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  1. I like range junbao but better for towers dude
  2. This game is garbage no other patch coming out. If aquanos xp was working or at least sky city weapons ill be back sometimes but nope so im out. N where im going is black ops2, assassin creed 3, GTA5, n playstation all star battle royal
  3. If u r doing 4 people i say misty. If 3 people sky city u get half a million n more in 1 min. N for 2 or 1 player glitter if u have a build
  4. No no, For raw DPS? Shaitan without a doubt. For towers? Shai Hulud. this^
  5. Haha im ur 50 poster. Ur welcome
  6. If anyone else was lost like me he means the highest a stat can be is 128
  7. so in otherwords monk and squire can't do it lol no 100^'s robot. Yea monk range weapon. I recommend for the monk to get the top crystal of the map
  8. Actually no when I was trying it with 2 players they went for me the all time for some reason
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