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  1. @LAWLTA I'd much perfer to see a system like Talisman were the DLC is tied with your Asmodee account not the system itself... You still need to buy the base game on each system.. but then you log into your Asmodee account and purchases are unlocked. There is generally no reason this isnt possible as in most cases everyone needs the DLC content downloaded anyway so they can play with other players that own such content.
  2. awww so i cant name my Giraffe on a Tredmill Lawlta and give it a good workout while im playing ??
  3. When i did google translate it was saying it was Chinese ;)... But yes.. there should be atleast a verified Email address + Captura and some limit on posts/hour... i checked at one point yesterday there was 37 pages of posts from random accounts over 7 hours of time ;)... i did mention it to @[CG] Dani on Discord several times.. they managed to clean up the first lot i mentioned but i think was away for the times after...
  4. G'Day fellas i guess i could help with the Aussie localisation if its really needed
  5. I loved the DD1 Tavern.. showing all my Trophys around the place.. was rather annoyed about the Bling option being soo expensive but oh well.. i got the Vip Secret room atleast i guess.. some other customization will be great tho 8) lets make that happen
  6. im at the point i need to do Dragon Frost Keep every AP now.. and witht he announcement of DDA i cant see the point in continuing the AP grind.. I'd love to and probably would continue with DFK wasnt in the list of maps.. at least the dragon part of it the rest of the map would be fine without the frozen lane mechanic
  7. but if i cant Enjoy the game alone meaning i can do it all.. im probably not going to continue playing it.. interacting with others is not enjoyable for me.. unless its the very few people i have learnt to trust.. there are quite a few people like me out there Look im not saying its totally bad to have some RNG.. but its a tactic to use when your game doesnt have the content to be good on its own.. DD2's system provides players with that hey im better then you system with AP/Ascension while still looking out for the casuals that want to play the game.. And trading works alot differently in DD2 then DD1.. (atleast from my memory of DD1).. DD2 has the player hubs that support 20 players.. you jump into town and your shop is open for anyone to look through.. DD1 off memory was a game browser system that supported 4 players in the tavern and only that player could list items ??... so straight up your market in DD2 is way bigger and doesnt need the forums to make it work which is most likely why you dont see as many trading posts ;).. for some of the exceptional items you'l see auction posts or messages on the Discord server but dont let the lack of forum posts make you think that DD2's trading isnt happening ;) as i said its been ages since ive looked at DD1 so there might have been some changes along the way that ive missed so do let me know if im wrong on that part
  8. But DD2 has all those things... Mods are quite hard to find at rank 10.. sure you can guarantee a 10 roll by rerolling it 286 times... but that pretty much means playing the same map 286 times ;) DD2 has trading as well.. not sure what yer Diamonds are i never seen those.. so cant comment on those.. but hey maybe you should have a look at DD2 again.. its changed alot
  9. I never bothered with DDE.. since from what i heard about it back when it was being released it was just DD1 with less maps.. so yeah why would i move from a game where i had 2k hours to something that was less of a product ;).. seems i might have missed out on some goodies.. but it doesnt really matter
  10. with around 2k hours in DD1 and 1.3k in DD2 DD1 i could have expected 4 Ult++ right ?? (500 hours each)... i have 0.. granted alot of that time was before Ult++ came into the game.. but still If the grind is too much i'd move onto another game.. part of the joy of playing games is the rewards.. if the reward is too rare the joy also is too rare ;).. Sure it doesnt mean to be an upgrade every map ;) but if im not finding something at least once a day or 2 (16 hours) my time is better spent elsewhere ;)
  11. I didnt say your brain was Tiny ;).. i said it was likend to the size of a peanut.. That is more a reference to the fact you are living in the past.. extreme past.. dinosaurs are said to have tiny brains the size of wallnuts ;)... If i wanted to play DD1 or DD2 i'd damn well play DD1 or DD2.. i want to see DDA evolve into a game that is better then both of them.. and for me being able to Select the hero i want quicky with a Hotkey is bloody important. I dont want to wade through pages of heroes to find the one i want to select.. That is wasted time.. The solution they came up with in DD2 was the hero deck.. im Asking for Multiple hero decks because i want to be able to select what hero i want within a couple of key pesses at most not some dodgy UI where i cant change the order of the heroes or i have to browse over a bunch of different things to get there..
  12. Still online or real life.. its still a card you can use for the purpose of buying the kick starter 8) is it not ??
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