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  1. Just thought id share the build that I have been using. http://ddplanner.czokalapik.com/?l=212,nm-hc-survival-moraggo I like the look of it. How does the 2 top left harpoons deal with the spider spawn at later waves? And what if ogres take the small undefended path at bottom?
  2. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=26154 The 2 harpoons to the top right wont hit wyverns if they come close enough. Can the lightning keep up with it, what if ensnare goes down when u solo? The lonely bouncer is a place a djinn often come from at beginning, how do u deal with him? And what if ogres chose to take that path? It sounds like you have made 20+ duo and up to 19 solo with this build...Soloing on this map is very difficult. What stats do you have on your builder?
  3. 1st build: Making harpoons dedicated to one area and one only is a major mistake imo. Use their wide range to cover multiple lanes. Try to place the defense as close together as possible since it's make repairs and quick boosting easier. And playing without gas traps is suicide if you want to make it far. 2nd build: Quite similar to what I've been using so far. The center barricade will take massive damage without a bowler though. (despite darkness and proxy trap). At least later waves. It also feels like the south harpoon placement will be a problem when you reach higher waves.
  4. I think alchemy takes too much time and that your stats is still a bit low for it. I've only found my goodies after wave 20 and they are very rare. In your position I would try to run OMF NM. Armor with 100-150 in all tower stats with more than 100^ is not uncommon on that map. You should be able to gear up fairly well and then move on to misty survival which is far superior AND faster than alchemy.
  5. Lately I've been kicked from games without explanation very often. It started to be really annoying when I don't have any idea of the reason. Then when I hosted games, someone claimed my pet was hacked. I was using a cupid I got from insane hc sky of love, with one of the stats 499 (some negatives and other "normal" looking stats). It would be nice if players could find the information about what is possible and what not. Very annoying to finally get some good gear and not be able to use them in public games. There are lots of reasons why people can kick you. Wanna solo and forgot to hide g
  6. Still not working for me, restarted steam numerous times, also verified game cache etc Had the same problem. Worked after I verified -> restarted steam -> verified. in that order.
  7. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?50748-HC-NM-OMF-Muskelbergets-Build this build works for me. Just make sure you are powerful enough to kill one or two stuck units at end. (or invite a dps char)
  8. Your towers get a 33% bonus to hp and damage when the builder of said towers is active. Once removed, you lose that bonus. You only lose damage, hp remains the same.
  9. is there a secret to building that top section? at most i think i got 3 harps up top and that was a pain in the you know what!! Stand on the bowler and build them. Try to place them as low as possible so they don't hit the rock when firing on targets below. Build from left to right and make small movements and it's easy:D
  10. its hp/dam/range/speed, so 700 hp, 1100 damage, 300 range, 400 speed. like in the character info. it was at the back. i tried it again with a spike barricade turned around, then a spider got stuck somewhere and djinns fly over to it to buff. time ran out. Tried it solo. since my builder has no damage weapon i cant finish bugging mobs.. cant do it this way i think. need to wait for trendy patching a pathing or removing stuck monsters instantly. ye thats why you need a dps char ingame to finish this map. Since the pathing is so bad an enemy or two always get stuck somewhere on the map.
  11. couldnt do it with a 700/1100/300/400 builder, ogre break through at the way without barricade. On the back or front side? You could try to add a spikewall/darkness trap or smt with the remaining DU. Did you solo or duo it? huntress + app buff kills ogres before they even reach the towers. At least with my stats. 700hp and 300 (!) dmg might be a little low though. Hope you meant 1100 dmg:D
  12. This build worked duo on the earlier patches with more powerful djinns. It's very safe and should be doable with lower stats as well. I haven't tried solo because my builder has too little dps to kill the 1-2 bugged units at end of each round. Wave 1 and 2 is quite close timewise but then I usually have 1-2 minutes left at end of each round. This location only works for solo and duo most likely. What I had: 1 dps char with huntress pet 1 builder with app pet What you need to do midwave: Stand on the bowlers in middle and repair the bouncer below. Sometimes an ogre comes from th
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