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  1. I recently started playing dd2 again its better than ever by the way But i have one problem My medallion that has my viscous strikes and my mass destruction moved 2 scavenger so i put it back to inventory I put it back 2 inventory and now there is 2 But get this it refuses to let me equip the medallion or unequip the shards I really dont want 2 loose the shards or medallion what can i do
  2. Cant log in or play keeps saying current issues whats up
  3. When i try to get in tavern or town i cant. Asia server works fine is us server down
  4. Not able 2 get into town keeps saying disconnected from server
  5. Finally got in bought new characters and it will not let me create another character in empty slot
  6. If there is anything that u love about dungeon defenders 2 let it all out no negative stuff please . I love the fact that i get to play dungeon defenders 2 pre alpha. Your turn
  7. Lol its cool havent been able 2 play been gone at hospital since Monday send me friends request with message so i will accept
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