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    Yes, he is streaming again on YouTube
  2. I don't think it is realistic for them to offer refunds, they aren't that large a studio.
  3. They should have said everything would be reset with retail release. When trading finally came into the game in DD2, the economy was trashed by all the legacy gold that was in the game.
  4. You can probably magic missile your way through the lower difficulties, balance related posts should be more for end-game type discussions.
  5. I think you are missing the point, you could add a million different mechanics which make the game significantly harder, or even almost impossible without it being a time based mechanic. The time based mechanic isn't so much a difficulty factor rather it is a conditioning factor that makes you build in an efficient manner, there is an initial hump where you have to come to terms with it, once you do it no longer becomes an issue so it ceases to be a a difficulty throttle, you either get there or you don't and if you are there then that no longer is making the games harder for you. Adding
  6. I think it does add difficulty, but it isn't a consistent one. If you have no experience with DD time based games and you have taken your time during build phases then it is going to be a rude shock to you and I feel judging by the data the devs showed of DD2 at least, the vast majority of players aren't your hard core gamer type so any amount of time is going to likely be a significant barrier to them. The question is what target is the time based designed for conceptually. If you have say 60 seconds to deploy your defences and it normally takes you 5 minutes then that is going to be a
  7. I played a lot of the previous DD games but only just started playing DDA and noticed from the first Insane difficulty map in Campaign mode there is a build timer, is this how every mode is going to be in DDA? I do not recall it being used for Campaign mode in the previous games. I always disliked timed building phases, it is completely trivial if you play multiplayer (with people you know) and if you play solo it just disinsentivises you from moving off cookie cutter minimalistic builds, for me there is a sliding scale where forced into efficiency detracts from the enjoyment of playing
  8. You can tell when a WM gets disabled when the rings disappear, does that happen?
  9. The only real difference is the size of the stack, my first bag has a stack of everything that is in the material vault, so the items don't fall into my auto loot bags which I sell en masse. I just dump completed stacks into the vault. If the game loads really slowly because your variables are 1-9999 instead of 1-99 then you probably need better coders.
  10. Dragolich is good for AP builds as it basically doubles your damage in a burst. Other pets are good for Hero Damage builds, while Snowball probably hits hardest at 2,750% HD, there are a lot of pet abilities that inflict 2,500%ish damage. Market place has it's use, there are usually a lot more than 20 people in the lobby and you can find that you are in different clusters of people to other people wishing to sell. I tend to find market places a lot more frequently on the Euro server than the American ones. I'd prefer if people wishing to sell went to a marketplace. I like Onslaught and pref
  11. The Mat Vault should have been an extra Mat Bag, then there wouldn't have been an issue.
  12. I thought hitting non-siege rollers in the head was the weak point for most other mini-bosses but it is not something I build for and haven't tested.
  13. Lawlta loves getting tagged into threads because he obviously doesn't read any threads where he isn't. :P
  14. Yeah this is actually 100% true, most everyone who has done resets has had an alt account with full gear carry them. Which is frustrating to think having a second pc is almost the only way to do it quickly and efficiently. I have my girlfriends computer which I will use to grind us shards both at the same time. But I’m about to start resetting eventually and it’s annoying to think I’ll have to play on 2 accounts at once to get back up without spending all my gold every reset. You don't need another computer, just a Virtual Machine which even an i3 can run. It wont be super fast but it will wo
  15. Have they addressed the targeting issues with the ES? I recall that it didn't shoot at mobs like Malthius which made for an expensive paperweight when he spawned on those lanes. I think that is my major gripe with the defenses, many of them are extremely limited. I have a kind of bland selection of defenses and those are the ones I know are going to hit anything that comes down the lane.
  16. The name will be the same as his Steam name, make sure you report him to steam so he gets canned from all the games.
  17. Isn't the roller the only miniboss with a weak point?
  18. I thought "nice" when a 10/10 tenacity mod dropped for me the other night. Tenacity Chip. Motherf....
  19. Are these the same players who AFKed to floor 1000 building nothing but Bees/Trees? :P Those days must have been rough.
  20. My main concern is that changes seem to be made with how to keep the top tier of players from not being able to afk the content and they introduce changes that have a significant enough impact on maxed out characters and it has a significantly greater impact on players a long way down who haven't had the opportunity to max out gear, ascension, AP with obscene OP defences, like Bees which people abused to hell and back. It seems the more you try to keep the 1% in check, the greater you beat on those trying to struggle through the content who are a long way back.
  21. If you can walk past your blockades, lady orcs will as well. Not all the time, but eventually one will just ignore blockades so if you use them, you have to make it hard for them to get around them. Trees have one of the worst blockade bases, you can rotate it so it blocks more space diagonally but it still isn't great. Lanes that have lady orcs in you want to stun them in the kill zone and not rely on blockades.
  22. There are a few mods that seem like they are missing some zeros at the end of the number, they just do not scale well enough to justify even within the chaos tiers let alone onslaught. This is one of those mods.
  23. I typically use monk fire auras on most lanes, if I see this bad boy spawn I just drop a lavamancer oil geyser down in front of the aura and his shield drops down just before he enters the kill zone. You just need to keep 20du spare and move it to wherever you need it. I wanted an option that didn't involve moving my buns in case I had other issues to deal with. I think this turned out pretty well.
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