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  1. If the dailies are going to stay the way they are now the medal/reward amounts need to be increased. I'm specifically referring to the map completion quests. All of them are 75 medals per map that I have seen. Old dailies like kill 1000 enemies with x skill could easily be completed in 1 map. I think one of those quests was 300 or 350 medals. These new dailies were supposed to have greater rewards, but I don't even feel like doing them for the amount of medals I can gain from spending a lot of time to complete them. On top of all that the previous re-roll system was great. The new one is ext
  2. I've never seem this passive do you have this screenshot??
  3. Both! Well I love both of them but I would have to say I like vampire hunter (option A) the best. For the vampire hunter I like both with or without the Cape but I don't like the idea of shortening the Cape. For a vampire hunter I would say a full length Cape is more suiting. If anything the Cape could be a really nice skin variation. The pirate costume seems like a really good Halloween costume. Keep up the good work!!
  4. I mean this from a place of utmost sincerity. We're tackling the difficulty/engagement concerns of our game at a core level because, as people have stated on the forums time after time, simply bumping up numbers through a hotfix is not the kind of challenge our community wants. The proper difficulty/engagement changes take time. These posts make me curious, though -- perhaps there's some smaller change to difficulty that you guys and girls want to see while we work on the revamp. Is that the case? If so, what would that be? ogre crush! ogre crush! ogre crush! but also MONSTER FEST !~
  5. The problem I have with the bow is that the passive currently has five different rolls that have massive ranges. For example, the bow I found rolled 71% hero damage over 4 seconds to each enemy hit. My friend's bow rolled 43%. Why have five different values that have to roll high and have massive ranges on them. On top of that you need to find the other passives you want on the bow. I find no reason to farm the bow at this current time especially with the damage output not being all that great, as many have stated. The damage is lower than the squire weapon and the squire can output this
  6. for those spheres that say when a defense takes damage does something like a proton beam actually gain the affect when losing hp/ charge? edit: I see it does work for proton beams.
  7. Besides the fact that the buff beam won't show stats on harbinger I have not seen any bugs. Pretty sure thats what Trendy said too so they can push her out :D. Display bug when another one places 4+ lines down through a passiv or sphere, double bombs when you place a big boy, switching inbetween gives you another big boy, dying gives you another big boy, you can perma spam flying bombs without flying, you can see any defenses as a wall, the buffs can be transfered to another tower (not from buff beam), reflecting range passiv is added to the damage (does not make them do more damage tho) on
  8. Obviously neither of us knew about it..
  9. I made a trade yesterday with a fellow forum poster. Here is the link to the thread:http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?50292-WTS-Transcendent-Retributions He traded his 2 Transcendent Retributions for my 125 Million Mana. I clicked confirm and it didnt seem to work. I clicked it a few more times and it disappeared. We both thought the trade went through. My bank said 0 mana, but he hadn't received any mana. I checked my item box and I didn't have the retributions. It seem the trade just disappeared with all the mana and items.. This is my steam id incase you want to contact me. htt
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