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  1. Barbarian has very good surviveability in tough situations. He is superior for clog killing.
    That is the only areas he currently beats a dps monk though. His dmg is still too low in latewave survival.

    My monk outputs more than 4 million dmg a sec with pet and hero boost. He kills a 20million hp ogre in 5sec.
    He is just mythical. With trans/supreme and a seahorse it would be WAY higher. Adding tower boost the dmg output is even higher.

    He is also a lot faster than barb. His tower boost is very good for repairing auras. +He does ranged damage.
    With 2k+ stats he has 290k life and close to maxres in nightmare. More than enough to survive in endgame survival.

    I always played my barbarian in survival but since I started playing dps monk I haven't touched my barb....
  2. Is it worth it to buy a monkey pet that has 84/101 upgs used and has about 13k attack for 600m? Thanks!

    Depends what you need it for. For late wave survival you probably want a 200^+ one. If you only play campaign/challenges and perhaps some occasional w14 pet farming that pet will do just fine....
  3. There should be an option to make the game private. Not just open/hide it. It would prevent most of the kick-before-join situations I think. For me these kicks aren't that annoying though...you don't lose any time. Maybe a few seconds.

    Far worse is when the host takes in 3 players on a survival w19+ map to get quick upgrades and then kicks everyone when the wave is complete. I've experienced it a few tiems lately...
  4. I found the spiderqueen much more annoying than the kraken. I have better stats now but at least he doesn't spawn inside your base and targets towers specifically. If you move out of the base he always follow....without destroying your base.

    Myself I killed him with a 2300hp 1300dmg barb with a good dps pet. A blocking squire and a few monks should make it a very easy kill. Especially if you don't play hc.
  5. Could you post your layout/stats for these 17min-runs?

    ~1,5k hp 1300attackrate 2400dmg and 1200 range squire. Bosskiller is a 2400hp/1300dmg barb with a good monkey dps pet.

    Build is like 95% harpoons and an ensnare on each defense location. Due to my high stats I can steamroll it.

    With low stats you can forget 17 minute runs, but with enough stats it's a piece of cake really.
  6. Aquanos campaign insane hc takes me 17mins/game. That is with poons in middle (not spawnkilling).
    A run gives around 6-7 million exp. Probably closer to 8 million with a bosskill. (included in the 17mins). That is 7 runs aka 42-56million exp in 2hours. There is no way glitter beats this.

    *my numbers come from solo/duo play. With 4 people and the low mob scaling the exp from a full game is even more...
  7. i love my Hunt but its really awesome when someone brings an app to my games

    If you have a build with heavy focus on traps an app guard is probably preferred. huntress pet makes the trap go out almost faster than you can repair:P App is also good for 1 shotting spiders like someone already stated.

    I use huntress pet in most situations though and have never found the need of a squire guardian.
  8. Friend of mine recommended insane glitter survival. Low mob counts make for insane time bonus there. Apparantly. Haven't tried aquanos for the exp yet though, it might be absolutely amazing.

    I think a flawless glitter campaign on insane gives 1.5m-2m exp. Aquanos gives roughly 5-6 million on insane. More if you kill the boss at end. The wave bonus is crazy. I levelled a char from 0-74 in just a few quick runs.

    On the other hand, getting to level 83 requires crazy exp so it is just logical.
  9. Just tried an alchemy labs wave 13. Mobs was reduced from ~4-5k down to 2k.
    Problem is they only spawn from 2 out of 5 spawns at a time. There are big timegaps between the spawning. It actually feels a lot slower than before...

    1. Mobs at bottom spawn.
    2. 5 sec break.
    3. few spiders drops
    4. 5 sec break
    5. mobs at top spawn

    And so it goes on. it takes forever:P
  10. Uhm did we play the same character? I find barbarian to be one of the best endgame dps chars, definitiely superior to squire.
    Squire in bloodrage can output more dps but if you get webbed at a bad place you die. If a front wall goes down you can't tank multiple ogres. You have problem dealing with multiple spiders.

    Barbarian move superfast with hurricane stance, can tank tons of damage and clear mobs even at wave 25+ survival mix mode.
    I even finish omf with just a barb....

    My barb has like 500k hp in nightmare. Definitely more than needed already. 200% more hp would put an endgame barb to 2million hp +. Practically immortal.
  11. well every dps char is different. I like barb though, you can play oasis monster fest without towers:P Tank and bring down wave20+ survival ogres if a wall goes down etc. Also very good for repairing since he cant get webbed.

    I also recommend focusing on hp and resis no matter what char you go.
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