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  1. I guess a lot of people here runs around with hacked gear since our responses obviously stepped on some toes.
    "it's possible", "300 stats drops all the time in misty", blablabla.

    3 tower boost is impossible at lvl 1 = modified.

    While the rest of the armor are theoretically possible I would say the chance for 1 guy to collect them all is non existant.
    They blend in perfectly with each other. Same amount of upgrades, same stats, all at level 1. Who keeps a set like this unused and then give it away to a friend?
    All together it's 100% modified and should be obvious to everyone around here.

    hey i gain this armor in moraggo wav 35 i dont know if its hacked or not why 400+ are very suspicios

    That suicide armor is **** so you are cool^^
  2. It's not the kind of gear I would use for a builder since you will be running around with 0 hero hp. It's obviously modified though.

    Check the number of upgrades. Check the similarity in stats. All are on first upgrade as well. (who farms such insane items without using them...or did he find them all in the same run^^). Guardian is 100% modified.
  3. Whether or not they are hacked is irrelevant to me. Maybe they are but the stats seem to be legit at least from the loads of reading I've done on this forum.

    The issue to me is that I spent about 150 hrs over 3 weeks farming to buy seemingly legit gear and now I have to worry that all that time was a waste because some asshat newb wants to report me and try to force me to vendor what I worked so hard for.

    The majority of the community for this game sucks and the fact that Trendy does nothing to stop item hacking except random scans/bans is infuriating at minimum.

    Sorry for the rant but I'd rather the new people in this game see these kind of posts and maybe it will save them from investing hundreds of hours only to wind up scorned by the attitude of their fellow players and hating the game as a result.

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    First of all you say that you don't care wether they are hacked or not. Fair enough I guess, but don't expect all people to play with you. Your items might be theoretically possible but that doesn't mean they are legit. Cheaters usually create items that are within the max caps but "too good to be true". You still haven't posted the stats of your items...

    150 hours might sound much to you but it's nothing really. The legit endgame players have played much more than that. And 99% of all users would not sell such items vs mana. (maybe a couple of billions worth of mana in tokens....or vs other items). Still though, without itemstats I can't judge, only suspect.

    In the end it's up to each player. If you want to play the game by yourself or buy/cheat to get an endgame set right away. Question is why you would want to play after that though.
  4. Insane omf is rubbish for anything except the reward. You might get good pets but I have never found a good item. (except right after release, before they patched it).

    On NM you can get some sweet drops in addition to the rewards. Your stats might be in the lower end though...tower hp is alright but dmg/attackrate and radius might be too low. With the right build, high res/hero hp and app+huntress boost u might go far enough to get some gear though...
  5. Definitely keep the set bonus. Oasis monster fest is good, can probably find gear that will take you to 1500-2000 stats there.
    If you want the endgame gear you need late level survival though. And they are rare even there. You will need tons of hours invested to find even one item...and then you need one of the same set type:P

    So unless you wanna spend the comings months farming items in survival a few hours each day you are better off trading for gear.
    Or stick to your 1500 stats set. That is enough to complete everything in dungeon def (except survival)....
  6. After saving up for 3 weeks and buying some really nice items, I've now been called a hacker about 15 times in the past couple days and some people claimed they were reporting me.

    This **** has basically ruined the game for me. I have no desire to keep playing only to be kicked from OMF runs because my gear is "too op" as they put it.

    I'm done with DD.

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    You can't trust anything you buy from someone 100%. Unless you find it yourself there is no way to be sure.
    If someone sold you crazy items vs mana there is a high probability it might be hacked. If a lot of people accuse you/kicks you for hacked items I would say they could be hacked. No smoke without fire...

    What are the stats on your items?
  7. Highly unlikely, aka close to impossible, is enough for me to kick someone.

    Frost swords are 80dmg/upg as far as I know. That means a transcendent with 300^ would need 21k basedmg to reach it...

    Problem is that simple memory editing is enough to hack the game. Also the PP sellers makes hacking profitable (I guess). They get the game free or very cheap, create a lot of hacked sets and sell them to beginners who doesn't even know it's hacked.
  8. [c3;398618']ive given up trying to spot hackers unless it is glaringly obvious, because there is know way to know what is just a really good drop and what is a hacked item.

    doesnt really matter anyway though, because if you ever join a public game its an autokick 98% of the time.

    True, I guess most of the time people can have decent gear and still be hacked. It's quite easy to get a high end dps char since you only need 4x res, 200+upg and hero hp/hero dmg on the items.

    Builders with 2500hp, 2500dmg, 3k tower stats and massive resis....I don't know though.
    I've seen very good sets with superhigh but possible stats...when the items had 280/281/282/283 and 284 upgrades it seemed a bit too unlikely.
    Frost swords with 45k+ dmg.
    Low stats characters with 2million + in tower dmg:P
    huntresses with 400k hero hp and low stats.
    2,5k+ stats players who doesn't know what a guardian is or doesn't have one.

    I might be paranoid in some cases but I rather kick one person too much than play with people I suspect hacks...
  9. Trans items are quite rare. When I see items with 500+hero hp, 500+dmg, 500 in all tower stats, 4x res and 280+ upgrades
    I always assume it is a hacker. The stats are simply too good to be true.

    I agree some people are too paranoid, but with the amount of hackers in public games I can well understand it. A lot of times it seems to be people that have had a break and isn't aware of the new item quality and increases max cap. They think 360 stats is max for each item.
  10. Misty takes 3-4h depending on how much time you spend on checking loot. It's by far the quickest map.

    To make survival somewhat fun to play:
    I want the ability to continue playing after a steam disconnect. I want the mobs increase to be a lot less when you add more players to the game. Add more ogres & djinns & spiders but not ordinary mobs. Max cap for each wave should be between 1000-2000 enemies depending on size of map. Make them tougher but fewer. Make waves more intense and shorter. As it is now first 2-3 mins are hectic, then you have 5-10 mins afk and then a few hectic minutes at end rush...
  11. I love people like you, I got kicked also for not using a guardian but it was biggest mistake host could ever make on a survival match :D I use cupid and my tanking ability is surely better than towers of guy who kicked me.

    The main problem with players is that they never moved on, they think all this time that Guardians are only good pets on survivals nightmare, then failing miserably on wave 20 or sooner :D

    On survival you need to bring down the ogres as quickly as possible before they stack up against the walls. On higher waves you lose the wall in 5-10sec if they start attacking it. Lots of ogres also increase the risk of walljumping or zippys glitching past barricade. This usually means app+huntress buff, kill ogres and then move on to next area that's in danger.

    Your ability to tank is helpful but it doesn't speed up the killingspeed on ogres. You cant replace a wall with your own character.
    My barbarian can tank wave 20+ easily if necessary without a cupid. That means guardian + tanking...
  12. If people replace my towers without asking (even if he/she has better stats) = Instakick.
    Sell towers and change location on them = Ban 4 life:P

    When you get kicked it's always for a reason. Sometimes the host is just an a-hole but I believe most times the reason is fair.

    There are so many possibilities why someone would benefit from kicking you though. Reduce mob count, a better player joined, wanna make room for friends, take a long afk break etc etc. This is why I usually host the games myself.

    I have been kicked a countless number of times but it's usually no biggie. It's either early game or because I go afk. The worst kick hasn't happened to me yet. That would be playing wave 5-18 survival and then get kicked because host wanna make room for a friend. I saw it happen to another guy in the game I joined (he had less stats than me, phu).
  13. After completing campaign + challenges on nightmare there really isn't anything left for me to do but survival.
    I am still too weak to complete survival. With current gear I can maybe reach wave24-25 misty with perfect teamwork and a small degree of luck.

    Survival at w20+ is quite tough, even with perfect build and 2k+ stats you can still die if you ain't careful. On misty (fastest map) every wave takes ~6-8 mins (duo). I never find anything good before wave 19 really. Including buildtime, lootcheck, repair etc it takes around 1,5-2h to reach wave20.

    Why am I telling you this? If you haven't experienced endgame survival you have no clue how difficult and timeconsuming it is.
    Every person must stay alive and contribute. They need enough resistance and life to stay alive. They need damage to help with spiderkilling. They need enough awareness to help buffing/repairing the right defenses at the right time.

    2 players on misty = 1400 mobs. 3 players = ~2800 mobs.

    If I take in an extra deadweight noob it means 1400 more mobs with more hp each wave. That includes ogres/spiders/djinns etc.
    I lose hours of time, reducing my chance of finding loot and risk death earlier because of more mobs.

    So please, when a gamename says "high dps, resistance and life" don't join with 300hp melee monks.

    If a good player joins and i have to kick I normally provide an explanation. But I'm just sick of freeleching 0 stats chars that joins and then run to loot as much as possible before they get kicked.
  14. I think I have it narrowed down to Ranger or Barbarian to use as my DPS character. I have a Squire builder. My main focus is completing challenges and achievements. In terms of NM survivability and raw DPS, which DPS character would best help me achieve that?

    NM survivability and raw dps = barb. Hands down:P
    For solo challenges/achievements the difference isnt that big. Maybe you can solo slightly more with ranger.
    If you plan playing endgame survival I would pick barb every time. With ranger/huntress....1 web or ninja and you are dead
  15. I don't think it is easy letting steam open each affected file and change a few lines of code here and there:P
    If they could they would probably have done it already, since I imagine the huge patches cost quite a bit of bandwidth for them as well.
  16. Out of 12 runs or so I've got maybe 1 decent pet...(a monk guardian with 150-200 tower stats and 160^)
    I've seen some crazy high stats but they are always countered with huge negatives. And almost every decent guardian has efficiency rollover making them worthless.
  17. Misty requires good teamwork with dualbuff in order to bring down the ogres as fast as possible. Both needs some "map awareness" to see where the biggest danger lies and act according to it. Builder stats is important since the ogre killing speed will determine how far you can possible go, but player skill level is equally important. With good builderstats but terrible skill level you can very easily die as early as wave 10.
  18. run endless spires hc nm and collect gear. You can also get some decent pets afterwards.
    After that I would try OMF hc nm (if you have the dlc2). It shouldnt be too hard collecting a quite solid builder set.
    From there on you can start survival.

    Nightmare takes a lot of time, skill and teamwork though.
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