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  1. Also found out this is not a "bug". I've been playing this game for years (including D1...even in it's alpha and beta). I've never had to make the effort to run to the end map loot and open it. If we ended the map to move on, it would automatically go and open your end map loot. Somewhere along the way over the last few months....this change. Now all of a sudden if you forget to go get your end game treasure chest, you've missed it. This needs to be put back as it makes 0 sense to any players (especially a new one that is ready to move on).
  2. Since I found out this isn't a "bug", and was told to put this here, I want to make sure this is in your suggestions. For PC players, the act of using your bag space on your UI is not intuitive. Currently to move anything between bags you need to left click on the item you want to move. Click on the bag you want to move to. Then click to drop it. I get from a console standpoint "why" this was done, but it's very cumbersome to a PC player. Now, I was told by the devs that : - You can drop things into bags auto-sort enabled (since you can't left click currently) by right clicking the item on the bag icon. - You can speed up changing the bags by using your scroll mouse to switch between them and now it's two clicks. Both of which are extremely not intuitive to a user playing this game. You should be able to click on the item you want to move, and hold and drop it on a bag you want to drop it in. Also with Auto-Sort, you should be able to left click on any open space and it automatically sorts it to the right place (identical to if you magically knew to right click on a bag to do this......you have the event binding to play a sound if someone left click drops it in a space...just change it to run the same function as if they right clicked on the bag icon).
  3. Coming from a PC gamer perspective, having to move things from each bag in the inventory is way to many "clicks". I get it from a console perspective, but as an example, from a PC you should be able to click and hold on an item and "drop it" onto a bag. Currently you can't do that as that was changed with the new update. Many traditional "easier to use" on a PC QOLs are replaced with what would work for a console instead. Think about the clicks you need to upgrade a shard, or even see shards slotted. You don't actually need that for a PC, but you DO for a console as it would be too fidgity to move around the menu. You don't have a "mouse" that allows you free access to anything on the screen. Hence my point about splitting the UI as console vs PC. It would make a lot more QOL back for the PC players if they did that.
  4. UI for PC needs a bit of an overhaul. Coming back after a few months, there's a lot of issues that makes it more difficult for PC players because of the Console versions. UI should be split for PC vs Console (look at D3 and Marvel Heroes...they have two separate UIs). This way you keep ease of use of your player base.
  5. Found your bug reporting tool. Putting them all in : https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home
  6. Devs, since you have no place to give this to you, I'm going to create a new topic with hopes that you can see the bugs we're finding and fix them. As a returning playing from alpha DD1 and beyond, I'm a bit disappointed to see all these new bugs when you're on a full release. Many of these did not exist over the last few months, and probably shouldn't because they are basic things for the game. Other folks can hopefully add to this post as they find them to keep them in one place for you. - PC - Tooltips are going off screen. This is completely annoying. Please fix it. - Auto-Loot is broken in multiple ways. First I set up my bags to pull in loot of just a specific rarity. Nope, nothing pulls - 0 items auto looted. Then I figured out to also add type of item. "MOST" things finally pull at that, but not everything. Canisters sit and don't get pulled. NONE of the gems or coins auto pull when you hit G. If you don't run around? You don't get them. I'm not sure why this is so busted so bad since I last logged into play, but it's absolutely horrible now. - I have no idea why you changed this.....but if you don't remember to walk over and hit E on your chests at the end of a level before returning to the tavern you LOSE IT. That is HORRIBLE design, and I consider that a bug as for many many years that was never the case. - PC - to move items between bags you have to : click the item, click the bag, click to put it down. Maybe you did this because of consoles, but it's annoying to a PC player. I can't click and drag and drop over a bag to drop my item. - PC - If you have "auto-sort" on, and you are trying to put an item into the bag, it yells at you and says you can't drop it into the bag. You have to turn off "auto-sort" in order to put anything into the bag. Needs to be fixed. - PC - The colors on many of the items are busted and do not match the rarity on the item. Switching bags I even see the item color CHANGE at some points! Sometimes it's correct. Sometimes it's not.
  7. ok, I don't want to get flamed for asking. I'm an onagain/of***ain player. Loved DD1 (played many many hours). Loved DD2 and the expansions to it since BETA. I just logged in, and all stats are gone (to level up), and all my towers have become basically useless to my level 50 heroes. Where can I go to read about what changed, and how I can learn to play again and get good at the game again?
  8. Yea, I just went to play the patch...and I appreciate the things they did.....but all of a sudden everything is "point blank" range....so my level 50 heroes are basically useless because I go towers. There is no way that I can find to fix it either, and I can't gain ascension points to increase range because I can't play the higher levels...so um....what happened to my game? :( I used to enjoy playing this.
  9. Ahh ok....yea without noticing there's an overarching story it makes it weird you can't go back and forth. So that part I get now. From a design perspective though...why do you need to leave sessions and come back? Is it due to the tech on the back? That it only queries up some assets based on level etc? So for instance, if it's for level scaling, can't that be done as you load the level? Why do we have to jump all the way back out...wait to find a new session (there in by calling their server to request a new instance basically) and so forth? Seems like a lot more overhead that way, and at the same time a lot more wait / clicks for us to get back into the game and play.
  10. So I'm a little confused on the design choices of how you "get" into levels..... I played yours first game......a lot.....a whole lot.. From the beginning. Please understand that I'm only stating this to explain that I did my best to not read up on the game before coming in. So coming into the game, I'm in the hub...I select a Level group...and then some maps are not available to me? Why? So I beat the first level (Gates)...then it said to back out to get to higher levels. I back out, go to level 3 - 5....and now I can't play the first level again, only the second. Why the gates of jumping in and out of sessions to go between levels? It's a lot of extra clicks and server calls?
  11. I'm intrigued on the obstacle course. How would you set something up like that? Is it a specially made map?
  12. Maybe I missed something, or maybe it's a mod, but the Mechima coming out from the Digest. The guys in there were using the Bounty Hunter and had jetpacks? Was that a mod?
  13. I actually think this would be a great idea. Maybe some PVP tournaments to compete for some good items?
  14. This may not seem like a big deal, but I'm curious if it's in the works to be changed. So when you select the Bounty Hunter, you still have the Series EV picture. I'm sure the same happens to the Amazon. Is it hard to code in to change the pictures of the person you selected depending on the costume you selected? It's just a static picture image, (and then the small picture on your tower / traps). It would help the immersion greatly.
  15. [QUOTE][/QUOTE]That's right its just how the barb works. To change weapons you do have to manually take them off, but you get used to it. :^] Ok thank you. Seems like a very weird design choice. I hope the devs do something to fix it soon!
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