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  1. why would your name be removed from the backup list? suppose to be random selection.
  2. it doesnt matter where u start but check your status and see what lvl ur missing
  3. i dont upgrade at all. just the magic blockades in morrago. my towers are good and your prolly playing with ppl that also have awesome towers
  4. your name is prodigy u shud be able to solo it. jk i wud help if i was home right now. i farm insane all day so message me anytime after 1230pm pacific time
  5. if you have decent tower stats then the dlc's would not be hard. solo is possible without perfect setup. its all about the stats and how you play. beat hard on aquanos 1st try solo without looking online for a setup. warr of the djinn to easy. again its all about your stats and the way you play
  6. i have a 85ups displayed in my tavern. cant remember the base damage since i havent used it for awhile. sps is 8 ammo clip 120ish reload 10
  7. so that explains why ppl say the robot is better thx
  8. my event robot has 5900damage and with hero boost it does about 10k. my mentor has 5000damage and with hero boost it does 21k. anyone else notice that?
  9. 189 up 13300base 10reload 8sps 2700 projectile speed 140clip
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