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  1. You will have plenty to do very soon. You'll be thankful we didn't raise the cap at the same time. We aren't ruling out never raising the level cap, but what if we... ETHERIAN HIGH OFFICE JURISDICTION ORDER #3245DSF23a ORDER INSTATED AGAINST PERPETRATORS RELEASING CONFIDENTIAL ETHERIAN INTELLIGENCE RATED: MAGII-RANK OR ABOVE ORDER AUTHORISED UPON MAGICAL SEAL OF THE GRAND MAGUS TERMINATING ALL UNAUTHORISED COMMUNICATIONS Hay Dani, long time no talk XD
  2. you should probably look up numbers before you post stuff.. there are roughly 7.300.000.000 humans on earth right now.. So I believe you missed a zero somewhere ;) I'm pretty sure he was joking around lol....
  3. How many members will it take to become a combination of Darth Maul and Mace Windu? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DUNGEON DEFENDERS 2!!!!
  4. Those have always been there. At one time you could go out there (intended) and back when I joined there were holes in the collision model of the tavern that would let you out even after access was technically removed (but there was no collision on anything out there). There's also a roof-top garden of sorts that you could theoretically see out of the windows above the war table. Pretty much this. Those are actually models from a original design of the tavern where you could initially go outside the tavern and there would be a little market place and a balcony which had a bunch of stuff on
  5. Remember that Dani is putting in each of your names individually into the test group and setting up your accounts single handily so it takes a bit of time. Just be patient I'm sure Dani will get to each of your guys's accounts eventually :)
  6. Just because you didn't grab it at the time of the deal doesn't mean you deserve a compensation for the extra amount that you payed... that's like someone buying a PS4 for $400 then later seeing it got discounted for $350 and asking for your $50 back. It doesn't work that way lol....
  7. I don't know if you are trust worthy. I mean you are the SS. What's to say you don't start picking off some of the members one by one. Kappa
  8. Found one of these chests and i killed me. I then played the doge kill song.
  9. I don't think this will happen simply because it makes skins irrelevant and they did this with DDE and it didn't get very good feedback. In fact majority of the players thought it was a bad idea and wanted it removed lol...
  10. They actually talked about this in the last dev stream on how they would like to add a bunch of emotes to the game and they said that it isn't a priority but it would eventually make it's way into the game. Some of the examples were a dance emote, sitting in a chair, and holiday themed.
  11. Thanks guys, I will try the hard throne room first since that isn't as bad as hopping into nightmare lol...
  12. I am still 4/10 from like a week ago and I have no idea where to kill these guys... where should I farm them at?
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