opportunity to continue to support a company that provided me with a game I spent almost nothing to play when you divide my total money spent by 1768 lol. If I get even half the time out of DD2 as I did DD, I'll pay less than 3 cents per hour to do something I thoroughly love doing.
  4. I personally think this is a horrible change. In my line of work, I have to be able to leave at a moments notice, and to come home and find that I unintentionally left my shop unlocked or left shop prices low so my friends can grab things from me while I'm away and find that everything has been pilfered would be mildly upsetting, to say the least. Edit: unless it is going to remain a private match. In that case, disregard this lol
  5. Just had Djinn desummon towers at random in two consecutive waves. The sweet part is that they were both coughing in a gas trap right next to me at the time it occurred. Add to that the fact that my crystal too, as was noted in another post, is mysteriously taking 25% - 30% damage per wave randomly while hidden well behind walls AND reflection beams. On a brighter note, changing summoners cast time on their summons to reduce lane clogging has resulted in summoners chain casting heals/fireball, which instead creates.... lane clogging.
  6. Oh this looks promising lol. Just got home and was about to begin heh
  7. so you wet the under side of your desk and thus, your kneecaps and socks? =) Lookin forward to this as well. I think
  8. I personally can't wait till they fix this, and inevitably remove the boost stat it's supposed to have as well, either rendering them useless, or resetting the values to 1. It's gonna be epic.
  9. What would the point of the changes be if gear "completely mitigated their effect"? I'd imagine if they want to buff mages it's to have an effect :) Mages were never a threat before, they are now, I think that's a good thing. I think they're too strong, but I think actually having them be a threat is a good change for a tower defense game. Aside from the fact that they've already stated in other threads that it's a bug and was unintended, I think you missed the overall point I'm working towards. Changes are fine, and with a hero class coming out that looks to mirror the NPC class already in place, they're probably necessary. What's not fine is making those changes repeatedly without documenting them, waiting for the backlash from the player base before either a) admitting the change with some murky explanation as to their relevance, or b) calling it a bug that now needs to be fixed. Fixing one thing and breaking two others in the process is hardly a successful venture(unless your job is fixing the breaks, in which case you have one secure job), which brings me to my sideways remark about beta tester's gear that completely mitigates the effects of changes. It's not just this case, it's nearly every patch that something unexpected changes that generally has substantial impact on game play.
  10. Are these "surprize" changes being made to mages in preparation for the launch of the summoner hero class? I mean, where are they coming from? There is certainly no documentation regarding them, but their affects are painfully apparent in game. What gear are the "beta testers" (rofl) wearing that completely mitigates these effects from notice during "testing" and where might I obtain some of it? Also, what happened to "hot-fixed first thing tomorrow"? It's now nearly 12 in FL and there are still random documented changes being added to the list to "undo" the undocumented ones from yesterday.
  11. I've had this happen quite a bit trading with my roommate =( what I've noticed is sometimes the confirm box will make the sound but the red x won't turn to a green check on the first click. It's those times when a trade breaks down. what I've gone to doing is if I have to click confirm more than once to make the red x turn to the green checkmark, I cancel and restart the trade. Also have noticed that this doesn't seem to be a problem if the person giving the money opens the trade and clicks confirm first. Weird, but it's worked flawlessly since
  12. haha you might add a job security bit into it also lol. For every one thing they "fix", they break two more so they have something to do tomorrow. =)
  13. http://i.imgur.com/hYxUS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/11ZU6.jpg From 3k, to 10k, to this.... Those are taken from Moraggo just about an hour or so ago. First tower we lost was to a djinn desummoning while coughing in a gas trap. Bug after bug these days. I expect towers will be receiving a buff soon. I noticed this as well last night but figured it had to be my imagination or some strange quirk to where I placed my trap even though I'd done it hundreds of times lol.
  14. I don't think it's only isolated to gilded mages. I just experienced wave 20 ogres last from the time they spawn through the entire wave and were the very last thing killed through no less than 3 harps and 2 fireball towers, all fully upped with fully upped buff beams and a hunt guard lol. I saw massive healing ( yellow numbers) from ALL mages.
  15. Think of it as an additional incentive to not die. If this is required, there may be bigger issues that need to be addressed and dealt with =)
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