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  1. Trendy isn't spending time and money on patches just to be nice. I'm glad they listen to players and try to improve the game, but the ultimate goal is to make money. And yes the coming survival patch is very nice. Nightmare is in betamode though and the survival mode was obviously not working well enough. 4-12 hours to complete a map and you can be disconnected anytime and lose all progress...never seen any other game with an endgame like that. So the fix was totally necessary. The majority of my total gametime is afk shopping and endless gear farming in misty/moraggo (with various succ
  2. I understand that Trendy is a small company and that the playerbase isn't huge. Big companies can keep the prices down because they know they will sell millions and millions of copies. I still don't like how things are done atm though. Trendy should focus on getting new players (and keep those players) instead of scaring off people with a long list of dlcs. I think it's mostly the dedicated core buying all those dlcs anyway. Why not wait a bit and release a lot of content in one go? Ev + skins + ev map + challenge in one package? Instead of releasing a single map...or a single challenge e
  3. game 12 euro. Full dlc = 12 euro. Ev 4euro, barbarian 3euro, new heroes 4 euro just to mention the more expensive ones. So if you want all characters and campaign maps it costs you 35 euro. if you want all the costumes and missions it costs you 12 euro more. This is more than a lot of high budget games. And it will probably be a lot more dlc released before shards 4 as well. It might not be big sums for most of us, but seriously, see how it builds up over time if you plan buying every single dlc. I just hope that the new map doesn't include any kind of new superloot forcing people to bu
  4. Terrible idea. I would never host a public game again if this was implemented. It's already a long shot making public to get help....I have to kick like 20+ leechers for every decent player I find. Put the leechers in charge? rofl naah
  5. waiting 5 mins at the end of each wave on misty while djinns spawn is annoying as $€@@ though:P
  6. ah makes sense I guess, didn't think of that:)
  7. Very weird tbh, why would they not allow users to press g? I can't see how it can be that hard to implement since all other maps/challenges uses it.
  8. nah you get 4 pets = bigger chance for a good one:P
  9. Moraggo drops a lot of them. *I have yet to see a trans one though
  10. I like the idea with a few tower heroes and a few dps ones. Overall squire is very solid, strong towers, lots of hp, block ability, good dmg etc. I think the problem isn't squire being overpowered but rather the 2nd builder class...mage...being underpowered. While I don't think a mage should be able to melee enemies their towers are far too weak. A 100% squire build isn't as efficient as a mixture though.....you need traps, auras and if possibly ev. Especially now after the damage reduction. Every class has a role to play.
  11. I've been thinking about it more and I think the EV buff beams are paradigm shifting, for some of the reasons that Goro just stated. If you look at the kill faster vs slow mobs tradeoff, the squire guardian functions pretty similar to ensnare/gas/str drain/darkness. Before the EV buff beam there was nothing that functioned similar to the app/hunt guardian. Now that the buff beam is around, it actually duplicates some of the effectiveness of the app/hunt guardian. It should make the squire guardian a little more viable, but I think its still theory at this point. If we talk endgame: Gas t
  12. hard to say without looking at his other gear. The monkey is legit. The weapon dmg looks insane, almost on pair with mauls. I've never played dps monk though so I don't know how the dmg scales. The stats is highly possible though.
  13. Your stats: Hero: 772/534/269/510 Tower: 397/802/739/314 Most people will just look at the stats and kick you. If you want a wallbuilder do a dedicated wall builder and then swap to a pure dps char. a 772 hero hp ranger with low dmg(?) and ~60% resis will be very hard to do the assaultmaps with for example... Usually the host has a reason to kick you but he is just too lazy to write it to everyone that joins his game. Sometimes the host is just an a-hole of course. The only reason people play some maps is for the loot though, if the host let you stay his chance to get eggs is lowered
  14. What if you're using EV buff beams from an EV with high tower damage and tower refire rate, but relatively low tower health? So you may have 2.25 multipliers already from your buff beam on tower damage and rate, but only maybe 1.9 multiplier for resistance? Buff beam multipliers like these will make the additional contribution from having a dps guardian rather small, and the contribution from a squire guardian much larger because of the difference between a 4x multiplier and a 3x multiplier. If you're using buff beams your towers may be able to deal with spiders/wyverns/djinn already withou
  15. squire guardian can be useful and sometimes it can probably save you. You should try misty survival or something with a squire guardian though. It simply won't cut it. if you stand buffing a wall for 3 minutes the ogres at the other sides break through. If you have a full team with squire guardians and buffing one lane each the mob increase will be huge. It won't take long before you get eaten by spiders and djinns, because they don't care about your immortal walls:P Problem with squire guardian is that you don't need it. A 2500+ tower hp wall with darkness traps and ensnare can last long
  16. I don't know why it isn't enabled already. On every campaign map and other challenges I can think of you can start the wave whenever you want, if you are ready. When I build I only need time to set up the defense in the beginning, after that I just want to repair and press g as quick as possible. Maybe check chests first but that just takes 30-40sec at most. When I solo the map with my dps char I don't use any towers at all. I lose like 15 minutes in an entire run just waiting between waves.
  17. "fix a random crash at random moments". Great bug description, im sure it is of great help to trendy:P
  18. 3 or 4 player adds way too much mobs and often makes it a lot harder than duo. take misty for example. ~1400 mobs on w20+ with 2 players. Thats 12 ogres and 40 djinns. A third player increases mobs to 2,8k. It adds 40 more djinns and more than 200 spiders.
  19. It will be very hard starting at wave20+ with non upgraded towers. Each wave starts with a huge ogre rush and you will most likely die very fast without really good chars and skill level:) The defense does take a lot of time to set up and I would never spend 10-15 minutes building for 1 minute looting before defense get smashed. So I can't really share the concern for easy farming. This change is awesome since you can probably jump in a few waves before your limit without spending hours of repeated gameplay to get there. Last night I had to leave a wave21 misty open overnight since I went t
  20. There will be much more superloot available since more people will play survival. Then again, people that are able to begin at, and farm wave 20-30 already have endgame gear. I think this change is good. If you need wave 20+ drops to improve your gear and only survive to wave 20-21 max it's not reasonable to play 5-19 just to play 2 waves for gear. It can take 2-5 hours to get to where the gear CAN drop and that is just stupid. Thanks trendy:P oh and btw. Try to start at wave20 with just mana from chests and no upgrades/max du and see how you perform^_^
  21. Trendy should have spotted this "bug" long ago considering how superior squire was in nightmare. My guess is that they tried to make EV useful and best way to achieve that was by nerfing squire damage. I don't understand all the rage though. 40% less ogres. 50% DEW damage, 10% less damage dealt by mobs. Slightly less djinns. This easily makes up for the damage reduction. While it is harder for a pure squire build and a lot easier for an EV/squire mix I can't really blame Trendy for releasing useful characters. Who would buy them otherwise? It is still possible to complete everything with
  22. did a misty w30 duo yesterday. I found 1 normal and 2 humoncoulus eggs. Other guy got 2 normal eggs. Also saw 3 eggs on minimap that disappeared before I could reach them. They seem quite common.
  23. Just finished misty survival with this build after the damage nerf. Djinns ate the top spider def a few times, eventually I moved it down. The harp got webbed but after moving it a bit it worked better. A lot less 25-30 million hp ogres easily make up for the dmg reduction. And no golden ninjas cut down your wall in seconds anymore. squire: 1100hp/900ar/2300dmg/1400range ev: 2k wall hp trap: 1k/1k/2k/1k
  24. squire guardian can be useful is some situations. You forget the fact that the main threat now isn't ogres but djinns. On maps like moraggo or misty they need to be killed fast. After the latest patch I got problems with wyverns on later waves as well. That makes huntress/app far superior.
  25. The 40% less ogres takes out the 38% damage reduction. I do however find it very hard to kill wyverns and djinns fast enough on moraggo since patch. Either reduce djinn spawn by a lot or reduce their hp.
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