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  1. lol maybe I'm a pessimist, but I find that extremely unlucky! Like hittin a slot machine jackpot with minimum bet :'( (or getting second place on full tilt's daily dollar tourney, which i did right before they were seized by the DoJ) I always think that 'unlucky' is the same as 'lucky', just at the opposite end of spectrum. I mean, you roll a dice, it's the same chance to get 1 or 6 (as well as 2-5, for that matter).
  2. And if you are willing to buy into that armor aesthetic for women, I still don't see why you'd have an issue with land sharks. I don't. But it's such an omnipresent trope, I've managed to stretch my suspension of disbelief to accommodate it. On the other hand, obviously aquatic creatures so far removed from water environment? What would you think when you see a previously-established aquatic creature, in a desert environment? "Oh hey, a live octopus in the dry desert. Nothing special." ?
  3. What do you call spiders falling out of thin air. That is just like sharks on dry land. Don't you know spiders can fly? Well, technically not 'flight' per se, but they can disperse themselves through air: http://www.answers.com/topic/ballooning-spider-1 Alternatively, they can just be jumping from the wall / spires downward, and thus seem to suddenly appear from thin air. All the goblins, orcs, kobolds, dark elves, ogres, giant spiders (Yes, they are giant. Look at how big they are compared to character model and imagine a spider that big IRL), mages, genies, self-aiming towers with infi
  4. By default, the squire is fully armored from the waist up only and runs around in his boxers. The countess wears boob plate armor that doesn't cover her midriff. If you can accept those, I don't understand your issue with land sharks. The Squire now has an option to wear a full plate armor - one reason (though admittedly minor; there's other reasons) I don't use the Squire is exactly because he's wearing that boxer pants. And don't you know that females in fiction only need to cover their chest, forearms, hips, calves, and maybe head, to be considered armored? Here, take a look at this diagr
  5. If they go with this, then I want all Wyvern removed from internal map because really the castle ceiling is way to low to accommodate them. Some of the castle ceilings are high enough to accommodate them, but many aren't. That's why you don't see Wyverns in Deeper Wells, Foundries n Forges, Alchemy Lab, Servant Quarter, and Armory. So really, your point has already been addressed.
  6. So with the addition of Sharken, it's obvious that they will be included in NM waves along with other mobs. I don't have anything against making the game more challenging, but really, this is ridiculous. Not in gameplay sense, but aesthetics. Spiders spawning on castles, forest, towns, castle halls, I can accept that. Djinns, still acceptable. But Sharkens? Something so aquatic, in Moraggo, or in Endless Spire? What next, yeti, treants, magma golems, hill giants, trolls, all forming up a conga line that was supposed to be an attack wave? You're stretching the suspension of disbelief here. A
  7. And no patch for the current bad loots issue? Myth Enchanted gears with negative physical armor?
  8. I don't know if this happened to you, but check out another thread of mine: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?53028-Stuck-at-quot-joining-game...-quot-is-there-a-port-requirement-or-something&p=400179[[1334,hashtags]] Long story short, often I need to reset internet my connection because I can't connect to other people's games, and they can't join my game either. That said, if you don't need to login for your internet connection or you have no trouble joining people's games, then most likely it's a different problem.
  9. Sorry for bumping. It happened again, and this time a bit worse; reset at least 10 times already, still can't join other people's games nor can people join my game. Of note, sometimes I can join certain games, but these are exceptions to the other failed attempt to connect.
  10. Because somewhere in the forums, I read someone once said it's not as efficient due to having two weapon damage stats for monk: melee and ranged.
  11. Post-patch, I seem to be finding more and more Mythical Enchanted gears with negative armor (generic resistance) value... Pre-patch, I don't think I've ever seen any of such value, and the Dungeon Defenders Wiki said that Enchanted is virtually the best modifier, with 3 resistances and no weakness. Is this a bug? Or has Myth Enchanted gear been known to have negative armor value even pre-patch? Because if it has, I certainly can't recall.
  12. Hello Jerk! Your assumption is incorrect. I started farming eggs on survival last night. Before that, I was running Glitterhelm over and over to level up an EV and cap my Squire at 78. I wasn't looting anything, just eggs. Huh? Trendy doesn't reimburse items. Why would you think that? Well, they didn't lock down for me. Ah, well that explains a lot more things for me. At any rate, sorry to hear that mistake of yours, especially that 15 eggs isn't exactly insignificant in value.
  13. Like Onslaught said, they are not redundant, you only have more options with EV. Im usind buffbeams in all my builds, so I dont need guardians anymore and I welcome that. Sure guardians have still a higher boost, but the only who is reall useful with beams is the huntguard. Damage is boosted at 2.2x with beam and app boost it at ~2.7, speed is boosted at 1.7x and hunt boost it at ~3x. This is the kind of answer I've been looking for. Some clarification whether the buffbeam and guardian boost stacks. And stuffs. Hmm.... since the buffbeam won't go down unless attacked, does that mean it's
  14. With the EV tower boost beams, I read somewhere that Huntress and Apprentice Guardians are practically moot. Are they? Do they even stack with the tower boost beams? Even if they don't stack, can't we use the (say) Apprentice Guardian to boost the damage tremendously, while letting the Tower Boost beams to raise the Dmg resistance, range and firing rate?
  15. I'm sorry that I'm going to sound like a jerk, but: So you said you've collected 15 small, 4 large, 4 gigantic eggs from the Survival. Given the drop rate of eggs (which I haven't tested with the recent patch, if they raised the drop rate), I find it hard to believe that you can collect these amount of eggs without filling up your inventory several times over. And yet you JUST realized that these number of eggs get sold along with the rest of the trash loot. (again, see my point about filling up the inventory several times over) Are you sure you're not just hoping Trendy doesn't keep track
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