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  1. I've been playing glitterhelm on insane+ strength reduced auras and gas traps are your friends
  2. It would be no shock to me if trendy already screwed up the new up and coming DLC already. Personally what I think...is everybody that use to play just got fed up with the freezing and then you cant even enjoy moraggo with 4 players aquanos is a joke I bought the aquanos dlc when it first came out. I've only played it 4 or 5 times since. I doubt I'll be purchasing the new DLC with our luck on the consoles they'll have some error similar to the spider one pop up again.... -__-
  3. Team TopGun should be number one for survival glitterhelm then again it has been awhile
  4. I'm starting to get use to Trendy disappointing me o.O
  5. Your not the first to try that...but kudos may i suggest you get into basketweaving class ?
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