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  1. cant handle d3 urza? too much trolls. too hard for you. good to see you go back to this kiddy game.
  2. I can't wait until Kandar takes a break, lol. Half the community will be oblivious as to how to build high end levels. Anyways, to bad so many are leaving at the moment. As for those who say hackers don't affect anyone but themselves: I like playing the game in a fair way. If I keep an eye on my AFK shop's customers, you really don't want to know how many of them suddenly have 2 billion mana out of nowhere to but a few of my 600 million priced items. Makes me sad to see that people who've actually saved up and played for that currency now are unable to get the item. =/ Kandar should sell his layout builds for tokens instead of giving it away for free.
  3. I will repost this as it gets across that I want to play both. Sure D3 will suck up alot of time at first but I cant just play one game at a time. So again I say instead of D3, Dungeon Defender, other games I will be playing D3, Minecraft, and other games. Hope this makes it clear. I want the same thing any gamer wants. Supernova, pepperoni pizza, time off from work, and games I play to be everything they could be. Right now DD is held back by issues. I just want substantial progress on those issues. This is the point of the post. Secondary point is I want my friends to know why I am not in game. There are too many to msg and not all of them are in my group so this gets the word out too. PS I cant even log into D3 right now....not a good start. Oh I wont be responding to you anymore john. I asked you to not post in my threads and you cant respect that and instead quote me with saying garbage I dint say. So I do say bye to you for the last time. Anyways hopin ppl will post some more things they want to see fixed in game. Could make for a handy reference maybe. PEACE and LOVE for all except Metta World Peace he elbows ppl to the face. error 37
  4. hes just trying to attract some attention. please, everyone move on and just say good bye to urza. good bye urza. =)
  5. I am taking an extended vacation from Dungeon Defenders. for a long time in game or on forums. I want to make clear that the number one reasoeinfeld episode even with all my efforts, others effoern drops option. How many times do we have to ask for this? I wake up and come home from word entire taverant increase the 2b cap either. They are left with a system in which we the players have to invent our own system (tokens) to bypass their broken one. I absolutely dread what new players must feel in this system. t I see them up for 8 hours. Why is it we have to report these ppl to get them banned when the name of gaats. Why does damage keep scaling and range does not (at least for aura is so bad it seems like it doesnt)? Why do monk aura to 3k monk aura range is like 1 inch. Seriously go ask Rawflaffle. Makes you wonder what else is virtually capped. B) Did you know speects on flame traps are too much 2) 3)[/COLOR] :( I will see you in diablo 3, hope you are ready.
  6. seahorse shoots poison, what if ogres were to get resist against it?
  7. lol well, I don't know why he tell me to post it there if I can't post it. lololol.
  8. You should post this in the Other Games events thread. :^) says I can't post it there and that section is empty.
  9. ogres who get resist against poison will make ur seahorse useless period. you would have to use darkness trap, but iunno.
  10. I'm bored, if anyone can beat me in super street fighter 4 in PC, ill give you 50 tokens. If you lose, I do not want anything. Add me on steam. Rules are must have good connection 3 bars.
  11. for barb, is frost blade any good? whats the best weapon for barb nowadays
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/id/mrjohnv01/screenshot/595843275540460545?tab=public just maxed out the the tower dmg, i have 90 points left so where should i put it into?
  13. dont care if its great, just want to know if its hacked. but if its great, then its hacked from what people assumes
  14. yeah u prob got myths that were 300+ and wore it with set bonus which makes it 400+
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