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  1. Yesterday we played a 4 player game nightmare-hardcore. In the bossfight the Kraken floated to the middle of the center-cristal defenses and took the fairly stong harpoons and walls down. Each defense destroyed with 2-3 strokes of a tantacle. Within 3-4 minutes we were all back at the tavern. Is this a bug? Our builder really was a decent one with appr. 2000-2000-1000-2000 build stats.
  2. Strange the beta team did not come up with this. I think they all got 5000+ stats during testing, reporting back "product approved, we finally had to be at the keyboard" :)
  3. Okay, I finally got my transcend champion award. As you guys know, its a hell of a job to get that done in mediocre mythical gear. After numerous hours I finally got my Zamira set too. So what's the deal here? I guessed, especially Zamira, was designed to narrow the gap between insane and nightmare a bit. But I can tell, the stuff you get is a heap of crap. Even glitter nm HC gives a stupid magma furnace or something like that. Seems to me all players who like some progression are condemned to grind survival over and over again. Nice for a lunatic, or a wannabe, but not for the av
  4. I totally agree with the original poster. It's a good thing beginning players actually see it's far from dead. Highlighting the games they can join is a good thing, maybe a filtering option too.
  5. Okay.... cranked up the power a bit to get hostserver running.... COMPLETE MELTDOWN OF MY PRECIOUS 486DX WITH VOODOO2 SLI GRAPHICS!!!!!! HEEEEEELP!!!!
  6. Okay... tried it..... but ive a dial-in modem.... kinda slideshow..... Anyone has a tip for me? ......please?
  7. Mmmmm.... hosts cannot be kicked. Thanks for the tip! Wow, always nice to see people help out people with lesser intelligence.
  8. Frustration no. Just throwing a comment into the air. Trying to see the game zoomed out, sometimes giving my experience as example. Some people willingly jump up to help me, but that's not the issue.
  9. After having read al this I've a little different view. I'm glad I posted this. I still think the kicking restricts the progress of serious players. The tower build char lvl 74 with low end myth gear is not interested in investing huge amounts of mana in resistance. But in order to get high end gear to host his own NM games it seems he has to. Getting 70%+ res will easily chew up 50% of his upgrade levels. The -very costly 50%- left will leave him a very weak tower char, still unable to finish a level to get interesting myth gear. This creates a loop few can escape. But not without help
  10. Paypal nonsense? Excuse me but klick on "shoplist". I regular meet guys with 254^ fully upped with 90% resistance, having "spend" billions of mana without taking the time to rename properly.
  11. I guess the people reacting are highly geared so dont have any problems getting a game. But dont say to me, as a active and cooperating player, when I enter a game say nightmare MM with squire lvl 78 to finally get some decent loot to progress and get kicked 6 out of 6 times within 15 seconds there is no problem. OK, the problem may be on my side not to paypal or mod.
  12. Soma. ive 6 chars with those stats. but neither is making progression. Tell me to get those stats without upgrading, im curious. Youre right mana, but what if a lvl 74 enters with with gear below 1000? Probably youll kick him too. @HKN: there is a button called private match. Use that instead kicking
  13. After 450+ hours of play I'd like to give my 5 cents concering my opinion about the current DD gameplay. Thing is: I get more and more frustrated about the game. Why? 1 Gameplay is like "You need to kill the boss in order to get the gear to kill him" - thats impossible. 2 Because the above does not work one can attempt to join a party who is able to kill the boss. Promptly one gets kicked because he/she has not the gear to kill the boss :) 3 The game-evolution is more concerned about keeping the few top players (with mostly modded gear) interested by making the game more and more difficu
  14. You talk about Disciple's guide, Detpurroc and Kandar etc. People want to play without making a study out of it. I totally agree with the original poster.
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