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  1. With my Tower Squire I was able to squeeze by with just looking at gear that gave good tower stats and not much else, I'm sure it's not optimized by any means, but it works. Gearing my ranger seems a bit more involved. I would love to just pump damage and health, but I know there's more out there. In terms of a weapon, do I just upgrade it's damage and grab arrows per second when I can? Is there minimum base numbers I should look for? In terms of armor and other equipment I understand that matching the type provides a boost, but I don't rally know much else. Is there a balance of res
  2. If this trend continues... It just might beat out the Civilization series for me... and i thought nothing could get me to go back to real-time... of course this is a Tower Defense and not just a straight ARPG, but whatever.
  3. Another option is to do both. If you get that apprentice up there it's very easy to powerlevel another hero. As soon as you get to the point where you can solo insane glitterhelm caverns on hardcore without the builder bonus, one run will bring a new character above level 60. That is, if you don't mind skipping most of the early progression, which I think is the most fun part outside of nightmare mode. As long as you keep that squire of yours to play with your gf though, you can still have that as well. I may staart leveling the Rangwer and see where that takes me, I can always go back and d
  4. Still relatively new to this game, spent some time with my GF running through campaign. She pretty much taught me how tower defense works and what I need to do and such. Love the game, think it's awesome, and am looking forward to grinding from 70 while grabbing my achievements, but that's besides the point. I have more free time to devote to this game than she does currently (or at least I choose to devote more time). I'm setting my squire aside to play with her, and wanted to start another character to play in Public games. My question is this: Are there classes and builds that can mak
  5. With the recent sale on Steam, I just couldn't resist grabbing two copies for me and my GF. We've been looking for a new game to play together it was a no-brainer when Steam's sale page came up, and it runs on my Mac side! Yay for no Bootcamp! All that aside. We both have the game and the DLC. She jumped right into this game and is kicking butt. Me, not so much. She made a Huntress and proceeded to win at just about everything. I made a Squire, and it's been a bit rough getting him off the ground. I was going to try a barbarian, but the lack of towers and difficulty level suggestion
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