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  1. im at the point i need to do Dragon Frost Keep every AP now.. and witht he announcement of DDA i cant see the point in continuing the AP grind.. I'd love to and probably would continue with DFK wasnt in the list of maps.. at least the dragon part of it the rest of the map would be fine without the frozen lane mechanic
  2. And what happend to Trendy ;) I know Chromatic Games is the old Trendy but why the name change .. how did we get to this point ?? i dont understand the brand change at this point in time
  3. RNGebus heard my prayers i got my 2 Defense Rates and now i have a gilded Rate.. missed out on 1 Earth toss tho.. maybe tomorrow.. @Hulky we are not joking sadly.... with some of the shards you are after < 4% drop chance.. its an ass to get...
  4. Oh derp ;).. then yeah i highly doubt there is any more chars for DD1 ;).. silly forums i selected DD2 :P
  5. you also need to pray to RNGebus.. i plan on doing some of that today.. im 2 away from a gilded rate and 3 away from Earth Toss
  6. Well the character board shows a missing Character... i assume there was plans for atleast one more ;)
  7. I know Steam gets linked.. not sure about other platforms
  8. 0 8(.. have several of each gilded Destros and Ranges tho... only 2 away from a rate.. but i dont actively farm C4... thats what im going with..... if only there was some reason to play C4 other then Rate... plenty of reasons to play C1/C3 tho... always out of those darn Motes... grumble grumble...
  9. I won the lottery twice ;).. rolled a 10 on Shocking Rev and about 7 rerolls later i got a 10 water ;) But yeah rerolling and hoping to get a 10.. not gonna happen.. ive been wondering tho if its not just rerolls but actual mod drops as well thats counted.. i know there is ment to be some 10 hour pity timer as well.. but if its counting dropped mods as part of it it would explain why i managed to get the 2 10's that easily... probably not at a rate of 1:1 tho ;)
  10. If you play PC - US:East see if ya can spot me .. im on most days all different hours my IGN is same as here LjMjollnir ill give you a hand 8)
  11. Yeah shard farming is a big part of the game.. its also really bad in some respects rng is not friendly ;)... theres still things to do other then farming shards tho.. there is the leaderboards being able to buy shards from player shops would reduce some of the rng.. some people will get really luck n have loads of gold.. some people dont have time to farm shards but would still like to enjoy the game ;). it would balance out in the end.. and of course if you didnt want to buy shards you dont need to ;) That being said there is an announcement on another way to get shards on its way so we
  12. Well long before shops was a thing that was my main argument against having shops in the first place.. luckily the game is fairly small in that regard that the Chinese gold farmers dont see the game worth their time ;).. We have already got shops now.. why not go all the way...
  13. You can do some of the Campaign levels on Hard to try and get better gear.. you can also Upgrade gear so if you are having issues try upgrading ;) once you get a bit higher gear you will find that walls are not a requirement at all ;).. if you can kill the mobs before they get to the gem no need to stop them.. try towers like the Frost Bite that can slow enemies allowing your towers to attack the enemies more often before they get out of range.. depending on what heroes you have there are some other options.. i personally used to love the Proton Beams from EV ;) however as i mentioned bef
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