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  1. What is the current best way to spec a Series EV2 for weapon manufacturer?
  2. I agree I had a level 21 join Harb on hard we almost lost which was absurd.
  3. If you played with me on original Dungeon Defenders missydmat is back for dungeon defenders 2 new profile GT: UltimateJorts
  4. Get your hero levels back and start from scatch the generic weapon rewards are way better then your old event weapons (trust me) if you need help just hop on xbox and message me (GT in description ill see if theres anyone online who can help you)
  5. I remeber the highest legit (known wep) was about 250 but i suspect they can go to 260 on aquanos (who knows though)
  6. You leaving is the official end of DD1 ;(
  7. I come back for the COWmunity :) this is in my opinion the best community in the world I've never met a better combinations of moderators employees and players in my life i love this place :)
  8. I think I'm at 2500 hours total DD time :)
  9. I think you should be able to solo it but it needs to take significantly better stats skills and builds then being able to do it with more people i.e. if it took 1k stats to run a map with 4 player then you'd need 2k stats to solo it So its possible to do but it takes a lot more time to get the gear to solo it
  10. I think it should be similar to the crystal (customizable) several options including color (neon green and purple :p) but why limit yourself to just one have several :)
  11. That moment when your crystal is killed on surveil on wave 25 ;(
  12. It was the government (conspiracy!) nah the scourge that is modded weapons began around december and has spread like wildfire throughout the PS3
  13. I love playing all those maps but play sky city solo local only (maybe 2 players local but never online)
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